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Sliding into the DMs  Empty Sliding into the DMs

Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:53 pm
Through her time in Sunagakure, Kira had managed to come quite a long way in the arts of Fuuinjutsu. Her sister had only taught her the very basics about marks and seals and all that other jazz. At the time, it was all very confusing and she didn’t even bother to learn the first technique to learning Fuuin. It wasn’t until she washed up upon a shore and she found that she was by her lonesome that she realized it would possibly be a good idea to get learning. The first step she took was learning the mark seal, and since then she had learned a variety of fuuinjutsu. From learning sealing release to more complex Fuuin like Five Elemental Seal, it had been quite the journey, and she was on her way to becoming skilled in the arts of Fuuin. 
For this very reason, Kira found herself amongst the large library near the centre of Sunagakure. Yes, she was becoming quite skilled in the arts of Fuuin, but there would be others who were like her, who specialized in Fuuin. Hell, there would be some who were potentially better than her but lets not get ahead of ourselves. After learning the five elemental seal, she came to the conclusion that there would be those who could potentially use it against her, or even other seals of lower to greater power. Up to this point, she had learned Sealing Release which would help her unseal the most basic of Fuuin techs, but that would stand no chance to higher ranked fuuin. For this reason, she needed something stronger, something more capable to release her from a pickle. “FOUND IT” Kira screamed as her screech echoed through the halls of the library, as she was then greeted by a dozen hushes. Giving them the quick finger, Kira quickly returned to the scroll that she found marked five elemental unseal. Within the contents of this scroll was the method to unsealing tech much higher than those of C rank Jutsu. With this, she would be more capable to defeat other who played her own game!
Kira found an isolated table in the huge study hall, as she opened up the large scroll and began studying it’s contents. Observing the quantity of text startled Kira. She wasn’t the most studious person in the world, so it didn’t take long for her to doze off. After her quick nap, she awoke and found herself practically alone in the massive hall. She took a gaze at the clocked realized in was practically midnight. Welp, looks like it was time to head home and save it for another day! With that Kira headed home and completed her procrastination— I mean training.
It was time to get back at it! After sleeping for another ten hours, placing off for a good two hours, getting a nice golden brown tan in the Suna sun, and downing some alcoholic fruity beverages, Kira found herself back in the great halls of intelligence, the place of scholars, the smarties of smarty pantsies. it was quite intimidating actually. If there was one thing she shared with her ancestor, the great Naruto Uzumaki, it’s that she would more of a hands on person and a read the text person. Though, at the end of the day, she didn’t have like eight different sensei’s to teach her. Like seriously, how many did he have!? Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Asuma, Yamata, Those frogs. The list probably goes on and on. Who did Kira have in on her side of the ring? Well, it could be argued that she had Gwynevere, but that didn’t really count. The only thing they shared was a constant stream of rivalry. It was quite obvious that the site was based off the two beauty’s, just like the manga was on Naruto and Sasuke. Of course, Kira was obviously the main character, there was no denying that.
ANYWHO, back to the reading. Kira actually made it forty words in, as she read that just like its counterparts, each finger was inscribed with a specific seal. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. This much, she knew. After all, she did somehow manage to learn the five elemental seal after THAT NIGHT with Gwyn. Kira placed her hand infront of her, concentrating her chakra as they built on her fingertips. The kanji for each of the elements appeared on her fingertips. For those who were watching, it looked like she had performed a miracle. She had done it, she magically mastered the jutsu without trying. Obviously this wasn’t the case. She had practically just performed the jutsu she already knew, the five elemental seal. It was disappointing. For some, this disappointment would have pushed them to work harder. To strive pass their limits and overcome all odds. For Kira? it meant that she was done for the day and she would continue on with her day which included a list of going to the spa, getting her hair done, and late night partying. After all, she would treat herself for ‘training so hard’
Well, she was back at it. AGAIN. you know, this was getting quite tiring in all honesty. She just wanted to get this training with over with already. If this is what she would have to do to learn EVERY jutsu of this caliber, she might just give up this whole ninja thing. I mean really, it was a lot of work and damn did she hate work. It just wasn’t her thing. Like truly not her thing. I mean, maybe it wasn’t exactly her that was the issue, but the person who created her essence. It was something about sitting down and writing a buttload of words that seemed to never end. One second, you think your half way done, the next, you realize you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you have to write. It’s sort of how Kira was feeling, but not really. Her creator was just lazy. 
