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Training (p. nk) Empty Training (p. nk)

Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:26 pm
Ita made had made his way into the basement of Sai’s home. It had been some time since he had been here. For the most part, Ita had been so preoccupied with his own endeavors that it had put some distance between him and Sai. Sai was also a very busy shinobi and wasn’t tasked with the job to baby sit Ita all the time; not that Ita needed it. Although he was only 13, almost 14, Ita was indeed a chuunin now and was more than capable of taking care of himself like he had been doing since before Sai came around. Still, it was nice of Sai to let Ita live there so Ita didn’t ever say anything or think anything negatively of him.
Ita lowered himself down the secrete hatch in the kitchen into the sub terrain training field below. There was an almost dusty arid smell down below. Once he reached the floor, Ita traveled to the wall nearest him and uncovered the latch which controlled the lighting in the arena so that he could see. With a flick of the switch, the lights turned on one by one making noises as they began to generate power and light. Being down here made Ita think of when he was a just 9 years old and beginning to learn all that he knew now. Ita actually had lost track of the last time him and Sai had actually done something, he must still be tracking down Orono.
As the lights turned on, it revealed Ita’s appearance. His hair had grown a good amount of length, but did not compare to the length of the hair presented in his stat profile. Ita’s hair more resembled that of his avatar picture. Ita’s pale skin complexion also reflected the yellow lighting of the lights above. Ita was wearing a grey robe top which he removed from his upper torso to let it fall about his waist. He did this so he could keep his body temperature down and to prevent his clothing to be ruined by his lightning techs. Attached to the back of ITa’s waist was his Konoha katana and two ninja weapon pouches containing various items. Along with all of that was Ita’s typical ninja black pants and sandals, ITa had laid his flak jacket on the floor next to him.
Something was odd about the arena but Ita couldn’t quiet put his hand on it… Was it the fact there was a medium size tree positioned in the middle of the field? Yes that would be it. It was quiet odd colored too, and the leaves where gray. Ita didn’t question it. IT was probably one of Sai’s weird tree experiments. Now that Ita could freely cast chidori without hand seals and so on, he was gonna see if he could channel his chidori into other objects, for examples, his sword. Ita reached his right hand behind his back and gripped the hilt of his katana firmly. The next thing he did was unsheathe it quickly and affirmatively.
Holding the blade at a 45 degree angle, Ita then turned it towards the light so it would reflect off the unscathed blade. Perfection at its finest. A blade that had yet to shed blood. Ita then focused his chidori in his hand, which he was able to do seamlessly now that he didn’t need to do any hand signs to perform the technique. Blue lightning radiated his hand and the hilt of the blade. In the sub terrain arena, the sound of a thousand birds could be heard chirping and the blue luminescence of the raition chakra in Ita’s hand would be clashing beautifully with that of the yellow light above. Good thing metal was a good conductor of electricity because the ration chakra flowed through the katana with ease.
In Ita’s right hand, he help a brand new katana that had never seen blood radiating with the awesome power of chidori. Although Ita had never tried to use the sword, it was probably more durable and sharp now that it had the aid of chidori, making it able to slice through things like butter. Ita wasn’t done. He figured he should try training a bit with his sword now that he had one, he might need to utilize it in battle. Ita waved the sword around, taking time to become familiar with the hilt of the weapon so that it could in return become second nature to him. An extension of himself if you will. Ita moved towards some of the wooden training dummies set up for training on, most of them chared by the ages of Sai, Ita and others training with weapons and taijutsu on them. ITa gripped the sword and brought it above his head. Down came the blade at an angle, still fueled by chidori. The blade reached the training dummy and to ITa’s acknowledgment, ITa sliced through it with little to no effort. The chidori really did strengthen the effects of the katana. The only thing about the sword Ita did not like was how big it was. Ita in the future would make it a point to get his hands on something I bit differently, although he would have to wait for that. Until then, this sword would do. There were now 4 dummies left. All where were pretty close to the odd tree that happened to be positioned in the middle of the training fields.
