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Training [P,NK] Empty Training [P,NK]

Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:29 pm
Silence, sweet silence. That is what Takeo was currently enjoying at this moment in time. Lying on his back in his bed, wrapped up in a warm embrace with his blanket, he lay there listening out and enjoying the peace. It was early in the morning, no scratch that, it was still night and Takeo had woken up earlier than he should have, and this was rather bothersome for the teen, because he had to wait until the rest of his family awoke. Unless he wished to feel the wrath of six angry females being woken up too early by the noise he was making. Not that this mattered to Takeo himself. He did not mind lying here for a few more minutes, or rather hours. He was not sure what time it was currently, but he decided that it would be best just to wait. So that is why he was remaining perfectly still, his eyes boring holes into the dull white ceiling. His room in general was what most people would call dull. It was painted entirely white and almost completely empty save for the few ‘essentials’ that his mother had forced him to have. These essentials were bed, wardrobe, mirror, window, and door. The last two were already there when they moved in so really Takeo couldn’t do anything about them. He continued to lay there as the seconds ticked by, soon turning into minutes. This was taking too long. Takeo scowled and closed his eyes and attempted to drift back into sleep.

He was awoken hours later by the noise of several feet stomping around the house. Takeo groaned as his slumber was disturbed and he turned to his side pulling the sheets up over his head. He decided today would be his sleeping day. He had decided nothing would stop him from having this day. His expression turned to one of extreme determination as he heard a knocking on his door. He was not moving, today was his day off. The knocking came once more, this time more loudly. Takeo remained where he was, the knocking turned to banging and he heard the sound of his little sister yelling at him to get up. Takeo however remained in his bed. The banging stopped and after several minutes of silence he smiled, seems like she gave up. Then something landed on him with a thump. Startled he shot upwards sitting up and glaring towards the culprit. A wide smile from his younger sister was given to him before she skipped off out of his room. Takeo grumbled, muttering several profound words as he swung his legs out from the bed. He pushed himself up and out of the bed before going through the routine of getting ready.

Minutes later he was dressed and heading out the door, saying a goodbye to his family and making a mental note for revenge later he stepped out into the street. Instantly his eyes were assaulted by the sunlight, a hand shot up to cover them and he let out a groan. It took several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the daylight and he set off on his way down the street. His pace was rather slow; he wasn’t in a rush to day anything in particular that day. After walking aimlessly around the village for around half an hour he came to a halt. Before him were several children playing in the middle of the path. He waited for several seconds watching as they played before carrying on with his walk. He had a destination in his mind now, the plains outside the village. As he made his way towards the village gates he couldn’t help but marvel the village itself. Some of the buildings were really a sight to behold, even after seeing them many times during his life Takeo still hadn’t got bored of how they looked. The corners of his lips tugged upwards in the tiniest of smiles before dropping back downwards. Now wasn’t the time to be getting taken away by the view of it all.

He walked on for several more minutes before arriving at the gates of the village. He stopped for a moment to rest for a bit, that walk had taken up some of his energy. Perhaps he should spend more time working on his fitness than lying in bed. As he rests he turns his head to look outside the gates. The plains were rather nice looking, quiet and peaceful as well by the looks of things. Takeo pushed himself off from the wall he was leaning against and made his way outside the village. He continued to walk through the plains for about two to three minutes before coming to another halt. This seemed like a good spot to do some running. He stood there for a moment, resting his hands on the top of his head and taking in a few deep breathes. He crouched down slightly and took the starting position of people he had seen when they were about to race. He remained there for a minute motionless and ready. Another deep breathe in, and then took off.

All he heard was the sound of his feet hitting against the ground as he ran. The wind blew his hair wildly out behind him and he heard the wind racing past his ears. His legs and arms were both pumping as Takeo quickly accelerated to his top speed. His breathing soon became ragged and he felt his leg muscles beginning to burn. He couldn’t keep this up for much longer. He closed his eyes, clenched his jaw and pushed on through. His chest burned with pain and his legs were screaming for him to stop. Takeo ignored these feelings and kept on running; he felt himself slowing down and willed his legs to keep up the pace. He kept on going for about another minute before his legs just gave up on him. He stumbled to a halt and collapsed backwards to the floor. Landing on the grassy floor he gasped, breathing in huge amounts of air as he tried to catch his breath. He felt sweat run down his face and ground his teeth together from the burning in his muscles.

