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Kayla Senju
Kayla Senju
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Kayla Senju getting her head into the mud! Empty Kayla Senju getting her head into the mud!

Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:16 am
Day one.

The next morning after she received her hard worked promotion to the rank of genin, she decide to go back to work to get some ryos. As she get to her wardrobes she notice a book with her clan mark on her. In the past she ignore it as she didn't really want to put any time with her ninja side. Though this morning she felt like she should get it and read it a bit. To her surprise it was filled with information bout her clan and origin. A large smile would form on her soft lips as she tilt her head and lightly read it. Carefully figuring out what meant what she see a paper dropping on the floor from between two page. She lightly tilt her head and lean on to grab the piece of paper. To her surprise it was a message from her father something about her and what she should do. She tilt her head and blink lightly. The message asked her to work had if anything was to happen to her and make her clan strong and not only a DNA farm anymore. She sigh lightly and let a few drop of tear run down her cheek before she open the book once more. Her eyes wander around as she figure out she was now in need to work really hard before she get assigned to a Sensei. She didn't want to be the weak of the group. Her goal was to be the strongest and learn from her future Sensei as much she could.

The young blond lightly walk toward the training ground with the book in her hands. It was giving her information she was most likely going to use to get the missing element for her clan well know wood element. At first she wasn't sure if it was a good idea for her to even consider training for such an element as many would start to hunt her. Though at the same time she was probably know already and watched by some and the best way to protect herself was to get stronger and unique. For sure wood was quite an unique factor compare to many ninja even if she knew that a few already had her clan DNA. Though that was something she would have to worry about later. For now it was time to get her new element to work! She look around as she arrived at the training ground. There was quite a few people around already making her sigh lightly but she still walk to a remote are and sit on the ground.

She was at peace where she was so she lightly grab a handful of dirt and lightly try to focus her chakra toward it. To her own surprise it would turn quite wet and finally into a thick mud making her frown heavily. That won't be easy for sure...If every time I try to focus I only bring the water..Does it mean I'll have to learn how to not use...Water? She chuckle to herself. That was quite ironic she though to herself as she bring another another hand of dirt up to her. She lightly close her eyes and tried to focus into her inner body. She could see her golden chakra moving through her body and as it came to her hands it turned into a light blue like water as she tried to put her element together in the mix. Once more the dirt would turn into mud and fall between her finger making her yank her head back and groan annoyingly. She would keep going like that for hours trying to figure out a way to take the water out of the mix. Slowly and with a lots of focus and work she would start to get the water out of the mix. Though still she was going to make her mix quite wet after the long run. She give a long sigh and rest her head in her hands thinking about the issue. If she was to remove the element of her chakra could she use it later on? She lightly grab some mud and focus on the water, luckily it didn't took long to get the mud wet pretty much like at the start. She nod to herself as she at least knew that she didn't need to rework her water after. She then bring up some mud and start the whole cycle once more. She lightly close her eyes and started to make her progress once more. Though it didn't took much time to get back to where she was previously to her little pause. Her focus getting back on removing the wetness from her chakra and keep the dirt in it's formal form. She lightly close her eyes and start to get her focus together once more. The dirt getting a lots less wet than before and soon it would finally stay wet as she focus her element chakra. If she was right the next step was to get her the part of dust to hardened into little rock in her hands. Her focus once more changed flowing her golden chakra to her hands as it lightly and slowly it would start to get the dirt a bite more rough in her hand. Is it really working? I'm I getting the little dirt rougher and denser? That would be amazing! She though to herself as she kept working closely. Soon the little dip of dirt would turn into small stone as her chakra kept flowing toward them. Her focus was so strong that she barely heard her stomach grumble for something to eat. Though as she opened her eyes too look at her hand she see the sky turning red meaning the sun was getting lower. She sigh lightly as it did mean her day of training was getting finished. She lightly stand and dust herself off before heading back into the main district and lightly walk and sit at a ramen shop where she order one and make sure to feed herself right before heading back home. She lightly put her book on her drawer next to her bed and just let herself fall on it. She wouldn't take much time to pass out with such a day of work and pure focussing.

