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Gekido Uchiha
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Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam Empty Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam

Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:47 pm
Gekido walked into the class room with the other students. The students around him were mostly really confident about the genin exam, but that might be their down fall. They sat down at their desks and waited for a proctor to come.
Niento Takami
Niento Takami
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Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam Empty Re: Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam

Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:57 pm
A loud crash could be heard from the window on the right side of the classroom as the silver haired proctor flipped into the room, landing by the desk located in the middle. His attire was that of a chuunin and his head band was covering his left eye," alright let's get these exams lets see," he rummaged through the desk looking for the clipboard with all of the names on them. After spending two minutes finding it he laughed for a moment then cleared his throat," Ahh okay Gekido Uchiha come forward and begin your genin exam, good luck and above all try your best," giving the boy a thumbs up he would sit the clipboard down and wait for the boy to finish.

[alright do 800 words on the Henge and Bushin techniques, also throw in some words on the cool looking proctor]
Gekido Uchiha
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Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam Empty Re: Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam

Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:33 am
Gekido was sitting back as the student waited for the instructor. The students seemed nervous and they all crowded around him. This made him slightly agitated because he did not like people being around him that much. He was thinking about the exam and did not need the stress of others around. He did listen to some of them talk, and ramble on about how she was going to pass with flying colors. The one girl that was saying that was too cocky and might end up failing. One boy doubted himself and Gekido knew that doubting yourself will only end up in disaster. Of course there was him and two others who did not say a word. They were known for being the ones that sat in the back and never said anything. The other students either did not pay attention to them, or they talked down to them. Although some of the students knew better and knew the silent ones were going to pass. One student walked up to Gekido, and unfortunately for the student Gekido was not in a good mood. The student started picking on Gekido because of his hair being slightly long. Gekido let the student’s comments roll over his shoulders. The student called Gekido a momma’s boy. Gekido opened his eyes and spoke “Please do not say anything about my mom.” The student laughed as some other bullies laughed. The student smirked and said “Oh what you going to cry to your mommy?” Gekido still had scares that had yet to be healed from when his mother died. He blinked as his two tomoe sharingan came to life. He looked straight up at the student. The student froze a bit as Gekido quickly stood up and grabbed him by the collar. The student was frightened. Gekido said to him “Do not talk about my dead mother. You better watch what you say or I swear you will not be genin.” The other students who were usually the quiets ones smiled at Gekido and ignored the situation. Gekido threw the boy two rows down as his buddies tried to help him up. They stayed away from Gekido for now. His sharingan turned off as his anger subsided. He saw as the proctor came in the window on the right side of the classroom. The proctor landed by the desk located in the middle of the classroom. He had on chunin attire and his head band covering his left eye. Gekido looked up at the clock and thought to himself “He is just a tad late but seeing as he came through the window he did rush here. Then again he might have just wanted a flashy entrance flipping into the classroom through the window. I do not care either way I just want to get this genin exam done and over with so I can go home.”  He saw as the proctor rummaged through the desk and pull out a clipboard. Gekido hoped he would be first so he could get it done and over with. He knew the exams were to perform two jutsus. One was the henge no jutsu aka transformation and the bunshin no jutsu aka clone technique. He heard his name called and he smiled. He said to himself “Thank you.” He stretched as he got up out of his chair and walked over to the proctor keeping a distance away from him. He focused his chakra while keeping the hand sign of the tiger. He closed his eyes while doing this to have full concentration. He kept thinking to himself for his first jutsu. He thought “The clone technique is creating mirror clones of yourself. The hand seals are ram, snake, tiger. This will, in turn, create two or three copies of you that will mirror your every movement.” He concentrated his chakra and formed the hand seals ram, snake, and tiger. He opened his eyes as he saw two clones of himself appear. They mimicked his exact movements down to the T as he moved around a bit to show the proctor that it was a clone technique. Gekido released the jutsu as the students started becoming nervous. Gekido did it with such easy that it made other students question if they could do it. He then thought about the transformation “Transformation is an easier one, but he had to think of someone to transform into. It also requires the hand seals dog, boar, and ram.” He looked at the proctor and made note of all the details of him. He then closed his eyes concentrating his chakra. He formed the hand seals dog, boar, ram. This transformed him into the proctor himself. Gekido made sure to get every little detail right. He stood there as the proctor was standing. He released the justu as a cloud of smoke appeared. He nodded to the proctor as he went as sat in his chair again waiting for the verdict on his exam once everyone else was done.

[837/800 words needed, requesting Genin rank]
Shouten Ataenushi
Shouten Ataenushi
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Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam Empty Re: Gekido's Uchiha Genin Exam

Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:40 am
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