Back to the actual reading though, Kira read through the buttload of text inscribed on the scroll. reading word for word how she should get herself to learn how to do the seal. After she read it once, she read it three more times since it wasn’t really sticking. You would assume that due to the fact that she had learned a similar jutsu with a similar nature, that learning this tech wouldn’t be so godamn frustrating. But it was, it truly truly was. Though one thing that caught her eye when she was learning about the technique was that the scroll stated in order to achieve the effects of the five elemental useal, the user had to flow their chakra in an opposite direction opposed to the five elemental seal. By reversing the chakra flow, one could accomplish the effects of the five elemental unseal. Hmm. Sounded easy enough. Kira made the seal of the tiger and focused her chakra, trying to spin it in a reverse notion that what she was used to. While it seemed to be working at first, one second of lost concentration sent her who chakra system into a crashing spiral. It was starting to seem hopeless. Master of fuuin? More like the master of pure uselessness. It was starting to become so darn frustrating. The Uzumaki smacked her head against the table, and let her head stay down in shame.
“need some help?”
Asked an oddly familiar voice. Kira rose and saw it was the guy she saw out in the training field once upon a time. “Hey you…?” Kira said, unable to remember the boy’s name. He laughed before restating it. “It’s Ryuu. If you want, I can help you out on your form. I’m not too bad at Fuuinjutsu myself you know.” Kira sized the kid up and down. Her wore practically black short shorts that was one too many inches above his knee,  black boots that went up to about his shin, practically a crop top, and wore his hair back in a ponytail. He was definitely unique. If it wasn’t for the headband around his neck, Kira would have never had guessed he was a ninja. Though, she would definitely have to refer him to her stylist. Those roots and bangs needed some serious work.  “I think I got it, thanks though!” Kira said as friendly as a butterfly! She was too proud to accept someone else’s assistance. “I’ve watch you struggle with this for the last three days. c’mob let me  help!” he said cheerfully, almost laughing. Slightly embarrassed, Kira didn’t have much of a choice but to say yes. The boy took a seat next to her and read through the scroll. He knew she was attmepting Fuuin, he just wasn’t exactly quite sure of which technique she was trying to do. “Oh! the five elemental unseal! I remember when I learned this. I was about six!” Kira’s jaw dropped faster than the titanic (too soon?). This boy learned this technique when he was only six years old!? how was that even possible! At six, she was still too lazy to even walk, let alone learn a freaking A ranked jutsu! Just exactly who was this guy? 
“You’re totally bluffing, theirs no way that you know the five elemental seal!” Kira muttered, as she crossed her arms and pouted her face. She refused to believe that this guy was better than her. Mostly because she had a sense of pride to upkeep, it was practically herb best quality over everything else she considered her best quality. The boy just smirked and shook his head to himself, before he raised his hand, and placed it amongst the practice seal within the soul. Like literal magic infront of her eyes, the scroll unlocked, leaving the girl gasping for imaginary air, a fish out of water, she was literally, like literally dead. On top of that, she couldn’t even odd. “No Way!” She yelled out, eyes from every corner of the library giving her the evil glare. The most frightening one though was the one shot at her from the librarian. Threw her time in Suna, she would have to say that was her arch nemesis. That librarian was no joke. Her ruler whip technique was the most strongest of all techniques! the flick of the wrist game was way too strong, like too strong indeed. The heterochromatic eyes girl gulped before facing the boy and asked him something she didn’t dare ask anyone! “teach me.. please?” She asked at a tone so low, she couldn’t even hear herself. “what?” The boy inquired genuinely, but kira took it as a sinister mocking the shook the core of everything she stood for. Angry, she screamed “WILL YOU TEACH ME THE TECHNIQUE!?” Realizing what she had done, she put both of her hands to cusp her mouth but it had been too late. The librarian had gotten behind her at a speed of over 9000 and wacked her so hard with the ruler, it was going to leave a red marking for weeks. 