Day 2

The little blond lightly rise up from her bed and yawn loudly as she pull herself to the edge of her bed and sit. “Ughhh I didn't even wash myself yesterday...I'm so lame..” She said to herself out lound before taking her clothe of and get to wash herself. As usual she made sure to give her hair extra attention as she only wanted them to look as good as usual before going out. Once done with her long wash up she lean on to grab her clothe and put them into her bag to be wash and grab a new set. Covering more than her usual set but still open enough for her to be happy and comfy in it. She now said on the edge of her bed and open her book. Her finger caressing the page one by one as she look for the next step she should try to do to master the earth element. “Mhmmm so..Now I should try to get dirt into one massive earth ball instead of many little rock like I had yesterday... That's going to be interesting.” She smile widely as she close her book and head out back to the training ground.

She made sure to go grab some food and water to not starve herself once more before getting to the field. To her own rejoice her little quiet spot from the last day was still quite quiet. She made a few step toward there and sit. She lightly caress her forehead before getting her though together. Alright it's now time to get this dirt into a single ball..Time to work this out! The young blond grab an handful of dirt. This time her chakra would flow and didn't turn it into mud. Good! At least she didn't lost what she did yesterday! As her chakra flow through her vain she lightly start to think about the whole configuration of the ball she wanted. She wanted to make one that was solid and as polished possible. She knew it wasn't going to be easy work but she wouldn't be happy until she archive perfection to her eyes. She felt the chakra moving in her hands making it's way around the little particle of dust and carefully moving between them. She could feel them slowly moving close to each other like her chakra was a magnet that pulled the opposing pole again the other. No big movement was felled as she wanted to do it slowly and carefully. She knew she wanted to be slow with it and make it in one go and perfectly. The little dirt was nor quite hardening and turned into little rock piece filled with her chakra. More and more dirt particle got together into those strong rock bond. She was getting to it. Slowly but surely she was thinking to herself as the chakra in her hands now moved into pulling to bigger rock again the other. Same principle as before but a bigger scale. The little rock started to move in her palm and carefully collide to each other and mounting one over the other. Not really the form she wanted she though to herself. She was only able to get them into a weird random shape of which she didn't. Her focus shifted over into getting them into a rough ball form. At first she just wanted to rough feel of it before working on the polishing.

Her second hand would move toward the dirt filled one and lightly infuse chakra toward it. She tried to mimic the shape of a ball with her second hand earth chakra and slowly it would be getting to it. The form making a rough shaped egg as she kept working on her chakra flow. Hmmmm it's quite hard..Only to get the round form. She though to herself before lightly moving the flow more roughly. Maybe her softness wasn't the way to go with everything after all she kinda prefer the more rough way over the soft one so maybe chakra was the same if well done? She though to herself once more before letting her focus down and lightly opening her eyes. She would be please to see a rough shaped ball in her hand. Still had some fissure in it that annoyed her but she was hungry. She lightly put it on the side next to her as she look at the other student on the field. They were mostly training technique. She would have to do that too soon for sure since her own library was quite empty. She lightly caress her forehead as she took her sandwich and took a bite from it. Her head was spinning with all this work and lack of food and water. She lightly lean on the side for her water and sip from it. “Mhmmm..Now now...” She said as she finished her meal and set her water on the side.

