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Fish to Fry Empty Fish to Fry

Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:55 pm

Gonk awoke to the intolerable beeping of his alarm clock, and as much as he tried, he could not simply will it to stop beeping, so he had to go to all of the trouble of getting up and starting his day.
“What a pain,” Gonk thought as he walked over to his windowsill and grabbed the scroll that had been left for him. Once he broke the seal he read the details of his mission, learning that he would be helping some fishermen carry their haul into the village. “That’s not too bad for a d rank,” Gonk thought as he started preparing some food. “It should be relatively easy with my strength.” The smell of breakfast woke up Momo, who had still been in bed
“You're up early,” Momo told Gonk as he sat down at the table. “I assume we have a mission then?”
“Yep,” Gonk replied as he placed Momo’s breakfast in front of him. “A simple D rank mission. We just have to haul some fish up to the stores.” The two of them ate their breakfast before heading down to the docks to complete their mission. As Gonk walked down the docks with Momo on his shoulder, he took in a deep breath, tasting the salt from the water, and smelling the freshly caught fish. The sun was shining down brightly, causing the sea to shine brilliantly. Gonk glanced over at Momo, who was eyeing some fish hungrily.
“You just ate,” Gonk told him amused.
“But those fish look so good they're making me hungry!” Momo told him as he continued to gaze longingly at them.
“Tell you what, after we finish, I’ll buy you something to eat.” Gonk told him as they approached the man who’s fish they would be hauling. The fish were already placed in crates and layed out on the dock for them to take.
“Oi, are you the ninja who’s gonna take these here fish up to me store?” The fisherman aked. The man was tall, with bright red hair, and a long beard. He was dressed in the standard fisherman getup that appeared weathered from many years out at sea.
“Yeah I’ll help you carry all of these up to your store,” Gonk said as he picked up a few crates. “Why don’t you lead the way.”
The fisherman grunted in acknowledgement, then picked up a few crates and started walking. Gonk felt Momo hop off his shoulder and saw him walk over to a crate and attempt to pick it up. Gonk watched in amusement for a second as Momo struggled, managing to walk with it very slowly.
“Oi, is that monkey yours?” The fisherman asked, bewildered.
“Yeah, why don’t you go on ahead, I’ll catch up in a minute,” Gonk told him as he turned back to Momo. “Why don’t you let me give you a hand with those" Gonk said, reaching out to Momo.
“No!” Momo snapped, as he continued to take tiny steps. “How am I supposed to become a powerful ninja if I just let you do everything!” 
Gonk pondered this for a moment before saying, “Alright then, just make sure you can find the shop.”
“Yeah alright,” Momo grunted, clearly straining to carry the weight. Gonk watched a moment longer before turning and quickly walking in the direction the fisherman went, going as fast as he could without dropping the fish. He caught up with the man after a few minutes, and walked behind him until they reached the shop. It was a modest building, the architecture seemed old, probably from before the village became new kirigakure. Gonk walked inside and saw a wide assortment of different fishing related goods inside. From fish bait, to hats, this store seemed like the place to pick up fishing gear. Towards the back of the shop was a counter, where there were places for the nicest catches of the day to be sold.
“Bring those crates to the back,” the fisherman told Gonk as he opened the door into the back of the shop. Inside was a huge freezer, and also what appeared to be a grinder for making chum.
“Those fish go into the freezer,” the fisherman informed him before going back into the main store. It appeared that he had taken the best fish up himself, which Gonk could understand. It would be unwise to trust strangers with your most expensive goods, even if those strangers were shinobi. Gonk placed the crates into the freezer, before exiting the store. On the way back to the dock, Gonk passed Momo, who was still huffing along. Gonk told Momo the address of the store and explained what it looked like, before telling him he was doing great. Gonk then continued on and back down to the docks, where he picked up another few crates. On his way to the store, he passed the fisherman, who he asked “where do these fish go?”
The fisherman quickly glanced at them before saying “they go next to the chummer.” 
Gonk nodded, guessing that the chummer was the big grinder. A bit later, he passed Momo once again, who was still struggling along. Gonk gave him a quick thumbs up before continuing on to the store. Gonk pushed open the door and walked over to the back, where he placed the crates next to the grinder, before heading out once more. But to his surprise, he saw Momo right outside the door, huffing and puffing with a huge smile on his monkey face.
“I did it!” He panted happily as he stumbled in. “Now, time to put this stupid thing down.”
“Did the fisherman tell you where they were supposed to go?” Gonk asked as he followed Momo in.
“Yeah, old red beard told me that they go next to the chummer,” Momo replied as he slowly made his way to the back.
“Don’t be rude,” Gonk scolded Momo as he held the door open. Momo set the crate down, then scrambled back to his usual spot on Gonk’s shoulder, thoroughly tired out. As the two emerged from the backroom, they saw the fisherman enter the shop.
“This here is the last load,” he told them as he made his way to the back. “You lot are free to go.”
“Alright, thank you!” Gonk told him as he began to walk out. However, he suddenly remembered the promise he made to Momo. He walked over to the counter and examined the fish. Spotting one big enough for the two of them, he called over the fisherman and bought it, before exiting the store and heading home. Gonk could tell that Momo was fast asleep on his shoulder, so when he returned home, he set Momo down in his bed, before preparing the fish to eat. Once the fish was done frying, Gonk woke up Momo, and the two of them sat down to a delicious lunch.
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Fish to Fry Empty Re: Fish to Fry

Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:12 am
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