Takeo fell back completely and lay there on his back, unable to move from the exhaustion. He continued to breathe in and out deeply trying to turn his breathing back to normal. He looked upwards towards the clear sky and watched as the clouds drifted lazily through the sky. He was content to just remain lying here for the time being. His eyes closed and he placed his hands behind his head once more. The burning in his muscles soon went away and his breathing returned to a steady pace once more, as did his heart rate. Takeo opened his eyes and moved himself into a standing position rubbing off any grass or dirt that had gotten onto his clothing. The teen turned in a full circle trying to figure out where he was supposed to go in order to head back. He easily spotted the village from this distance away and he set out on a slow walk back to it.

After walking for several minutes Takeo stopped for a moment to catch his breath. The sprint earlier had taken a lot out of him. While he bent over clutching at his sides his eyes closed and he thought back on the last few months of his life. He’d started the Academy at a much later date than most people, though this didn’t affect him that much and he soon found himself close to graduating the academy within a few months. He straightened up as the pain in his sides subsided and opened his eyes. In a few weeks, three to be exact, he would be taking the exam to become a Genin. Takeo was sure that was ready for this, after all if the children much younger than him could pass it easily, then he shouldn’t have any problem with it. At least that was what Takeo hoped would happen, deep down he wasn’t confident that he could pass it. Now wasn’t the time to think about this however, he needed to get back. With these thoughts now pushed to the back of his mind Takeo once more began to walk back towards the village.

Half an hour later he stepped back into the village and turned his head to the sky, it seemed to be getting rather dark. He wondered how long he has been out for. The streets still had several people in them so it couldn’t be that late. Takeo shrugged to himself and kept on walking towards his house. Something strange happened that day, something that hadn’t happened in over ten years. Takeo got lost. He stood there in one of the winding alleys of the village and frowned to himself. This day had just gotten extremely annoying for him. He backtracked the way he came and once more found himself at the village gate. He closed his eyes for a moment as he thought back on where his house actually was. This was strange; it had been a while since he had forgotten like this. He rubbed his temples in irritation before setting off once more at a quicker pace than before. He made a right turn, then a left, then another right. This continued on for around ten minutes before he simply gave up and decided it was time to get a better look. He ran up to the nearest wall and planted his feet firmly upon it, he pushed himself upwards and grabbed onto the edge of the rooftop. Takeo struggled for a moment to pull himself upwards onto the roof. His feet firmly planting onto the roof he ran a hand through his hair letting out a breath. From this vantage point it was rather easy for the teen to get his bearings once more. He jumped down from the roof once more and began to walk once more in the direction of his home. Even with this knowledge of where to go from here it took him quite a while to return back to his home. Saying a greeting to his family and getting revenge on his younger sister via pushing her off her seat, he walked up the stairs.

Collapsing onto his bed as he entered into his small room he turned onto his back. So here he was once more lying face up on his bed staring at the ceiling. The sky was dark once more and it was almost like the teen hadn’t moved at all. Perhaps he hadn’t, maybe he had dreamt it all. The burning in his legs said otherwise and Takeo let out a quiet chuckle to himself. He sat up and crossed his legs, closing his eyes and leaning forward placing his hands in his lap. His eyes were closed and he simply sat there his mind thinking about what he would do for the test coming up soon. He was sure that he could perform the basic jutsu that were required to pass the test, he had actually known about them for quite a while. He had just never tried them out before he had entered the academy. He ran over in his mind how each of the basic jutsu was performed. He nodded slightly to himself recalling each of them before falling back to lie on the bed once more. His eyes remained closed and he let out a sigh. Today he hadn’t done much other than run … and get lost. Tomorrow he had decided will in fact be his sleeping day. Nothing will stop him from this happening, he had decided upon this fact. He smiled slightly as he continued to lay there the minutes ticking by soon turning into hours. Once more Takeo was enjoying the silence. The sweet, sweet silence.

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Yasahiro Yagami
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Training [P,NK] Empty Re: Training [P,NK]

Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:27 pm
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