She lightly take the ball back in her hands and this time keeping her eyes open she would flow her chakra toward it. Her second hand lightly moving over the fissure to make them close into a thigh ball. She could feel it getting more and more dense and strong. It's weight was actually also increasing in her hands. At that moment she though to herself that she wasn't the strongest girl around for sure! Her chakra kept filling hole and tightening the whole thing before she lightly turn in into her hands wanting to see if it improved or not. To her own happiness it did and quite well for a rough ball! It was so dense at this that it didn't had any more gap between the previous joint of rock. Her hands now turn to their next job! She wanted to make it polished for her to take home in pride. Her left hand flowing with chakra carefully move around it and lightly caress the edge softening them into the shape she desired to take and lightly soften the whole surface of the object to be handle like her desire wanted it to be. Her chakra flowing with elegance all around it like a soft caress on a visage of someone you like or love. The light flow would kept on going molding the rock like if it was a lots softer than what it actually was. Maybe she was using a bit of her water chakra with her second hand to help a little bit on the shaping though nothing she would consider cheating. Well after all she was making her own rule for her own work! The ball finaly getting close to what she liked and desired. She stick her tongue out like if it was going to improve her focus for her work. The little tip between her lips as she bit it with them. Her hand she was using to shape would now directly caress the ball as it was getting a lots more soft and in the the perfection she was aiming for. Some part still a bit rough was quickly caressed into the soft curve that she desired to see it rocking.

As she got done with her ball she could see the sun was getting quite down once more. She give a long sigh before lightly rising on her feet and pack her things. Her legs were sore from all this sitting making her walk oddly in town before reaching somewhere to eat a good hot ramen. The owner would tilt it's head at her as she refuse to take a seat to her place making her smile widely. “Ohh sorry about that..I've been sitting all day to work on my new element as you might guess I'm really not in the mood to sit on a chair to eat this.” She chuckle softly and smile. “Kinda want to enjoy it while standing so I can get some rest from sitting you know!” She smile widely making her chuckle and nod. Her ramen was well rewarded before she went back in to her place this time making sure to wash herself carefully and wash her clothe for the next day before finally throwing herself into her bed to sleep.

Day 3.

On the third day she was sore like crazy. She groan as she barely got out of her bed and walk around only complaining about how much her body hurt in general from the over use of chakra in the last few days. Though she couldn't just stay home today and cry all day. She needed to get her things together and most likely a good drink before heading back to the training ground. She took her now dry clothe and lightly and slowly put them on herself and head outside to the town. Once outside she head toward the market and grab some well needed supply before heading back to work on her earth skill. This time she was going to do it while standing. “Mhmm..What can I do to really show my control over the earth element.. “ She tap her chin lightly as she look around the market square and lightly grab another sandwich and some water.
As she head back toward the training ground she saw some people training their earth skill. She see them using the earth on the ground with the chakra lifting it and manipulating into shape That was the next step she needed to work with! Her feet kept lightly brushing the ground under her as she though about her plan. She finally reach the training ground where she went to her once more quiet spot. This time she anchor her foot on the ground as she made her chakra flown all around her. She didn't want to play today and wanted to get her work done as fast she could and start with the next step of her Senju book and learn how to use wood technique. Her toes griping hard on her sandal as the chakra infuse in them to flow over the dirt around her. She lightly close her eyes thinking about the earth raising around her though in a messy way and as she though it would do. Some rock would rise up around her with other part being bigger than other. She lightly mold her chakra carefully to caress them and quickly turn into rough movement to shape them as she wanted and turn them around her lightly. She wasn't really trying to make any technique mostly just see how good she had control over the earth element at this point of time. Her focus would be getting a really hard time into getting the whole shape manipulation going as it required a huge load of energy from her little quite sore body. She quickly break and fall on the ground panting loudly and caressing her forehead disappointed of her own performance. She lightly reach toward her water bottle for a long sip and sigh lightly before getting back on her feet and wander back to her position. She lightly shake her body and smile as she see a few rock that she rised around her body. She lightly shake her head and focus her mind once more. Her chakra would flow out of her body as she lightly put her hands over the ground and made her chakra flow in it. Soon rock would rise up in front of her and she used her skill to get in shaped into an odd spear with a barely pointy tip and let it fall down. She then use another rock that was still up and lightly turn it into a little earth butchered butterfly but still good looking enough for her to let it fall on the ground and clap her hands happily. “Another thing done! That was actually really hard to archive.

