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Kayla Senju
Kayla Senju
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Kayla Golden Rasengan! Empty Kayla Golden Rasengan!

Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:16 pm
Day 9

On another sunny day, Kayla lightly walk around her little place. She was making a few cookie for herself as she was reading story book about the previous war that did happen in the ninja world. They were quite a few which settle her back. That was crazy she though to herself. Even after the peace that Naruto bring many war did erupt with a huge count of dead. She shake her head lightly thinking that what this man did was torn apart by other for power. She sigh lightly though one thing did catch her eyes. It was a technique that Naruto Uzumaki was using. It was called the Rasengan. She tilt her head as she look closely at it. That wasn't some simple thing for sure. It did require a lots of work to archive. She lightly caress her chin as she pull the book on her laps and sit on the edge of her bed as she wait for her cookie to cook. She bite her lower lips as she took a desire in this technique. It wasn't something she would do herself but it could be something her clone could. She could use tree to make a clone grow for a Rasengan and smash it into her opponent. There was many way she could do such a crazy thing actually. She caress her chin lightly before she put the book aside to grab the cookie out of the oven and set them on the table and remove them lightly one by one. She then put them into a little jar before grabbing the book and leave for the town. Once more she was out to learn a technique!

She lightly wander in the town and went to the academy to see about more jutsu scroll. She did took a few already with her and she still had them on her. Though this time she would get another little pack with her as she put back the one she was over with like the dragon whip. She smile lightly as she turn around and open the scroll. As she though it did require a few things to learn like water ball and rubber ball with even more balloon. She went to the market where she of course bought all the things that would be required for her little training. She knew it wasn't going to be a simple one as she had to learn how to control her chakra in way she never though about before. Though this was also suppose to get her a more stable and way better control in general for the future and that was something she was interested in. She made her way from the market to the training field going back to her little spot that she kept going over and over. At this point she was nearly wondering why they didn't put her name on it. She chuckle lightly at her though before she set all her equipment on the ground and lightly open her scroll. She lightly put in on her laps as she carefully caress hair away from her visage to make her view clear. She bite her lower lips as she was thinking as she read. For this technique, she was require three main step with the ball and balloon she bought. At first she had to fill the little ball with water and put it in the palm of her hand. From there she would of be require to make the chakra flow into the ball and make it spin in multiple direction and that all at once. She would have to do some work to archive this for sure. She had to do this and keep going until she make the ball burst and explode. This was the one she was going to start with and let's be honest. How could that be actually that hard to archive. She was able to make a huge water ball in front of her with massive long whip coming out of it. She lightly stand up and get her hand together as she was ready. “Water Style! Water dragon Whip!” She yelled as the massive ball of water started to form in front of the girl. Once it took the final shape she lightly bend over to grab her water balloon and used the ball she created to fill them slowly but surely. She made three of them and of course it served a reason. Her goal was to make her clone train with her. Make it learn it even faster and better that was her goal. She let the three ball on the ground before making the massive one in front of her collide. Once that step also done she put herself into her handseals position this time making two wood clone grow out of tree next to the training ground. They would lightly stretch themselves while looking down at the water ball.
“So...We are really doing this?” Kayly said to Kayla as she nod. The clone sigh as she bend and took both balloon handing one to Kaykay as Kayla grab her own. The trio lightly start to get the work going. Lightly they would focus the chakra through the ball. Kayla though this was going to be an easy task but to her surprise controlling the flow as she wanted wasn't something as easy. She frown lightly as her chakra just went crazy and making the ball deform heavily but not bursting. She look up and her clone had the same struggle. This wasn't going to be an easy task after all she frown to herself. Her hand up in front of her as she move her other to hold her wrist as a stabilization way. She bite her lower lips heavily as she close her eyes. She saw what her clone were thinking and trying and it was quite clear that even their try didn't do much. She lightly get her though together as she made an mental image about the ball she had in her hand. She stopped all of her work and try with the balloon before getting her though. The first thing she was going to do is getting it to flow in one direction and just add more as she goes. Getting her mind use to control many different chakra direction wasn't going to be as easy as everything she did in the past only needed her to do it in one direction or in a really messy way until the end result was done. She started with that. She feel the water turning into a single direction and clockwise. This was also how her chakra was spinning so she just had to keep it working that way but with many more flow. She bite her lower lips as she lightly tried to add another flow of chakra. Spinning in the same way but with a different from a different pole. Just this part was really hard to archive making her sweet on her forehead a little bit. She kept her work going as she failed over and over to get the second flow going through the balloon. She sigh lightly as she hold her wrist tighter and tighter and finally getting the second pole to work. She was now rolling with two flow without much issue but it wasn't yet enough to make the balloon burst. She frown lightly and bite her lower lips heavily. Her clone wasn't much better than her as they tried to get the third flow going though. Kaykay would seem to be closer to it. She was nearly bursting a vein out of her forehead though as she was doing it making Kayla quite afraid to see her burst into chips. Ohhh that just gave her an idea. She smile to herself before shrugging that idea away. Though she didn't put more though into it as KayKay got the third flow going and quickly she and Kayly would have it going too. Now it was to even more going as even that wasn't enough to make the explode. Actually it was barely moving or showing any sign of getting close to explode which really annoyed the little Senju. She kept going a lots longer as she barely made any progress on the water balloon she had and make her sigh loudly. Though this time Kayly would make another progress and get another step forward as she got a fourth chakra flow to go in it. She smile lightly as she added the fourth one to her own balloon and soon for actually not much reason it would get easier for her to add the fifth one. Like if she was getting to understand the pattern desired to make it work. Soon another flow of chakra was created and more and more until she started to feel the balloon getting to burst more and more. She smile widely to herself as she barely needed to add another flow to get it to burst into her hand and soon the other from her clone would do the same bursting in their hand as they all cheered to each other and lightly clap each other hands and smiled widely. That was a first good win. She lightly sit on her rear and smile widely before looking over at the rubber balloon and smile to herself. It was quite late already and probably a bad idea to start the rubber ball training she though to herself. She rest there for a moment before giving up and lightly pulling herself up as her and her clone grab the ball and lightly made their way back home. The next part of their training was for another day as this day was already filled with more than enough work. She lightly wander to her little place and blow her clone away before she went toward her bed and let herself collapse over on it and pass out for the night. Tomorrow was another day of training. One where the rubber ball would get some work. At least she though.