The pair found themselves outside of the library so fast, it happened before you could say super cala fraga listic espy ala docious. Like it was pretty darn fast. That said, the boy finally turned to her and said, “Sure, I’ll teach you.” he said, showing his nice pearly whites. Like that, they headed off towards the training field. The two stretched it out, as they would train a bit before they officially got to it. “Before I show you how to do this technique, I want you to learn something else.” He stated, stretching his arms nonchalantly as The Uzumaki was just completely bewildered. “ummm okay, well is it a super awesome technique of pure awesomeness?” She asked, not really caring for whatever lame jutsu he wanted to teach her. Her mind was sole bent on learning the arts of the five elemental unseal, no matter how long it would take. Unless it took longer than a month, then she’d obviously move on because aint nobody got time for that.
“You’re and Uzumaki right?” Kira’s heard skipped a beat the moment he asked that. It seemed like her whole world began to crumble from right underneath her feat. It was all over. Her facade, her dismissiveness of her maiden name, everything. The gig was up. she lost it. It was all over. Ryuu just watched as Kira was practically sulking in fetal position, one of those anime sweat balls appearing on the back of his forehead signalling he didn’t know what the actual hell was going on. “umm are you okay?” He asked, approaching the girl to put a hand on her shoulder. The girl comedically just cried to herself as she envisioned herself being ripped apart zombie style for her insides by bloodline dealers. “yes!” The uzumaki teleported to the boy, placing a hand over his mouth while whispering. “But if you tell anyone I swear you I will skin you, feed your balls to my hobo dog, and burry you within the depths of depths of the desert!” She gave the boy a cold glare that send the kid on the other side of the training field shivers. Like she was really scary, so scary it was scary how scary she got.

The boy nodded in compliance before Kire allowed herself to removed her hand. Though, it seemed ryuu wasn’t frightned of her threat, he didn’t plan on telling anyone. He would keep her secret. “Well, now that that’s answered, I think I can help you learn a technique that originated from you know, your origins.” The boy tried to be discreet. It was cute, but it only made him sound dumb. “Okayyyy, “ Kire replied, suspicious of ryuu’s true intentions. How exactly would he know of a jutsu that originated from the Uzumaki’s? there was only one way to find out. “So, how do I do this thingy mabobber that you speak of?” She asked, truly curious as to what he wanted to teach her. “Well first, we meditate. We have to sharpen our chakra, be in sync enough with it in order to learn what comes next.” Kira look at the boy and just complied with what he was asking. If this meant some awesome new powerful jutsu, I guess she would just do what he said. Besides, she usually meditated before training anyways. The girl sat down criss cross applesauce style and  but the back of her palm on her knees. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind, as she felt the flow of chakra in her system. She remained this way fro what seemed like a few hours before the boy tapped her shoulder, signaling the end of the meditation session. She opened her eyes and dusted herself off before waiting for the next step. It was not that she realized that the village streets were rather empty, as night had befallen them. “right, so here’s the tricky part. Since you know how to use the chakra ch--- I mean, ability” he swerved once he saw the evil glare that Kira was giving him. “I uhh I mean, well we’re going to learn a fuuinjutsu tech that originates from long ago from a certain family that you may know. To perform this jutsu, you perform these hand signs.” The ninja performed a series of hand signs slowly, so that Kira had enough time to read it before he slammed is hands on the ground and a seals began to form towards her, before she was was surrounded by a circular one. She tried to escape, but the power of it was too strong.  Just who the hell was this guy?
She started to get sucked into the ground as a frenzied panic came over the girl. Was he going to kill her!? Just as she was about waist deep into the seal, he dispelled it and she was spit out like an empty sunflower seed shell. The girl’s heart was beating, as she was naturally curious as to how the boy knew such a technique? “I know what you’re wondering and yes, your partially right, but I can’t go into detail, just like you can’t.” The Genin girl was shocked, but naturally she understood and didn’t ask. She mimiched his handsigns and focused her chakra, trying to do the jutsu for herself but ultimately failed. The sealing formula appeared, but it didn’t reach Ryuu, and just faded away as her chakra disrupted. Defeated, she looked up to the boy who gave her a look of approval to try again. And so she did. She practiced this jutsu back to back, trying to get it right, but also quickly exhausting her chakra. “maybe we should take a break?” Ryuu insisted, but she kept going, determined to get ir right. On the last try, she saw it, she did it! The seal reached the boy, and even managed to start sucking him down before it dispelled, and Kira lost consciousness.
