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Phoenix Wright <3
Phoenix Wright <3
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Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame  Empty Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame

Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:45 pm
[842/800 instant travel to Ame]

Once again Sin was leaving behind his home and this time probably for good due to the orders of his leader. Sin stayed behind to make sure that everyone was safe and sound out of the village. When he had finally finished this he had discovered the others had went on ahead of him and was far from sight. "Crap.." Sin finished once again of the checking of belongins which was the small bag he had since  Felix was so fixated on  carrying everyone bags. Now he was traveling alone with little to no supplies for such adventure. As he would walk out of the village he would remove his skateboard which he had strapped to his backpack. Not having used the very same skateboard in a while he supposed he should get some practice as he went on his journey towards Shima.

Pushing his feet on the ground to keep the wheels rolling so the board can stay at its constant speed Sin would soon be out of sight of the village. He would then sigh but not in a sigh of disappointment or sadness it was more of a sigh of happiness as Levi can finally get a change of scenery for use because he was getting way to bored of the village and its  non action or adventurous people which again he haven't really meet any since the last time he tried which caused the first two people to flee thanks to him getting in their personal business which was not very professional of him whatsoever. That wasn't the case anymore as he would continue to skate a long towards his supposedly new home in shima. Continuing this journey Levi began to take liking and remembered how much fun it was to ride his skateboard and remembered why he hated things such as manners and following rules because he  couldn't quite be himself no matter how hard he had tried while following any rule he could think of. He wasn't that far from the village in fact he was still very very close but far enough for it to be out of sight. Levi would stop in a small town outside of the village to restock on supplies and to get some new duds because the current ones made him look way to proper and rich to be on a skateboard and he feared it might attract unwanted attention...mainly from bandits, thieves, murders, raiders, poor people he couldn't give money too and well anything else that may attract negative unwanted attention.  Entering the local little shop Levi got to work. Removing his ridiculous elegent clothes and bandana Levi would now.dawn a white sweater,  khaki shorts, a red jacket which he would then tie around his waist and he would replace that old bandanna for a knit cap.

Continuing on his journey Levi would leave the small town and his professiona business self behind. For once he could relax and not worry about keeping face like old man butler Han wanted. The sight of the town has disappeared and Levi could tell he was nearing the border due to the weather changing from the warm sunny temperature was then overtaken by a dark and cloudy sky with a humid air. The ground became wetter the more Levi traveled and the red haired boy would soon would have to get off bis skateboard which he had gotten good at since leaving the village. Grabbing his skateboard and strapping it back on his backpack Levi would continue his journey now on foot. He had finally reached the border and probably already had crossed it due to the heavy rain pouring down. "So cold...this jacket won't due" he said as he zipped up his jacket which was soaking wet. The cool wind and heavy rain didn't mix well due to the sky getting darker meaning the night was nearing and this would most likely interfere with his travels.  Sin needed a place to stay for the night and probably needed to restock on all supplies which would take a while. Pulling out his map which he had got from bis earlier stop in the town near Tenga he would look for a place where be could take shelter. Finding a place where he could stay which he assumed was touristy friendly and being the only close place due to where he was he would head towards that direction. As Levi got closer and closer to the village of ame he would ever so notice the rain getting significantly harder to the point where he could barely see and even walk as his movements was slowed. Finally reaching the village he would notice two things through the heavy rain, First the village looked like it was totally wasted and the other was he couldn't see a shop in sight at all which was irritating him at the least. Using his skateboard now as a shield Levi would then proceed on into the seemingly deserted village to take shelter for the  night.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame  Empty Re: Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame

Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:21 pm
Approved <3
Li Dian
Li Dian
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Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame  Empty Re: Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame

Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:09 pm
[So Can I pop out of the rubble in this thread, or when he's exiting Ame?]
Phoenix Wright <3
Phoenix Wright <3
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Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame  Empty Re: Journey to shima part 1:Destination Ame

Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:23 am
[I made a thread if u wanted to join so,]
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