Honestly, curiosity got the best of ITa as he was not one to let such strange things go. He needed to investigate. Ita walked over towards the strange tree, with katana in hand. Examining the bark of the tree. ‘Strange.. Once I got closer to this tree and got a good look at it, It seems like it was molded together…” Ita took a step back and closed his eyes. When they reopened, Ita’s sharingan was peering at the tree and what he saw made him drop his sword slightly causing another chain of events in a few moments…
Ita was staring at the tree. A few things caught him off guard. Ita could see Sai’s chakra at the focal point of the tree. Surrounding it, was something entirely different. A foreign chakra that he had never seen before. Upon lowering his Katana in ‘aw’ of what was happening, the raition chakra jumping about his katana bounced off his blade and towards the tree which caused the tree to make a murmur sound and shake slightly. After that, the raition chakra surged through the tree (because water and earth are weak to lightning, it caused the deformation of the tree into its true form.) A flash of raition surged through the tree and it began to shake. The tree began to break down and organisms about the size of a human began to detach themselves from the tree. The first organism to break free of the tree stepped forth. It was about a meter from Ita and had the voice of a male. When it first spoke, it’s language was forgeign and it took it a few tries before completely transferring his language to one that Ita could communicate with. “Thank you for freeing us human. This man almost ruined our planes. We shall be leaving now.” Ita’s keen eyes shifted past whatever it was, was talking to him and right towards Sai’s unconscious body which was now being prodded by four of the other organisms which were beginning to was seemed like put him into a container.
Ita’s eyes then reverted back to the tree person that was speaking to him first. “What are you going to do with him?” Ita said to him or ‘it’. Thee tree person moaned before speaking which sounded weird because it was a sound that Ita could not recognize with. “It is not of your concern human. We will be leaving now.” It turned its back to Ita and neared the other four tree organisms which seemed to be putting Sai into a green pod made out of organic materials which they had just created using their own version of mokuton. As it started walking away Ita spoke out, “I’m sorry, but I can’t let that happen.” The tree groaned once more, “humans, such a nuisance.” The strange organism never turned his face to ITa again, instead his weird chakra pulsated into the ground bringing the four training dummies Ita was practicing with earlier, to life. They began spinning and so forth. Being as they were behind Ita, Ita needed to react quickly. Gripping the hilt of his katana filled with the power of chidori, ITa used his body flicker to position himself this time in front of the reanimated dummies. It was clear to him that he was going to have to take care of them before he moved on to take care of Sai’s kidnappers. There was no time to think, that would come later, now his goal was simple. Get Sai Back. Ita gripped the hilt of his katana tightly as the first wooden block moved towards him in an odd way, spinning, humanistic manner. As it neared, it lunged at Ita. Ita gripped the hilt of his katana bearing chidori and raised it, bringing the blade of the sword down upon the wood. The blade cut though it cleanly. Right down the middle. Ita moved in such a manner that the wood had nowhere to go but besides be cut In half. That seemed to dispel whatever was causing it to move. The blocks of wood hit the ground making a clank sounds. Ita’s eyes continued to stare off into the distance, completely past the four weaker wooden animated objects and towards the 5 wooden humanoids that bore the features of trees taking his unconscious sensai away in some sort of organic pod. ‘what are they planning to do with him’…
Ita then neared the next oncoming wooden structure. It, like the previous one had tried to lunge at Ita. Ita dodge this one and moved towards the third, holding his katana parallel to the ground in which he drove It through the center of the block causing it to be cut in half then he, in the same motion flicked the katana behind him and through the oncoming wooden structure which ITa had previous dodged before, striking it in the middle then driving the sword through it, not cutting it up but allowing his chidori to flourish through the structure; removing whatever jutsu brought it to life.
Luckily, Ita’s chidori was super effective against their wood style jutsu. Ita then had to make work of just one more. Flinging his blade, he sent forth a final blow to the last of the wooden dummy structures that was brought to life in order to stall Ita, but it was not enough.
Now that Ita had made quick work of the dummies. He now had to get Sai back in his position. Ita approached the 5 tree organisms. Now Ita could examine them before he had potentially fight them. Upon further observation. There were 5 of them. They appeared to have bark as skin, although one half of their body appeared more humanoid than the other. Whatever they were. They certainly picked the wrong person to mess with. Before anything else could happen, Ita focused his sight on the lead pod thing Yen was in. ITa then used S.W.I.T.C.H to switch the pod with himself, moving the pod safely away from the hostiles and putting Ita in the center of all of them. Ita then body flickered away from them appearing next to Sai’s pod. Ita placed his hand on the pod, running his chidori through it, causing his raition chakra to flow through it and cause the organic material to decompose. Allowing his body to be released from whatever had its hold on him and for sai to be lying unconscious on the floor exposed, on top of some gross slimy shit.
Ita spoke to them. “What were you trying to do to him?” the boy asked before making his final decision to kill them all. The tree man spoke, “Okay human. We consume the body of mokuton users to reverse the curse on our bodies. Enough words though. Now we fight.”