Before she knew it, she was back in a forestry type area. It seemed like Haven from when she visited it last.  It was some time after a few days of travelling, where Kira was close to finally reaching her final destination. Though, at some point, she must have headed off in the wrong direction and found herself in the Water Gardens of Haven. The scenery in these lands was quite breathtaking compared to what she had seen the last few days. The birds sang their tunes in the distance, letting the nearby wildlife enjoy their songs. The leaves of the trees were painted in different hues of colors, ranging from dark reds to sunset yellow. The sun’s rays sneaking their way through the gaps in the trees to find it’s way to the family of flowers that graced the ground with it’s beauty. It was like Kira had taken a step into a painting.
While the scenery was quite breathtaking, the humidity in the area was definitely a negative factor to this beautiful land. The hot air the the Young Uzumaki breathed in made her wish she had an iced beverage to sip on. Nevertheless, Kira decided to take advantage of this peaceful land to take a much needed nap (ironic considering she was already unconscious and just dreaming), maybe even train once she awoke before she headed off to Hoshigakure.
The mismatched eyed girl made her was up a tree trunk and found a nice thick branch to rest on. Listening to the music provided by then birds, and the nice cool breeze that came every once in a blue boom, the girl eventually fell asleep.
“ Well, well well, what do we have here boys?! Looks like a prize for the boss man!” 
Kira woke up to the distant sound of a howling voice in the distance. It took her a few moments to open her eyes and realize the voice she heard wasn’t just in her head, but actually coming from somewhere nearby. 
“ Good job fool, I didn’t think yard be able to catch us anything in one-thousand years, let alone a Hyuuga?!”
Kira slowly got up from the comforts of her tree branch and looked around for the voices. The second one had sounded different than the first, and was addressing someone. The young Uzumaki didn’t see anyone in sight, but had a rough idea of where the voice was coming from. Getting to her feet, Kira leaped from tree branch to tree branch towards the voice’s direction. The closer she got to the voice’s destination, the more apparent it was that smog was covering the area.
Well this is odd. Kira couldn’t help but think to herself. She landed on a nearby branch where she could see a group of three bandits approaching a young looking girl who was on the ground, covered in blood, possibly even younger than her. The girl, known as a Hyuuga by the men, seemed to tremble, fearing the grown bandits who were approaching her. Without even hesitating, Kira pulled a kunai from her ninja pouch and stood ready to interfere. She may have been sort of a bandit herself, but she was more of a petty criminal than one who actually inflicted pain on others.
Kira wanted to step in and play the hero, but she wasn’t sure if it was actually the best idea. On the more practical side of things, if she stepped in there, she would probably just get both of them captured, or maybe even killed. Standing ready to engage, the petty thief stood ready to to barge in if need be. While she wasn’t sure if she could take the three men, she wouldn’t let the girl die. 
The girl suddenly held out her bow staff, and flicked it towards the three men, covering them with rocks and dust and obscuring their vision giving the girl a brief period to get away. With that, she ran off and began to gain distance from her pursuers. Trying not to lose sight of her herself, Kira followed the girl, keeping a steady distance as to not attract attention to herself, whether it be from the girl or the bandits that would surely continue to chase her. Next thing she knew, the bandits appeared out of nowhere and stabbed Kira right into her chest. The girl lost her breath as blood dripped out of her mouth. It seemed odd. He… he just popped out of nowhere? Usually Kira could keep up but.. how?

The girl forced her eyes open as she awoke to her heart beating a million beats per minute. It was a dream, all just a dream. A horrible dream, but a dream nonetheless. The Uzumaki looked around but Ryuu was gone. Did he just leave her there unconscious? Who knows, but what she did know was her time learning the jutsu was real, since he still remembered it vividly, and performed it again just to make sure. Though, was Ryuu just a part of her weird vivid imagination? And who was that girl from her dream? All questions that would never be answered. Well except the first one. Kira later went to the village embasy and found out that the only ryuu that currently resided in the village was not the boy she had met. Just who exactly was that boy? Whoever he was, ultimately he helped her to learn a new technique. One that may be vital during the tournmament that was coming up, and for that she was quite grateful. She just headed on home for some sleep and prepared herself for the next morning. The 5 elemental seal was still on her plate to learn.
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claiming 19 stats, 597 towards Uzu sealing tech (finishing it) 403 towards self releasing blood seal, the rest towards 5 elemental unseal I guess.
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Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:54 pm
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