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Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:53 am
Alright I'll go with blue today, kouse stared at the mirror as he blinked a couple of times until his eyes were blue. 
He liked it that he could leave his sharingan activated and no one would realise that they were. 
He had been purposely leaving his sharingan activated for hours on end trying to see his limit, which he had met some days ago. 
His eyes had began to hurt like hell and he had to deactivate them. 
Ever since the encounter at the training grounds over a week ago, he had started training like he just didn't have enough time. 
He had realised just how weak he was and it really bothered him. 
He wore his Cape, proudly displaying his uchiha Clan symbol at the back.
He wouldn't be as desperate as to cover them up just because it was obvious that a lot of powerful people out there and even in konoha wanted his eyes. 
Well fuck them all he thought. He wasn’t going to be forced to live his life in fear. 
But he acknowledged the fact that he had to get stronger as fast as possible. 
He combed his black hair down letting it go freely down all but touching his waist.. He had long stopped tying them. 
It was getting troublesome to do so. 
He wore his Kunai pouch, he had the idea of getting some taijutsu training or something. 
He looked at the list where he had carefully listed all the jutsus he knew. He wasn't impressed, he had a boat load of weak, or mediocre jutsus not any he could perform and say 'yeah your dead if I do this to an opponent' he wanted that,but he knew that was a long shot. 
Skipton took her place in his hair and he said goodbye to his sisters, his mother had gone to work. 
Testing his Stamina, he launched into a mad nonstop dash straight towards the training grounds. 
Kouse arrived panting and holding his knees, he would make it a thing from now on to get a little work on his Stamina. 
Then he got down to work without any delay. 

Lingqi Rentei
Lingqi Rentei
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:48 pm
Kouse would walk in on, and probably be surprised to See a Giant sphere of water floating above the training field. It floated ten meters up in the air and was fifty meters in diameter. A Huge and impressive feat of water release. If he looked closely he'd be able to see that there was someone swimming around in the sphere. A girl, and a monkey?!


Lingqi rentei and her faithful companion Hiru would be swimming around in the sphere like it was their own personal pool. At some point once she saw this new guy enter the scene Ling would poke her head out from the floating sphere of water and wave her hand. "Heeeeeeeeyo!" She announced with a giggle. HEr blue eyes shined out from across the field and you could tell what color they were even from a far away distance. "Care for a dip?"

She wasn't wearing her usual monkey themed outfit. Instead today she was wearing a conservative one piece swimming suit. It was yellow and brown and looked like a banana. And her hair was all kept up in a swim-cap, just to make her look like even more of a doofus.
Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:36 pm
Kouse looked up yawning, he hadn't gotten enough sleep last night. His yawn was cut short though as he spotted a floating water sphere just above  the training ground he was in. 
He slowly shut his mouth, what the hell?. 
Skipton in his hair became hyper active. 
'hey kouse who are those in the pool' she communicated through telepathy. 
Kouse squinted his eyes, he saw a girl and a monkey inside,swimming. 
Wait was this water release?, kouse wondered thoughts of the jutsus he could do with water popped into his head and he wasn't impressed. His thoughts were interrupted though as the girl swimming in the water sphere spotted him and decided to say hello, well in her own special way.. 'Heeeeeeeeyo!'.. Was what he heard. 
Kouse looked more closely and noticed her bright blue eyes, her swimming suit which looked like a banana, and her hair packed in an unusual way. 
Kouse took a look at this female and he laughed inwardly, she obviously was one of those sheltered ninjas who haven't gotten a taste of what the down side of life can offer. 
'Care for a dip?' she spoke out to him. 
He finally smiled back "hey there" kouse said "what kind of Technique is that, it's impressive". 
He toyed with just ignoring her hilarious offer but he felt that was a little rude. 
"ummm I would, but I don't like or know how to swim" kouse would respond. 
He smiled at his lie, no way he was going to take a dip with her in the open like this, he'll probably get laughed at by anyone who spots him. 
"I'm kouse by the way... Uchiha kouse" kouse would introduce himself "you look really comfortable performing that Technique, so I'll assume that you're an expert in using water Techniques?"
A wind would blow past kouse, making his black hair he had recently stopped tying up partially cover his eyes. Kouse would move them out of his eyes quickly, they were getting to be really troublesome and he had started thinking of cutting them, at least reducing them, no need to have them almost at his waist after all. 
'don't even think about it kouse' Skipton would communcate with him. 
"I'm a water user myself, and I don't think I'm anywhere as good as you" kouse would add. 

