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Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Bored Need Training (P,Nk,Kayla) Empty Bored Need Training (P,Nk,Kayla)

Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:07 am
It was a fine day in Konoha as Raizuko stood in one of the many trees inside of the training grounds. He had decided he needed to stretch his legs more seeing as he had been cooped up inside of his hotel room every since he had figured out how to create life from nothing. Mokushiroku, the life form he had created only a day ago was currently within their hotel room sound asleep. Raizuko thought that was pleasant seeing as the living clone had took it in his own pleasure to annoy the hell out of Raizuko. But now he was getting off topic. He needed to train more. He had finally realized that he had gotten his chakra to its highest point and that he could no longer get stronger in it. Though his Hikariton felt as if it was unbalanced. Which had made him realize that even though he could not get his chakra to a higher power he could probably fully master his Hikariton. But of course he did not know if mastering his Hikariton was a thing or if he already had it mastered. But of course he couldn't tell.
Kayla Senju
Kayla Senju
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Bored Need Training (P,Nk,Kayla) Empty Re: Bored Need Training (P,Nk,Kayla)

Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:21 pm
The young blond casually walk in the market place as usual taking a few things for herself as she casually walk to her preferred place of the town. Of course it was the training field! She lightly walk up to it and once at it she casually started to train herself as usual. She lightly sat on a rock and open a book. It was her senju family one. She lightly look over at it as she bite her lower lips. "Mhmm..I could learn this.." She smile softly. The jutsu goal was to make a wooden source to explode into thousand of sharp little chip. Seem to be quite deadly if well used. She lightly caress her chin as she stand and made her way up on her feet. The blond beauty lightly wave her hair around as she lightly walk to a place with training dummy like if she was getting herself to fight one of those.

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