Day 10

She lightly woke up and quickly made her way out of her bed and get herself into her clothe and went back to the field. She had her clone carrying the things she needed to work on the next step. Well just in case she aced this one she also had the other balloon! We never know after all she though to herself before lightly sitting on the ground and open her scroll. She lightly bite her lower lips as she started to study the next part. So the next part was quite similar to the one she did the previous day. Though she would actually need to do it with a rubber balloon. She tilt her head as one of her clone started to play with one. She could feel via her link with them that it was in fact a mater that seem a lots stronger. She lightly bite her lips as she kept reading. The ball was in fact thicker and harder and she had to use multiple chakra flow to make it explode. It shouldn't be that hard in the end as she was able to add more flow previously without much issue. Unless she actually had to make them more dense and stronger? She bite her lower lips as she nod to herself. That's what she needed to do yeah. Adding more wouldn't change on such a thick surface. She had to make them bigger and a lots more better than the one she did previously. She sigh lightly so did her clone before they sadly but surely lightly rise back on their feet and pull the balloon to their lips where she fill them with air. Once at that point she lightly get her focus going even more and started to put her work toward letting her chakra flow in this new balloon. As she did expect her flow wouldn't do much to the ball only making it bulge there and there but it was nothing that could be useful. She frown trying to focus more and more with her clone. As she kept going and add even more flow the ball just bulge still nothing.

It was going like that for quite a moment before the blond lightly gave up that way of training. It was worthless at this point. She needed to find another way to do it and she knew it was all about making the flow stronger and thicker. She yank her head back as her clone look at her before going back to the work. Kayla did too. Her hair lightly falling over her delicate visage as she kept her focus going on the balloon like if her life depended on it. The little bang bouncing again her forehead and in front of her eyes would seem to annoy her that much even if inside her she just wanted to rip it off. But never she would do that to her precious air. Hair aside, she started to focus her chakra going one flow at the time. She lightly tried to make it thicker and stronger. She archive it with one but adding more of those thick flow wasn't an easy task for as she got herself used to the smaller one. With time and with veins trying to quit her forehead one of her clone, more precisely it was Kayly that did it. Her scream made Kaykay scream too in surprise and fear before yelling at Kayly for it. While the two started to jump at each other wooden throat Kayla made her balloon explode and her smile widely. Another step done in this awfully long training. While the two clone kept fighting, Kayla lightly sat back on the ground and look up at the sky. It wasn't too late so she could most likely still train more. As she made that choice she lightly open her scroll and tilt her head as she started to read once more.

The next step of her cautious training was to mix both thing she just did. Though this time she had to. “Wait what?” She said confused and tilt her head lightly. The third step was to do the first and second one without making the normal balloon to blow? She tilt her head lightly and bite her lower lips before she yank her head back. She look up at the sky as she shiver lightly thinking about this work and next step. It was going to be something really hard and crazy to do. She sigh lightly and keep reading. She lightly get her focus back and tilt her head. She now had to get this working and to get that work going on once more. She lightly use her clone to pull herself up as they filled normal balloon with air and set them in their palm. Quickly they would start their training and soon they would start to curse heavily. Balloon exploding one after the other as they could barely focus any kind of chakra in it and would already be too much. From what she read, if she was making it bulge or something it was already too much and out of control. She bite her lower lips and closed her eyes starting to get the focus going in the middle of her hand and lightly working this jutsu out. The little blond would keep working for the entire day and even part of the afternoon as the sun set down the hill and down the wall until only dark remain in the field. She sigh lightly as she gather her equipment and lightly made her way out of the training ground. The blond lightly walking quite sad as she didn't made the progress she wish she did. Her feet dragging in the dirt as she was also quite weak. She lightly get into her place and pass out to her bed.

