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Sora Kayto
Sora Kayto
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Aang's Training {P, NK} Empty Aang's Training {P, NK}

Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:25 pm
The sun in the sky rose to it's highest point signaling Aang that it was time to go out and train for a while. After saying goodbye to his two brothers, he walked into the bustling streets of Tengakure. Instead of going right to his destination, he explored the village a bit. He didn't do it much after all and he wanted to see if there were any new shops around. 'There seems to be more new people than shops' he thought as he saw different and familiar faces. After exploring for some time, he decided that he should go to plains to do his training. Aang quickly jogged through the streets until he reached the outskirts of the village. The wind blew into his face as he walked into the plains. To him it was the perfect space for training, the trees were around a large, open field of grass. There were many things you could do with such space, it's why he liked to come out here sometimes instead of always going to the Training Towers.

Deciding to take a break before he started, Aang laid down on the cool grass. He really did love how quiet and peaceful the plains were, it helps him when he wants to relax for a bit. 'Maybe I should start my training with a chakra exercise' he thought. Getting up from his very very short break, he walked over to one of the trees in the area. Grabbing three leaves off of a branch, he sat with his legs crossed over each other. He then put one of the leafs on his forehead and the other two on each of his arms. Aang had heard that the ninja in Konohagakure did this as a chakra and concentration exercise. As he closed his eyes a blue glow started to form under the leaves. Eventually he only started to focus on keeping the leaves on his body as long as possible. 'This is easier than I expected' he thought. The boy stayed like this for almost half an hour until a noise interrupted him. "Aang?" a voice said. Aang turned his head, which caused him to lose his concentration and made the leaves fall off his body.

"Oh, hi Kenshin!" He exclaimed, as he waved to his friend. In return the boy smiled at him. "So what are you doing out here? Most of the time I see you at the towers getting your butt kicked by Sokka. You must be real easy to win against!" He smirked. Aang pouted at his words. Even though he should be used to it since everyone says he gets beaten by his brother, he really wasn't. Coming up with an idea he looked up at his friend. "If I can get my butt kicked so easily, why don't we have a little match?" He suggested grinning. Thinking about it, Kenshin agreed and and gave him another smirk. "Alright then, let's go!" he shouted dragging Aang with him to the middle of the plains. He dropped his hold on the boy, making him fall onto the grass while he went a few feet away from him. Kenshin quickly went into a battle stance, one that the teachers taught at the academy. "Come on Aang! Get and so we can fight!" he exclaimed. Aang sighed as he got off of the ground and brushed himself off.

He quickly crouched down into a similar stance and looked for any openings to go for. 'Seems like his left side is open for an attack' he thought. He immediately charged at his opponent determined to make the most of this opening. Unfortunately, Kenshin had seen this coming and caught the foot as it neared his side. He then released his hold and aimed a punch at Aang's stomach. Using his speed, the boy easily ducked under the punch and attempted to do an uppercut at Kenshin. Luckily, this attack hit and it sent the other other boy a foot away from Aang. The boy didn't let Kenshin rest though, he immediately rushed up to him and aimed a punch towards his stomach. The other student went to the side dodging the simple strike, and tried to knee Aang in the stomach. Unfortunately, his attack hit the 13 year old and left him a bit winded making the boy smirk. Aang pushed Kenshin's knee away from himself and jumped back. He then dashed behind the other student using his superior speed against him.

Once he was close enough, Aang jumped once more and tried to kick the back on his head. He wasn't sure how the outcome of this attack would be, but he would find out soon enough. Kenshin was mumbling to himself, looking at the distance while his friends attack was coming. As a result, Aang's attack hit it's mark and sent him a few feet away. The boy heard a loud "Ow" as his classmate was sent in the opposite direction. He should be lucky that the 13 year old decided against hitting the back of his neck! "Hey! That's not fair!" Kenshin exclaimed, "I wasn't ready, you cheater!". Aang sighed and shook his head in disappointment. "You should have known that kick was coming, not gazing off into the... sunset" he murmured the last part and noticed why his friend was looking at it. He turned his head and saw the arrays of colors in the sky, some of the stars were coming out as well making it more beautiful. He gasped at the sight, he didn't see things like this often.

"Well I wasn't paying attention because I noticed how late it was. My mom is going to kill me if I don't go home soon!" Kenshin panicked. He quickly went into the direction of the village while waving and saying "See you in class". Aang nodded his head not really paying attention to his friend. He quickly looked around the plain and found a small spot to lay down on. Aang jogged over to the spot and plopped down onto it. The boy then continued to look at the sky as the sun finally went all the way down. 'That was really... wow' he thought. He sighed and rose up from his spot on the ground, going in the direction of the village as well. He had decided he did enough training for the day. However, he was positive that he had to come to the plains around this time all the time when he needed to do any practice. 'My brother's might want to come here when I tell them too' he thought.

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Haru Hyuuga
Haru Hyuuga
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Aang's Training {P, NK} Empty Re: Aang's Training {P, NK}

Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:51 pm
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