Lingqi Rentei
Lingqi Rentei
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:02 pm
"Probably not. I'm like a total expert. I mean, I'm really really good at it. My whole clan is. Water sages in fact. Whoops I'm not suppose to tell you about my clan. It's just so hard because we're so cool. Oh well. I'm Ling. Well Lingqi is what my name is, but everyone calls me ling. Actually everyone calls my Monkey girl, but I totally don't know what. Well maybe it's my monkey." Hiru popped out from the water and looked at her disapprovingly. "I mean my best friend Hiru. Who is a monkey. But he's not my monkey." Hiru could be awfully stuborn when it came to that matter. "So they probably call me that because I hang out with him, I can't think of any other reasons."

There were plenty of reasons. 

"You can't swim and you have the water nature. That's weird. That's like really really weird. I could cast water jutsu and swim before I could even walk, and you can't even swim. That's weird. Are you sure you have the water nature. You should probably be like fire or something. Try doing a fire jutsu. You're probably fire. Or Earth. Ya, I totally don't think you're a water user. If you can't swim. I can't belive you cant' swim. Everyone in my village can swim. Woops I forgot I'm not suppose to talk about my village. Okay forget I said that."

Ling ducked back into the orb or water and spun around for a bit, she had her eyes opened and was looking at Kouse through the water. She was totally waiting for him to do a fire jutsu or something.
Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:53 pm
Kouse smiled at the relationship this strange girl had with her monkey, it reminded him of his own relationship with Skipton. 
'i love you too kouse' Skipton would tell him,she was in his mind constantly so she knew his feelings. 
Kouse watched and listened as this girl kept on talking and talking. 
But what caught his attention was her closing in on the lie he had just told. 
Wait was there any rule somewhere that all water users must be able to swim?.. He had to check that out sometime he thought. 
She took it so seriously that she had made up her mind that there was no way he could be a water user if he couldn’t swim. 
Kouse stepped forward, well then he thought all he had to do was perform a little water Technique and put all her doubts behind. 
Besides he wanted to try learning a couple of things from her, seeing that she claimed she was extremely good in water Techniques. 
Kouse took a deep breath and locked his arms in the tiger hand sign, creating a water clone. 
Kouse would smile at the girl "so what do you think now?, you still think I'm a fire user?" kouse would add. 
After some moments kouse would let his water clone vanish. 
"yeah I'm a water user but I don't think I'm very good at it and would really appreciate it if you offered me some tips" kouse would add "and by the what is your name". 

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:56 am
Hmm that definitely wasn't a fire jutsu, or an earth jutsu. Of coure Lings eyes could just tell right off the bat that he had a water nature, but it was just fun to try and guess some times. She ducked her head back out of the water and peered down at the boy below. Hmm that water clone actually looked pretty cool. She really wanted to know how to do that. Oh Eem Gee. Could you imagine if ling could clone herself. Squee. Then she'd have two lings to talk to. That would be so could. She could just talk about all the ling stuff that other people just didn't understand. Yup it was decided. She knew what she had to do, and she was going to do it! 

"Okay so I'll make you a deal. You show me how to do that, and I'll show you how to do this." Tom ephasize her point the orb of water started to float it's way over Kouse and hover directly above him. Ling swam her way over to where he was and poked her head out above his own. "Deal?"
Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:44 am
Okay so I'll make you a deal. You show me how to do that, and I'll show you how to do this' was the first thing lingqi said after watching kouse remove her doubts on him being a water style user. 
To kouse's surprise her orb of water started to float it's way over to kouse and hover directly above him. Ling swam her way over to where he was and poked her head out above his own, then she said 'Deal?'. 
Kouse hesitated, hmmmm... "Alright then that should be fun anyhow" , but he secretly wanted a more destructive water Technique but he didn't say this out. 
"Alright this is how the water clone jutsu goes, and seeing your already well versed in water Techniques, I won't bore you with the details. 
Kouse smiled as he locked his arms in the tiger hand seal.. And watched as two water clones promptly were created. 
One on each side. 
He smiled at lingqis reaction. 
"Alright let's see you do the same, and I know you won't have to try it twice... I hope" kouse added with a wry smile. 

CoCo Wei
CoCo Wei
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:42 pm
Ling just let out a yawn and waved her hand. "Never mind I'm not that interested in it." She shrugged at her own wish washy nature. "What I think we..." Before she could finish up that thought her orb fell apart cascading down on kouse like a great waterfall and sweeping him and everything else under the whole sphere off with a wave that covered fifty meters. "Whaaaa!"

The was tossed by the torrid water but Hiru came swinging in on a vine and swept ling out of the water and up into a tree! "Phew." She announced hugging mr. Monkey with all of her might. "You really saved my bacon out there." She squinted her eyes and looked out to the water covered field. Somewhere out there there was a Kouse. Hmmm. If she was a water ninja who couldn't swim where would she be?

