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Shima here were come. Empty Shima here were come.

Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:25 pm
The demon had been walking ahead for this entire trip as he was the only one that had ever actually looked at a map to find the locations of villages and their wherabouts. He was seriously starting to think that his new traveling companion was mainly a killing machine and didn't think of much else besides the next kill.

"Soooo, what else do you like to do when you aren't torturing people in your basement? Do you play cards, watch soccer, eat babies?"

Ok so the last one was a long stretch but the Demon was still a little sour about this whole thing. They had crossed Konoha's borders as well where he should be right now abducting children for his own gain, but that would happen later he assumed. He also would have to give Xyxer a pet as well. As they reached the ocean borders with Shima far off in the distance in that general direction. He figured they should look for a port to rent a boat to take them across where they would all meet up and be reunited with their respective people that they both knew.

"I guess I'll go look for a boat then."

(exit to shima borders)
200 words insta travel
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Shima here were come. Empty Re: Shima here were come.

Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:39 pm
Xyxer was now entering the drooling phase. That's right, this killing machine, this beast of war.. was drooling. His saliva crept down from his mouth like a rope of experienced bungie jumpers, except, you know, the rope snapped and they all fell down to their inevitable deaths on the rocky ground below. The male had asked him a question, and of course, Xyxer felt like answering it in his usual tone, but alas, the drug had another idea in mind. Instead, out of his mouth erupted gibberish, complete and utter gibberish. "Hra bleu' raoui. AH BREUUUA LERAAUAU" It wasn't hard to see, but Xyxer was clearly very inept at taking pills and so the effects they had on him were rather.. extreme to say the least. At least his legs were still working.. somewhat. It sure was a good job that he had wrote his letter when he had otherwise Shinji could have just received a smiley faced picture with a painted finger, and well, that wouldn't work too well for the cold reputation he had mustered, hell, it didn't really do much for now.. Following his new comrade to a boat, he would sit down and get ready for the adventure to Shimagakure, land of the others.

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