She lightly sit on her rear and grab a good pull dirt in front of her. She wanted to test her capacity as much she could at this point and was about too. She lightly start to get her water chakra into the mix to make the earth into a mud like form before she started to get on the other step. Her second earth chakra would join the mix making the mud dry out and hardened though it wasn't what she wanted making her frown lightly. She carefully infuse her chakra and moved her hands around the pile of mud she had in front of her like she was trying to build or sculpt something with what she had in front of her. A few people would look at her oddly enough before keeping going as they wander what that girl was doing making what started to seem like a little representation of the village in stone. She carefully flown her chakra on the edge to make as much detail on the building even going to make lantern in the street. She lightly move more dirt and shape it into the mountain behind the village with the well. She raise her head toward it at the large amount of kage on it and frown. “Well..that's a lots of Kage... That's going to be a nice work to get done!” She lean over her construction and carefully move her chakra into getting the shape of the kage as it was showed in real in front of her from quite far away. Wasn't a simple task for sure and was requiring a lots of focus which was something she sometime had issue into getting done and had the right shape. She lightly caress her forehead as she lightly get herself closer and making the mountain it self hard for her to her her hand as a support as she used her right hand to change the earth shape lightly. She would start the hokage face quite a few time as she was never really happy with the result! One had a nose too long, another one too big lips and so on before she finally got something she was happy about. Her attention now moved to ward her own place and put as much detail she could from her memory and going from there to another one. As she was getting done she look over at the kage face and smile to herself. She lightly lean on and right next to Kuriru she would start to sculpt her own visage. “Mhmmm another Senju on it! Too many red eyes got on there...Time to get the family back where it belong.” Of course compare to the other visage she didn't do much mistake compare to the other kage.

She lightly stand infront of her piece of work on nod to herself. As she wanted to make sure it was strong she lightly put her feet over it and pushed down and smile as her chakra held it in place. I actually did it! It's my second element and it's actually working and holding strong! She clap her hands happily and sit on the kage mountain as she took her sandwich for her meal. It was well earned for sure after such work! She couldn't believe she did such a thing! Though of course everything come with a down side! As she was getting done with her meal she felt herself getting a bit weak before remembering she was keeping this whole thing up with her chakra! She lightly stand from her mountain throne and release her chakra from the earth making it all fall back on the ground in a quite lame way making her chuckle lightly. “Well..I wasn't that hard after all to make a village fall!” Another ninja would heard her word and look at her frowning making her wave her hands around. “Oh no no! I didn't mean that this way! I meant my little one!” She pointed to her now dust village making the ninja roll his eyes and return to his focus. She blush lightly a bit ashamed but chuckle as she though about it again. She lightly get on her knee and use her new element to lightly get everything back in place before she made a mess around and dust herself up lightly. She then grab her Senju book and lightly open it to read where she was at this point. Her eyes moving from word to word as she smile to herself. Her next step was to actually learn the wood release. That wasn't going to be easy but at least she was able to use the two element like her ancestor did.

The girl lightly grab her book and pack her things as she walk back to the main district this time she wouldn't stop for a ramen right away but for a well deserved cookie! She didn't want to buy a cake yet. That was for when she mastered her wood element! Maybe another one when she get her first wood release jutsu! She smile to herself before going for her ramen where she rested on the chair this time making the owner quite happy about it. She lightly made her way to her little place and sit on the edge of her bed and lightly look up at the sealing thinking to herself that she was going to make her dad proud of her. She open her little cookie bag and take a bite from one after the other and wiggle her head in happiness and wash her self and made her way to her bed where she rest and made sure to take a day of break the next day before learning about the famous wood release.  

( 4010 word.  +20 Stats and Earth as second element! Also putting nin as my free Spec =D ! )
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Kayla Senju getting her head into the mud! Empty Re: Kayla Senju getting her head into the mud!

Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:41 am
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