At the bottom of the water!

Oh eem Gee! Kouse couldn't swim! Oh if they found out that she on accidentally killed one of their ninja they weren't going to be happy with her! "Kouse! Kouse!"
Kouse <3
Kouse <3
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:05 pm
Kouse frowned deeply at her response to the technique though. 
'Never mind I'm not that interested in it' kouse shook his head, this was the first time a fellow ninja would turn away from learning a technique. His frown grew deeper at her careless shrug. She opened her mouth to talk again but before she could finish her sentence her water orb like a waterfall came collapsing on kouse. Kouse couldn't believe his eyes so he didn't react fast enough which he could have easily done in other circumstances but this time he was roughly dragged by the water. 
Kouse felt the water get into his hair and wet it, that would take lots of time from him to get it dry and if he didn't it would smell, damn this. 
He was not ready for a clumsy ninja to ruin his day. 
He quickly performed the walking on water jutsu and stood on the surface of the pool of water lingqi had created. 
He had a serious frown on his face as his entire body was dripping off water,his black long hair just moments before blowing to the wind now stuck together in an ugly way. 
Kouse activated his sharingan, he knew she wouldn't know he had done so because of his contact lenses so he did so comfortably. 
He didn't know why he did so, he had recently started activating his sharingan on impulse, anytime he needed to fight, was frustrated by something or irritated. Dependency on his eyes were at their peak. 
Now he could see her clearly on the tree hugging her monkey. 
'oh oh kouse I'm not liking what your thinking' Skipton communicated with kouse. 
Kouse smiled 'that's just an exaggeration in my mind, I won't actually do it and besides she probably might kick my ass'. 
Kouse stared at lingqi "what was that for, a mistake?" kouse spoke up, all fun gone from his voice,if she said something annoying well they would probably get into a short training spar. 

Lingqi Rentei
Lingqi Rentei
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Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)  Empty Re: Suprise meeting? (Lingqi)

Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:06 pm
"Oh there you are!" She giggled deliriously as she saw that the boy was safe and sound. Alright so she would still probably be allowed to live in the leaf village. Boy it sure would have been tragic if her on accidently killing kouse made her a missing ninja. Oh boy she'd just never live down the humiliation of that. What would her parents think! Oh man! What would her monkey think? She looked over to Hiru who was just picking some bugs out of his fur. She didn't feel like Hiru would think much of the situation one way or the other. Fickle Monkey!

Hmm It seemed that Kouse was currently feeling an emotion that she wasn't all too familiar with. Something close to a temper tantrum but more justified. Boy it didn't look like a fun one though because his eyes turned a bright red! Now that's scary! She looked into his red eyes with her own hyper Blue eyes. She didn't want him to feel that emotion, she wanted him to be calm, she wanted him to be happy. Having no moral compass and no real sense of right or wrong she was going to try and cast a Genjutsu on him! She wasn't very good at them, but they were fun all the same. Fun and Calming. Calming. Calming.

As her blue eyes stared into Kouse's red ones he would find himself drifting away from this world. The noise of the training field would give way to the splashing of water on the shore of a beach. And when Kouse finally blinked he's be there. Shin deep in water, under a stary sky. The moon would be up ahead and it's soft light would illuminate the ocean before Kouse. He'd stay there for a minute or so. Just calmly watching the water splash in and out of the bay. He'd forget about his worries, his fears, his losses. He'd just feel a complete sense of calm and peace wash over him. He'd be a happy kouse once more.

And at this moment Lingqi would try and see if she could do the same teaching technique that her parents could do. While Kouse was under the genjutsu he'd feel himself become at one with the water. It would splish and it would splash and when a final receding of the wave the water would be girl to float into the sky. Before Kouses eyes would be another orb of water! Only this time it was his to control. His to play and experiment with. Through Ling's manipulation of his mind he would be able to see the secret behind the Great Exploding Colliding Wave Jutsu. With the distorted time of the genjutsu he'd have all the time in the world to practice and perfect the Jutsu Ling was trying to show him. It was a little bit of an apology for almost drowning him on accident. He was sure to be super grateful!

That is until he wakes up and Finds that Lingqi had run away while she had him under her genjutsu. She was a naughty monkey! There was no way she was going to answer to him about how she'd almost killed him!

Of course with his Sharingan he was probably going to be able to just break out of the genjutsu no trouble. But hopefully he would see that this was how ling was training him so he would choose to stay in it for a while. After all if he actually wanted ling to teach him in person he was going to have a really weird experience!

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