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Jason Fredriksson
Jason Fredriksson
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from tenga to shima Empty from tenga to shima

Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:38 pm
Jason had said his final good bye to the ruins that used to be tengakure. he then proceeded to head to his new home, Shimagakure with hopefully no problems. Jason prepared himself by as quickly as he could to take out a kunai and get into a defensive position should he get attacked. Jason then made handseals for the chidori and held it in his right hand until he let it dissipate into thin air. smiling, that it came out as fast as he wanted to, Jason then took out a kunai and made the handseals for chidori again and let it surge through the kunai, and the blade got electricity surging through it. Jason smiled again and dissipated the electricity and put the kunai back to his kunai pouch. Jason walked past trees, trees and more trees. if he squinted, he could see mountains and even bigger mountains. Jason walked past so many trees, rocks and grass that he was growing sick of it. he wanted to see something new besides what nature had to offer. but eh, part of the world, mate. Jason inhaled, and exhaled and smiled as he liked the fresh air. it literally was a breath of fresh air that hit him in the face and Jason liked it. though Jason was tired of seeing everything that nature had to offer, Jason did like the peace and quiet. no chattering of people, no nagging from his parents (though he loved them, he didn't like the nagging, but hey, part of the love.). currently, Jason was alone, and he didn't want to talk to himself. that was a fine sign to be going down the crazy lane. and Jason didn't want that. several hours later, Jason found himself at a port. he then took a boat that was heading for shimagakure and boarded. about a day or so later, he found himself at the port of shimagakure. or wherever he now was. Jason then headed for the shimagakure village.

(exit to shimagakure village)
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from tenga to shima Empty Re: from tenga to shima

Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:41 am
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