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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Empty So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:18 pm
Coming full circle in her adventures in Kumo Coco stood at the office door of the Raikage's office, knocking on it's wooden surface. It seemed that Coco had gotten just about everything out of coming to this village except what she'd actually came here for. She learned A LOT of new Jutsu. She'd cut down a tree. She'd gotten rid of the House full of evil spirits, well just one evil spirit. She kind of wondered what'd happened to the squad of genin. She'd fought a merchant who literally knew more Jutsu than the Raikage. And she'd made a butt load of money. Her hull was a bursting with swag, to quite Hector Barboza.

She'd miss the Sunny Skies, and the white clouds. Most of all she'd miss the friends she'd made in her adventures. Akira most of all. But she was sad that she wouldn't get to see Rann grow into the capable Ninja she knew he would be. She wouldn't be around to hear more stories of Arta from Akihanna, and Most of all She might not ever see Akira again. Naw! there love would shine like a beacon on the horizon, and they'd find each other once more.

Despite all the people, and things she'd eventually miss she had to leave. Her home was in ruins, and it needed her. Maybe it didn't. She didn't know what she could do to help, only that she had to. She'd meandered around long enough in Kumo. It was time to go back home.
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