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Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam

Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:54 am
Kyohaku felt as though someone was following her. She kept turning and looking around but didn't see anyone. She then would turn around and continue walking. Approaching the academy, she felt confident and ready and prepared to do her genin exam. She patiently waited outside the classroom for her name to be called. Kyohaku knew she had all the training and was prepared for this exam. She knew it would be a breeze. There were not many people around and she had a feeling her turn was coming up.
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam

Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:17 am
The genin exam proctor made his way into the academy. He was a very cheerful person and he couldn't wait to get started on the genin exams. He always loved to see young children try their best to start their ninja journey. He walked down the hallway and then was about to enter the classroom. He noticed a girl standing. "Kyohaku Uchiha??" He smiled, "Well if you are then please enter the classroom. We must get started." If the girl followed him into the classroom, he would proceed to his table where he would be seated. He would then wait for her to stand infront of the classroom before saying, "Ok then please perform the 3 academy jutsu in order to pass the genin exams. Good Luck!"

[Perform an 800 word post in which you perform the 3 academy jutsu. If you do you pass!]
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Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam

Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:05 pm
Kyohaku Shai Uchiha stood in the corridors of the academy patiently waiting to do her genin exam. As nervous as she was she knew she had it handled. With all the training she had done with Hikarishi, her brother, there was no way she could fail. She would accomplish anything she set her mind to. She sighed pulling back her waist length, raven black, straight hair as she begin to focus her mind. "Concentrate Kyo, concentrate." She said to herself prepping herself as she watched the other students go in and come out with headbands. She began to feel nervous again. All the training she had gone through with her brother, she had even gained her tomoes yet she was still nervous. There were only a couple of people in front of her left. A girl and guy she recognized from her class. These kids were really good in class normally. They had all the jutsus down and they used them on a routine basis. Kyo sighed, was she going to be able to pass this exam? Was her training enough? "Calm down Kyo, it is almost your turn." She siad to herself. As she entered the room she was slightly shaking, following the examiner.
"Ok then please perform the 3 academy jutsu in order to pass the genin exams. Good Luck!"

Kyohaku stood in front of the examiner and nodded as he asked her to do the jutsus. Sighing she moved a hand up and made the sign for the first jutsu. The transformation jutsu. She had practiced this one several times as she stood in her bedroom in front of the mirror. She used to transform into her brother, then into Tori and into Akki. It was good practice! Now as she stood in front of the examiner she had to transform into somebody. Smiling she knew who to transform into! She smirked as she did the handsign and used her chakra to do the jutsu. A huge puff of smoke erupted around her and as it cleared, a perfect replica of the examiner appeared. She held it for exactly 20 second before it disappeared and she reappeared as herself, the one and only Kyohaku Uchiha. She took a small break between jutsus so she could make sure and have full chakra on each jutsu she did. She was sure she had accomplished that jutsu perfectly and now she was prepared to do the next one. She knew she had to move fast though, no need to keep the examiner in here longer than necessary. 

Pulling her fingers up to do the next jutsu Kyohaku had to concentrate. This jutsu was one of her favorites to do but it took a lot of effort on her part. The jutsu had to be absolutely perfect and was easy to mess up on if you did not use it properly. It was the clone jutsu. Now she had her chakra built back up and she was ready to do the jutsu. Using her chakra and in a puff of smoke she replicated her self creating two others on either side of her. Smiling she held the jutsu for twenty seconds before releasing it as the clones vanished in a puff of smoke. Those were the best clones she had made in sometime, she was rather proud of herself.

The final jutsu was the substitution jutsu. Kyo knew this one to! It was the main one she used while sparring with Hikarishi. He was very determined to make sure she would learn to use this one and made sure she did, and made sure she did it correctly. Sometimes during the spar it was the only one she could use to avoid his attacks. Holding her hand up and making the sign she disappeared in a puff of smoke only to have been replaced by the log and reappeared next to the examiner then disappeared again and reappeared in the proper place across from the examiner. She did this one smoothly, quickly and flawlessly.  And she had a smile on her pale face. She had completely each and every jutsu and she was sure she had completed them to perfection and was hoping she had passed her Genin exam. Now she just had to wait for the examiner to give her an answer and then for her headband. She had trained hard for this moment and she knew she had passed but anticipation seemed to be getting to her. Of course she was a young child, but then again Sephora was younger than her and had passed. Age seemed not to be a determining factor for the Genin exams, the main factor seemed to be whether or not you could perform the proper jutsus and whether or not you had the skill. All of which Kyo knew she had.
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Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam Empty Re: Kyohaku Uchiha's Genin Exam

Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:27 pm
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