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Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Meigan Chapter 1 (P) Empty Meigan Chapter 1 (P)

Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:01 pm
Rikaro stood atop one of of the broken down buildings within the shopping district of Kumogakure. Kumo once stood proud hidden within the many dark clouds that surrounded the village from every side. Now he could see broken down buildings and new ones being build by multiple ninja. He sat down on the building his legs hanging over the edge of the roof dangling. This was his quiet place every since the war days ago. Here he came to think and train. Well everything that had been destroyed was his place to train. He found a cool way to harness his chakra that way. He decided then that he should train at the moment. He was 7 ft high in the air so the fall will not even hurt him. He fell off the building head first his heads extended as he fell in a hand stand. He maneuvered his elbows to bend then extend making his body fly through the air landing on his feet. He knew this place to the smaller detail. It had a at least 10 meter radius so he had a lot of place to train. He turned to his left and began to run.

Wind was rushing through his ear as he picked up his pace seeing a oncoming building. He picked his right leg up further than he did his left leg connecting his right leg to the wall of the building easily jumping off of it doing a backflip over a pile of bricks. He landed on a staircase that was crumbling down from his weight. Time seen to slow down for him as his ninja senses activated on instinct. It was as if all of the bricks of the staircase were suspended in mid air. Big enough for his feet to step on. He took a step on one brick then another as the staircase was falling. A building that was still intact stood a couple of feet away from the staircase. He had enough space to make the jump either through the already broken window or to the roof of the building. He leapt off the highest point of the stair case his hands missing the roof. Fortently he extended his legs a little so his legs would go inside of the window. He could not bring himself to go in the building as his hand could not get a grip on anything. As he fell backwards his legs still inside the window caught on to the top of the window his chakra attaching itself to the brick that held the window. 

He let out a mental sigh as he stayed suspended over 20 ft in the air. His back touching the wall of the building and his feet attached to the brick so he would not fall and break some bones in either his legs or arms. He twisted his arm around so his hands could connect to the brick. He focused his chakra onto the brick so his hand would stick to itm he stopped the chakra from flowing through hi feet and he fell down turning around his stomach touching the brick." Perfect " he said out aloud as he started to climb the building at high speeds his hands coming up and down in a quick blur. He reached the top of the roof and pulled himself up and ran to the other aide of the roof. Jumping over a five foot space landing on a roof of another building as he tucked and rolled. Glass was stuck in places that made him uncomfortable. Some might say he was a crazy adrenaline junky but he simply did these things to train and he saw no problem in that." You should really find a new way to train by the end of today you light get yourself killed " said the voice of a boy coming from behind him. He knew the voice quite well it was one of his few friends who's name was Sato. Rikaro smirked in Sato's direction saying " It is far better than what you call training. I mean who gets training in by fighting 11 year old ". Sato face changed showing a annoyed look." Hey isn't my fault me you and Lisa are the only 18 year old Genin. Maybe we should have finished the academy when we had the chance instead of being so cocky. " said Sato. Rikaro shivered when he heard the name Lisa. She was Sato girlfriend and was a bossy ninja who was a perfectionist. Rikaro despised her because she always complained about everything either him or Sato did. Unfortunately he had to put up with her because he didn't want to make Sato sad.

" Well I need to get back training Sato see you around " said Rikaro as he turned around and hopped off the short building falling from 10 ft in the air to the hard ground. He walked to a small pond that had a large rock in the middle. Rikaro had dubbed it Meditation Rock as it was a place he found and no one else knew about. He figured it was the quietest place in Kumo because you could not even hear birds or insects. Rikaro stared at his reflection in the water. He was different from other of the Shinkou clan. They usually had a dark persona with dark hair and eyes. He may have inherited the dark personality but his appearance was different. He had glowing silver hair that had almost seemed a silvery blue. His eyes were a light blue color with a white that surrounded his pupil so his eyes seemed like the sun in a Blue sky with a blackhole in the middle of it. Most Shinkou skin was really pale but Rikaro's skin glowed as of it was shining. People found him to be mysterious from his appearance alone. But he ignores a lot of them. He jumped onto the rock spinning in the air so he would be facing the way he had come. He looked in the direction he had come. There was no trail which meant he had came here quickly all the time. He closed his eyes darkness raking over. Something he loved more than anything.