Another day another progress.

The next day the little blond lightly wake up and she was really hungry. She lightly crawl out of her bed and make a little bowl of cereal to eat with some milk she got from the store. It wasn't the best milk she ever drank but could be worse she though to herself. The young then went to take a long overdue shower before making her casual clone and made them handle house work. As they did this the little blond lightly open her scroll and moved her finger along the line. She lightly follow the paper and reading again what she practice to make sure she actually did everything right. She quickly learn that in fact she didn't do much mistake so she was at least on the right way to learn this. Though she was sure she could find another little information. As she hope she did, she read something about people of the past using shadow clone to master the technique. Using them to stabilize the chakra in the balloon which made her frown lightly. She didn't want something that would force her to use clone. She needed to do it on her own and use it by herself on someone. As she kept reading she saw that those user later on learned ti use it without clone. They did with the experience of using it on the field. She nod to herself before lightly looking over at the clone taking care of the house work before she lightly roll her scroll and stand up. Her clone look at her as she wave at them to go grab some clothe for her to wear which they did. Soon she was fully ready to go and left the place to work again on her technique.

The blond lightly walking to the market place with her clone buying a good load of balloon as she pretty much blew all the previous one she had from the last day with the last part of the training. She was expecting to be back there the next day in all honestly. People took days to learn this technique though more experience was put into it and a lots more work was too. This could help her to get it sooner but there was only one way for her to actually know it. She smile as she grab the balloon and put them in her pouch and lightly made her way to the training field.

As she got there she made her way on the side of the field and lightly with her clone started to fill every single balloon with air one by one. After quite a long time of air filling she was finally ready to get the next part of the work going. She put balloon in the palm of her hand and her clone did the same. Soon the work would start all over as she lightly get and hear the balloon explode one by one. Not making much progress at this point would make her sigh heavily. She quickly went through her supply of balloon and had to make her way one once more with little to no progress. Keeping such a dense energy was really hard she though to herself nearly wanting to give up what she learned so far. She roll her eyes and look up at the sky before looking back down to the balloon that just blew up in her hand. It was late anyway she lightly close her finger on the balloon remain and throw it aside before she left the field quite irritated. She really wished she had a lover or boyfriend because she was in dire need of a good massage and love.

The next few days.

For the next few days she would keep doing the same thing over and over. Going to the market in the morning and grab some balloon. Fill them with air and try over and over to get her chakra to work. She finally made some progress as she didn't needed as much balloon as before. And it wasn't because she was trying less. She just got better enough to keep it under control to the point of only having the ball bulging around before finally blowing up after a long time to trying. The girl knew she was getting closer to the final result that she wanted.

The victory day.

The morning wasn't much different of any other morning. She waked up grab her cereal and ate enough for the day before washing and leaving toward the field and try again for the entire day. She went to the store and grab balloon and even less tan the previous day as she had a few remaining from it. She lightly walk to the training field and put it on the ground and lightly fill them with air. This time she was ready to make it work. She grip the first balloon as her clone kept going. She get her focus going and started to toll her chakra into the balloon and lightly getting it flow in. She was trying to balance the whole mix with just enough power and just enough control to her this one to go right. Her balloon barely bulging but still enough to make her frown. Wasn't enough for her. She wanted a flat ball that wouldn't do anything and remain in a perfect round shape. That's what she wanted.

She kept her work going for a time. This wasn't easy at all but slowly she was getting the twist from it. She lightly got her focus more and more stable to the point that the bulge would lightly start to stop and adopt the round shape. Her clone making the same progress as her and soon it would lightly be stable. The balloon not bulging anymore and kept it's light perfect round shape. It was perfectly fine. Her eyes widen as she look at it and as soon as her focus break it would start to go back in a crazy way though her focus would get it back fine. She smile widely and lightly look at it. She was feeling her chakra moving in it. She felt it being stable and with power too. Next step was to make this in her own hand she though with a wide smile. She lightly set the balloon down and look at her clone as they did the same. She lightly stand back as she raised her arm infront of her and lightly started to do the same thing. She see the flow of chakra lightly moving and taking the round form and keep it. Slowly it would take a golden hue and getting more and more focused. Quickly growing in size and starting to make a chakra sound. She liked it. It was the color of her own golden chakra. That was probably the main reason she was in love with this technique. It was just a massive show off of her own golden Chakra and it was a really powerful show off. She bite her lower lips as she turn to look at the tree. She started to run toward it and swing her hand toward it. She felt the chakra getting through the tree making it shatter in piece. The shatering sound of the wood made her shiver lightly. That was something she loved and a good victory.

As she was done she breath heavily and look up at the sky. She smile to herself and look down to the tree as she smile at her clone. “Well! Now it's time to get a well deserved rest what do you think girl!” As she expected none of them argue with her and they joined her with pleasure. They all went home, this time Kayla didn't even made them work but made them disappear as she rest and lightly pass out with an happy smile on her bed.

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Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:34 pm

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