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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Of the old man and Empty Of the old man and

Wed Feb 28, 2024 9:23 am
Mission Details E:

Fishing is not a job.  Fishing is a way to relax, and to unwind or if one is of the marital affliction to find a way to get away for the day under the pretense of fulfilling some primordial urge to hunt and provide.  Or rather to sit in the sun and drink until enough time has passed that one feels the need to return home.  Still, when he was offered a small amount of money to help push a boat out of the harbor, and go fishing for a couple hours Kaito felt like it was a worthwhile endeavor to the glorious day at hand.  With a shove and a leap, he landed in the boat, setting the old man and himself off into the harbor bay. 
The man was no commercial fisherman and rather it truly was just to catch a few fish for meals.  As Kaito paddled them out into deeper waters and away from any other boats he would listen as the man talked about how his good for nothing son hadn’t been seen in a couple days and was likely on a bender.  In truth, he thought if the man didn’t stop speaking he’d just scare all the fish away, but at the same time as that thought he handed Kaito a ceramic jug with sake in it, so he opted to not question the process and instead simply enjoy himself.  Once at a reasonable distance in, three fishing poles where hooked, baited and cast out and the waiting began. 
Maybe it was the sake but they didn’t have to wait long as they pulled in several large fish.  From red snappers to sea bass the cooler was quickly filled.  As the room in the cooler shrank, the same room in the jug grew as the sake was drained and finished.  Rowing back they would tie off the boat, and helping the old man back to his house Kaito would take the tiny payment and a single red snapper wrapped in paper. 

Humming to himself as he walked home, he peered into one of the bars along the way.  Spying a man that looked too similar to the old man to be coincidence, he went in to have a conversation.  The following events have been redacted for excessive violence and mean words that are unbecoming of an E rank mission, but in the end the son returned home from his escapades with the promises of working hard from here on.  While this seemed like a lost cause, and no doubt others would be forced to have the same conversation with the son, possibly wherever they might move to in the world, it was still a bit of a good dead the Oni thought to himself.  Stopping to purchase a few vegetables, rice, and soy sauce he would make his way out of the town and back towards Junko’s house.  The carpenter had been by earlier in the day and provided a quote that was reasonable.  Now he just needed her permission and perhaps he could finally get a room to himself. 

TWC - 516 



1k ryo mission + 4k B rank + 250 (AP 50x5) = 5,250 total ryo
500wc towards Basic Sealing Technique
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Of the old man and Empty Re: Of the old man and

Wed Feb 28, 2024 8:48 pm
Takeshiyama wrote:

TWC - 516 



1k ryo mission + 4k B rank + 250 (AP 50x5) = 5,250 total ryo
500wc towards Basic Sealing Technique

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