What should I meditate on? He thought to himself. " Maybe you could meditate about you being of the Shinkou clan " said something that sounded like it came from his mind. He looked around opening his eyes observing his surroundings. He saw nothing. He pulled out threw Kunaithat now were hooked on three of his fingers as if they were claws." Show yourself " said Rikaro as he got in a fighting stance waiting for a attack. A minute had passed and he had finally heard the voice again who he figured out was the voice of a women." You can not see me as of yet " said the voice that sounded like it was coming from every single direction. He had no idea what was going on this was the first time something like this had happened to him. He frowned and said " Who are what are you ". This time whatever it was replied faster then last time saying " Your mother and father have thought you nothing of your clan's true power. I am Yuumei the inner voice of all Shinkou " said the voice again who revealed itself as a Yuumei or something unnatural." What do you want with me " said Rikaro who still had his gaurd up as if the Yuumei thing would attack him at any moment." Simple question. You do not know of yiur clan's doujutsu Meigan. You have unlocked it before but forgot you did. I am gonna instruct you so you can learn how to unlock. And don't call me Yuumei their are many of us. My name is M-E-I which says Mei not Me Mei as in the month May this is the only time I'll tell you " said the Yuumei thing Mei. What Rikaro was surprised about was that his clan had a doujutsu a powerful one at that. He tried to recall most of his important memories but he could not seem to remember awakening a eye blood line. 

"The First stage of Meigan allows the user to see chakra jot chakra networks like the Byakugan just chakra. And as well as to see me. The only thing you have to do i s visualize the chakra around you through your eyes but not through your mind then you will be able to reawaken Meigan. It shouldn't be that hard because you have already awakened once upon a time. Now start " said Mei. Rikaro did not feel like doing what a strange thing in his kind was telling him to do because he did jot even know if he would even die trying. But since he had nothing else to do he couldn't see what would hurt. He opened his eyes wide and began to try to visualize what chakra would look lik . He imagined waves of powers flowing from every living thing in the area slowly. Just as he imagined it did white mist like stuff was rolling off of every single thing in site even the ground beneath his feet. But he saw something unnatural right in front of him. There was a black form of chakra that resembled a human body and it began to and it began to solidify. When the process was done in front of him was a pale skinned women with raven black hair and black eyes that resembled his mother. Rikaro realised she was Mei which meant he had reawakened his doujutsu. He turned around to the puddle of water and looked down in it. His usual blue eyes were replaced with crimson red eyes that seemed to stare at his soul.

As soon as he realized his eyes were a different color he seemed to awake from a deep meditation on top of the rock right where he sat when he began meditating." What the hell just happened " Rikaro said." You just unlocked Stage 1 of Meigan by meditating in a world in your mind " said a voice he recognized as Mei from within his mind.


Meigan Stage 1 Unlocked

8 stats

1638 woeda

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Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

Meigan Chapter 1 (P) Empty Re: Meigan Chapter 1 (P)

Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:51 pm
[Appears to be a bit of a misunderstanding. Yuumei does not materialize as a person in the physical world. Where it says that Meigan can see Yuumei, it means that it can see it as chakra, where as others cant. But the manifestation of your Yuumei personality only happens in your character's mind and never in the physical world.

If you edit this to seem like their encounter is a vision or a hallucination, then it's fine]
Rikaro Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Ryo : 9300

Meigan Chapter 1 (P) Empty Re: Meigan Chapter 1 (P)

Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:40 pm
Fixed it so it was a Meditation World
Naoki Gekou
Naoki Gekou
Ryo : 60063

Meigan Chapter 1 (P) Empty Re: Meigan Chapter 1 (P)

Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:17 pm
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