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Learning Summoning Tech (Private) Empty Learning Summoning Tech (Private)

Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:05 pm
Ashur walked down the road with Brandon, and decided today was the day! He saw a person with flashy symbols on paper, and he wanted to do that to be cool. Ashur wanted to be cool! Why not learn a jutsu to be cool? He decided to go up to the flashy symbols man, who was holding many scrolls. This boy looked exactly like Ashur except wearing black, Ashur didn't give a shit who or what this man looked like he just wanted to learn some jutsu to show off.
"Hey! Teach me the most basic fuuinjutsu seal you know! I will be nice to you if you do."
The cool kid seemed inconvinced and began to walk away with a crowd of people. Ashur took out a blank scroll, and began to smear shit all over it in symbols. Maybe it looked like toilet paper, maybe it looked powerful. Ashur didn't care he wanted the cool seals of fuuinjutsu, but not grow up to be like that useless piece of shit ten ten.
"Hey I have this shit paper, I mean scroll from the kage himself. He wanted me to hold onto it, and never use if it because he said I would become too popular and well liked for it."
The man turned around, and pressed his hand on the ground. He then made a puff of smoke, and a bag of money appeared on the ground.
"I don't want your money, I want some flashy jutsu!"
The man clapped as if a butler was going to take it away, then summoned a butler to take it away. He then gave his other friends the finger, and they left with blank faces. Some even put on black clothing and hurried as if they had to be at a funeral an hour ago or something! The man pressed his palm against the ground, and a butler appeared, covered in odd seals. Ashur began to twitch with greed. He saw this too be much too fun, but he promised himself to focus on ninjutsu until Chuunin, so he did. He wouldn't mind learning a few jutsu here and there though, and maybe a nice scroll filled with cool symbols. His mouth watered at the thought of using a bunch of scrolls, and just throwing chairs from them. What a good time it would be.
"You want my cool dude jutsu to be like the cool kids and chill with us right? These jutsu have one horrible consequence you must face every time you unseal and reseal something."
Ashur waited in suspense ready to hear risking death, or losing limbs. He began to imagine a great black hole opening, that would rip apart the fabric of the universe itself! Ashur felt like dancing around in suspense thinking of all the possibilities. He looked over at Brandon for approval of doing this first, and the frog looked disgusted.
"Ashur this isn't worth our time. We should be training useful things that might have a fatal flaw for every use. We can't go risking with fucking up the fabric of time and space or something."
Ashur looked over angrily.
"You are just jealous, because I can use Jutsu and you can't!"
The frog grunted in anger and stupidity. The frog began to wonder why he ever even partnered with this brat in the first place, then their entire journey up to this point changed his mind completely. He stood in the corner with his arms crossed hating this situation. This was going to take a ridiculous amount of time just to learn some kind of useless flashy jutsu. Why didn't Ashur learn something like close combat techniques. The frog sighed thinking this to himself, and wondered if he was ever going to get a break from this. He wanted to fight Ashur close ranged, and aggressively, but the boy seemed to want to be long ranged and dangerous. He felt frustrated, and confused on what to do. Was he trying to stop something that would make Ashur godly, or was he stopping Ashur from a mistake. Life was funny for the frog who had to be the parent. Hell the frog was 19 years old, so why not try to prevent the kid from making mistakes?  Brandon began to step up in his fired up thought process. He was going to show Ashur who is boss, and tell him this is a mistake!
"Ashur! This is a mis-"
The frog was cut off, and ignored. A storm cloud appeared over the frogs head, and the shoulders of Brandon drooped. He then walked away wondering why Ashur was a douche. He was going to show Ashur later! He is the equal here! They were friends!
"Ashur is your name, anyway I forgot to finish my sentence. I am Yuni, but my friends call me feh got. I don't know why, but it I liked the nickname. Just call me feh got. Anyway-"
Ashur burst out laughing at the man, and Brandon joined in. They were pounding the ground in a fit of laughter, and Yuni looked at them with a blank expression. He was confused on what they meant, and decided to continue on, ignoring their mocking laughter. He was going to show them who was boss anyway. He began to walk forward, and hit his toe on a rock. He grabbed his shin, and began to cry out.
A mom came out of nowhere with a bone saw, and began to look at the damage. She really wanted to cut this kids foot off, but saw no infections. She then sighed and got out a camera, the ninja then began to ram his foot in the rock while crying out in pain. Ashur and Brandon looked at each other then back at that boy in disbelief someone like this could possibly be so stupid. Ashur began to have second guesses on if it was worth it or not, then the ninja finished.
"The one downside!"
Ashur began to shake with excitement, and motioned him to go on."
"Is that..."
The boy felt like jumping up and down.
"You become too popular for school and flunk out the academy like me!"
He got on sunglasses again, and smiled a toothy slayer grin. He then used his thumb to point at himself, and some women ran to the restrooms staring at the beauty. Ashur and Brandon stared not knowing if they should be walking away or punching this kid.
"Please, for fucks sake! Teach me how to use the jutsu! This is taking too long."
Ashur then smiled.
"Feh got"
The academy flunk out smiled, and then walked with Ashur and Brandon to an open area. He then began to look at them both at arrival.