‘They consume the bodies of mokuton users? How did Sai manage to get himself in such a situation?’ Ita was thinking. Ita was now viewing the large amount of chakra that each of these things possessed. Ita was no longer battling reanimated dummies. This was for real. Ita wasn’t scared though. It was their loss. One darted at Ita at about 80 speed. But they were still way to slow compared to the boy. Ita channeled chidori through his blade. Its ran at him at 100 speed. The two passed each other. Ita came to a stop. So did the man. This chidori had cut clean through the man in several areas. Dicing him into many shreds. The motions were so quick that the other tree man had no idea what happened. Ita, who was holding his sword to the side, brought it towards the front of him, pointing it directly at the rest of them. “Well, who’s next?”
The tree man seemed shocked. They then grew closer and began to fuse, merging their chakras with one another. The next thing ita knew there was a huge one of them before him. ‘Damnit’ Ita thought to himself. Ita began sprinting towards the monster. One of its fists coming down and breaking up the ground into gravel underneath his feet. ITa jumped, moving to the left out of the range of its attempted attack. Ita then jumped towards the monster, who was about 10 feet tall, and tried to stick him in the chest with his chidori katana, but it didn’t work. The next thing ITa knew was a huge tree arm coming at him and smashing into the side of his body. Luckly ITa had mastered the art of the substitution jutsu and was able to replace himself with one of the logs from the training dummies. Ita then grabbed his blade that went flying from the attack out of the air and sprinted towards him again. This time in his off hand, was the awesome power of chidori illuminating the area around him. Ita’s sharingan reflected in the artificial light. Ita now ran at top speed towards the monster. It again attempted to throw another punch at Ita, but this time ITa saw it coming and was able to maneuver around the flying arm fluently, to the point where he dodged it and then jumped perfectly at the right time and landed on it. Ita stuck his swords tip into the the monsters arm and retrieved it along with paralyzing him momentarily. Ita then jumped off his arm behind the monster, thrusting his chidori into its back, then pressing off him with his feet and back flipping away.  The monster was flinching momentarily as ITa gathered himself. It was still standing. Even with a severed arm and direct chidori attack, it was still alive. ITa then began to weave hand signs at max speed. Releasing a giant fireball towards the monster in a hope to light it on fire. IT collided with the monster causing a part of it to burst into flames. Finally making some progress here. ITa then made his move towards the monster. Ita hand to finish this quick. Ita, with a burst of speed, launched his chidori katana towards the monster, spearing it directly into the chest releasing a large amount of raition chakra. Next Ita ran to the base of the monsters feet, charged a full power chidori and thrusted his foot off the ground as soon as possible. Hitting chidori from his bottom leg to the monsters head. Then pushing off the monsters chest and flipping away. When Ita saw that the monster was still capable of moving, Ita figured it needed one more hit. Ita switched himself with his katana that was speared into the tree mosnters chest and Ita charged a chidori and speared his hand into the chest of the monster once more. Pressing off the monster once more and landing on the gorund near where his katana stood. Ita then reached over and grabbed it, walking away and the monster collapsed in the back ground. Ita went to Sais side, looking down at him. ‘This is all awfully strange’ Ita thought to himself, peering over Sai who was covered in a thick mucus like substance.

That following night, Sai had finally awoken. Ita had dragged him upstairs and gotten him washed up. Sai explained to Ita that if he hadn’t of come when he did, that those things would have completed their process. Sai then went onto explain to Ita that whatever they were, they weren’t human. Some kind of experiment gone wrong with sage dna and androids. “they started following me a while I was out doing some investigation on one of Orono’s hide outs. Then they eventually got me back here. I lured them down below but something happened, I don’t remember. If you don’t mind, would you help me clean up down there?” referring to the dead wood beast bellow. Now that Ita could channel his chidori through his katana, it would be easy for him to chop up what was left. Ita and Sai went bellow the house into the sub terrain arena. Ita went onto chopping up the monster into pieces which his sword while Sai attended to the maintenance of the arena, creating new training dummies with his wood style. Ita wasn’t too sure what Sai was going to do with the remaining pieces that weren’t completely destroyed by ITa’s jutsu; probably scientific research. Ita then slid his katana into its sheath after whipping off the blood. Finally Ita’s new katana got to see its first blood.  
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Risako Akara
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Training (p. nk) Empty Re: Training (p. nk)

Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:40 pm
Sure, trial approved I suppose.
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