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Training with Sand (P,NK,Koroshi) Empty Training with Sand (P,NK,Koroshi)

Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:38 pm
Kyofu was inside his lab as he continued to stare at the scroll that had set on his desk every since he had started to rent the apartment. The scroll contained information about Wood Release and someways on how to use it, the process seemed easy but Kyofu knew it would be really hard for him because he was not born from a Senju and the Senju cells within his body were dormant. The kidney that the ninja by the name of Kozai had implanted in him had been in his body for only a month at the least. He had started to wander if the man had gave him a broken kidney, but of course Kyofu of all people knew that unlocking a bloodline was quite hard especially if you were not meant to unlock it in the first place. Kyofu eyes wandered to his hands as he guided them to pick up the scroll on both of it's sides. It seemed the time had come for him to fully understand the dormant Deoxyribonucleic acid within his body. 

After fully rolling the scroll into a cylinder Kyofu would stuff it into his pocket and pick up his ninja headband of the Sand as he tied it around his forehead. His eyes briefly looked down at the headband he had gotten from the village of Hoshigakure, the three shooting stars of the headband reminded him of the thousands of stars he used to see in the night village whilst his stay in the village. Taking his eyes off of the headband he would jump out of his second story apartment as he landed softly on the ground and began to walk slowly to the training grounds. There was a single spot in the large training grounds that had a good amount of soil to grow plants and trees on it, he had decided that it would be a good place to train his dormant DNA. Arriving at the grounds he would see that not many ninja were within them seeing as the day had only just begun with the sun slowly rising on the horizon. Walking to the secluded area of the training grounds he would take the scroll out and lay it on the ground as he closed his eyes and begun to meditate but kept his senses honed on the area around him just in case someone tried to sneak up on him.

405WC towards wood reroll

Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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Training with Sand (P,NK,Koroshi) Empty Re: Training with Sand (P,NK,Koroshi)

Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:38 am
Koroshi due to recent events has been spending more time in his office then he normally would like, making it where he does not have the chance to get fresh air, or to interact with ninja in his village. So he decides to take some time to himself and to walk around to village, past the training grounds to see who is being active and keeping up with training, hen he walks by he sees the boy he welcome to the village not too long ago, with a smile he decides to walk over to him, wanting to see how he is feeling being a member of Suna "Hey Kyofu, how have you been adjusting to life here in Suna? Everyone been treating you ok?" Koroshi would say as he walks toward him, the closer he gets he sees that he is trying to meditate with a scroll in front of him, upon closer exception and if he does not choose to hide it Koroshi would see that it is a wood release scroll
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