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Learning Summoning Tech (Private) Empty Re: Learning Summoning Tech (Private)

Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:54 am
"Okay have you ever heard of jesus?"
Ashur nodded confused. He hoped this wasn't an annoying lecture on religion. He hated religions, but wasn't going to talk up about it due to the people watching him right now.
"Well you can become him!"
Ashur shrugged.
"We can already walk on water, walk up walls, and do many other inhuman things."
The academy ninja began to lose his motivation, and kind of slumped a bit. Ashur patted him on the back.
"So what is this amazing ability I only want from you?"
The ninja sprung up suddenly, and began to weave a ridiculous amount of hand signs. He was expecting two dragons to come up and try to kill him made of water! Ashur decided to keep his cool though, and then just about had it when he saw the ninja bite his finger for blood then press his hand down onto the ground. A seal was created, and Ashur cringed wondering what monster this academy ninja was going to summon. A simple stool appeared, and the ninja smiled pointing to it.
"Hehehe, cool. Can you feel your finger tips anymore?"
The academy ninja shook his head, and began to summon more things. Ashur gave a blank stare, and watched every movement the ninja made until he felt he had it down. He weaved the hand signs, and bite his finger till he got blood. This was the moment of truth. Ashur slammed his hand to the ground, and the seal was made, just very crude. It looked like it was written by a five year old. Ashur sighed seeing nothing appear, then looked back at the ninja. The ninja walked over, and patted Ashur on the back with a pity pat.
"You need to summon something or someone."
Ashur began to get a demonic smile, and laughed excessively. He weaved the hand signs and the ninja looked at him oddly. Brandon spoke up.
"Feh Got, you do know what that nickname means right?"
Brandon had to be the one to say it. The ninja looked crushed, and seemed as if he was just about to be killed or something. The frog knew that it might be better to let someone else tell him. Ashur stared over at the frog, confused.
"It means you are one of the cool kids! I am so jealous of that nickname."
Ashur sighed, and smiled. He knew the toad wasn't going to tell this kid it was a mispronounced insult. The ninja of the academy saw Ashur's sword and something changed in his eye contact completely. Lustful eyes, wanting his sword. Ashur took notice of this and looked at Brandon. A fight was going to begin, but was this ninja really going to be stupid enough to try to fight him? The kid spoke up.
"I am the coolest person out here anyway! I also could buy two swords like that instead of that ugly and tainted sword! Where did you get it, the flea market?"
Ashur sighed, and wondered if this kid was joking. Please for the love of god not another one of these kinds of kids. Ashur thought for a second, and decided he wasn't even going to give a long talk to this kid. He pressed his hand down, and summoned the kid from the seal. The kid began to become uneasy, and it felt odd to have teleported. Ashur then stabbed him in both of his calves and pushed him forward. Ashur pulled out a kunai, and held it to the back of the kid's neck as he grabbed the kid's hair. Blood poured from the kid's thigh. Ashur wasn't even thinking about killing or harming this kid any further. He just wanted to teach this kid some good social skills.
"Listen here! If you ever say something so fucking narcissistic and self inflated to my face again, this sword is going up your ass, and tickling your insides. You hear me?!"
The kid scowled at Ashur.
"You aren't the bos---"
Ashur slammed the kid's face into the ground, and brought it back up by the hair.
"Try again."
The kid began to cry, and the ninja sighed. He then released the boy, and pulled out the kunai from his calves. Ashur smiled thinking about his new jutsu he learned, and he joined his frog friend.
"Hey Ashur you didn't mean any of that right?"
The frog looked confused, and annoyed.
"I didn't mean a word, kind of."
Ashur smiled, and the two agreed the kid put it onto himself.
"Ashur do you think..."
"Do you think..."
The frog looked back getting angered. He then continued.
The frog took deep breaths and began to calm down again. He then tried again.
"Do you think that you could d--"
The frog took up the biggest boulder he could, and threw it onto the kid's back. While yelling "SHUT THE HELL UP!" The kid groaned as the boulder slammed into his back doing some damage they didn't want to get caught with. They left him a slice of cake a foot away from his face, next to an ant hill, and smiled at their good deed. The kid could at least have some cake right? The kid cried and moaned watching as the cake was a few millimeters too far away for him to reach. He couldn't move the boulder off of him, and watched as Ants began to take away bits of the cake in front of him. His stomach growled and the thought of this cake was irresistible. He tried to reach out further, and still couldn't even get a slight lick. He began to shake around and cry and moan more. People walked by, and they didn't give a shit about him for his reputation. His friends took all his money, and then left. The boy laid there yelling for his mom, and began to realize how he was going to kill Ashur the next time he saw him. The ninja was confident he could! He just needed to do it in the boy's sleep. Right through the heart is the first thought through his head.

Summoning Technique Learnt.
+11 stats for Ashur and Brandon.

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Learning Summoning Tech (Private) Empty Re: Learning Summoning Tech (Private)

Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:50 am
~bumping for approval
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Learning Summoning Tech (Private) Empty Re: Learning Summoning Tech (Private)

Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:03 pm
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