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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:27 am
In the morning hours of a new day in Konoha ANBU Captain 'Kitsune' slept peacefully in his exhaustion in the office of his brother the Hokage the doors locked and the curtains drawn leaving no room for peaking inside, his posture shows his exhaustion in his deep sleep his mask cloak and weapons still attached to him in all places.

He snoozes for another minute of so before something calls out to him "Boy...Wake up" something calls which Echo ignores but it calls again a little louder this time "Wake up you impudent Ningen!" the figure says a little louder Echo's eyes opening as he looks around his right hand immediately going to his weapons pouch, his senses are on high alert as he scans the room...."Who's there..?" he calls out...and he is answered.

A deep chuckle echoes inside his head causing Echo to narrow his mind immediately coming to the conclusion of a genjutsu, He flares his chakra in an attempt too break it which simply causes the voices booming laughter to increase in volume Echo's eyes twitching in annoyance. "Your an amusing one eh Ningen?" the voice says it's voice filled with mirth and anger Echo growling in response the image of the snarling Kitsune on his mask becoming more appropriate for the feral roar Echo's eyes unknowingly slitting red in his anger and adrenaline fueled wake up call a red veil forming around him "SHOW YOURSELF AND I'LL SHOW YOU JUST HOW AMUSING I CAN BE!!!" Echo roars out the prospect of his 'attacker' looking down on him filling him with rage- Echo's eyes widen at the amount of blood-lust he's feeling and breathes in composing himself once more the voice chuckling at Echo as the veil vanishes "Your more moronic then my last container..." it says Echo's eyes widening in realization as the red chakra vanishes from his system "Kyuubi?! But..the Seal it should-" A roar of pure rage and anger causes Echo to clutch his head in pain as the Kyuubi no Kitsune roars it's reply "YOUR SEAL IS WEAK!!!!" he bellows Echo briefly pondering if he could break it...and tries his luck, forming a smirk Echo channels as much of his brother's arrogant tone as he can in this new role..'The Jailor' "If it's so weak....break it" Echo says in a tone filled with cruel amusement a chuckle accentuating his words...Echo could almost feel the Bijuu's glare as it goes silent and stays that way.

Echo's head now free of his tenants voice ponders what fool did his was supposed to block the beast from speaking with him as he's seen his brother talking with his monster and the prospect of Kyuubi's wrath frightened Echo although he'd never admit that he feared anything to anyone...he was ANBU the fearless and the strongest of the village and not only that he was the Commander of the ANBU forces just under the Hokage himself in the ladder of authority.

Echo sighs and ponders just exactly what this beasts presence grants him....Echo remembered the acidic properties that Viper obtained from the Slug....what would the Fox grant him...? [WC=523 First tail Mastered.]

His mind made up Echo swirled from existence and appeared in his favorite training ground; Training Ground 11, where many of Echo and Viper's spars have taken place, with a bit of hesitation caused by the blood lust felt from before Echo concentrates and begins channeling the Kyuubi's chakra his eyes slitting as he continues on, slowly does he begin to undertake the process of drawing on the chakra from the seal his canines forming into something clearly feral behind his mask an ominous red glow beginning to take shape around him as he lowers himself lightly crouching like a predator ready to pounce.

Slowly does he move forward his eyes locked on a tree as he steps forward...once...twice and suddenly he blurs away in a streak of red a tail forming behind him as it glows with an ethereal power Echo's 'claws' slashing through the bark of the tree with ease before his tail shoots forward curling over his back and wrapping around the tree before he roars to the sky still in control but...enjoying the destruction as he crushes the tree in the grasp of the burning red tendril of the tail, 'What a magnificent creature you are Kyuubi no Yoko...' he thinks intending to project his thoughts to the beast chuckling ferally as he does so....he gets no response which irks him slightly...not even a cocky 'Naturally' from the beast...even Viper would grant him still looked down on him he thought with more quiet fury.

He roared as he channeled more chakra unknowingly another tail forming next to the other his mind clouded slightly...but he remains in his control his will strong as he dashes forward his arms extending behind him the ethereal claws around Echo's hands curling inward as he leaps up from his left foot at an angle sent into a spiral towards several tree's his claws whipping outwards and his tail curving over his head lashing out at anything in front of him carving through the mess of tree's with a feral roar 'HE'D SHOW THE KYUUBI JUST WHO HE WAS SEALED INTO!!!' he thought furiously landing and skidding slightly in a crouch before he straightens up his arms returning to his side as he lets out a loud booming chakra enhanced roar his chakra claws extending and slamming into the earth as he begins going through kata of his style of fighting...ironically named 'Fox-kata' for it's trick based nature he developed it with the help of his brother Koroshi to counter-act the Uchiha's 'Interceptor fist' a style known to compliment the Sharingan, Echo created this as an insult to his arrogant clan and their foolish bloodline...a style that keeps the user from entering into the visual range of his opponent and uses very little movement the Sharingan tracking muscle contortions and shoulder movements to predict attacks, Echo's cloak cuts out the possibility of a Sharingan user reading his muscles so all he has to worry about is the rotation of his hips and shoulders, Echo blurs through his kata in a blurring of red front kick side kicks spiraling hand stand push kicks all enhanced to deadly proficiency by the power of the Kyuubi no Yoko, [539 Words. Second tail mastered] his left foot snaps outward suddenly coated in the malevolent red as quick as his foot snapped out it was back in it's place behind him in his stance his right fist shooting forward his body curving with it on the toe of his foot red claws forming around his fist even as he clenches ominous clue as to what would become of someone on the receiving end of that punch, He chuckles again as he goes through a punching combination, left jab, right uppercut followed by an elbow as he steps forward aiming for the chest of the invisible opponent followed by the pushing off of his tails a third one suddenly forming to assist his leap from the ground sending him springing forward not very high as he flips forward and slams his right heel down in an axe kick into the ground causing a deep groove to appear the chakra pushing off from his feet sending him in a black flip landing crouched on all fours as he growls his tails thrashing wildly behind him as if daring an opponent to step closer a deep grin forming behind his mask.

'Still gonna be silent in there while I'm showing you up!?' He demands inside his head once again receiving nothing...but he could feel the mocking grin of the beast his eyes narrowing as the red slits are still in place as he roars and charges towards the tree's again springing off from his low to the ground run his legs already bent in the dash, he lunges forward and lashes out with his right claw snapping the tree in half flinging it to echo's right which he then steps on using his left hand as a pulling point as he flips over then pushes off before the tree could even hit the ground, he leaps high above the tree tops and stays afloat the wind around him stained red as he flies forward and dives towards the tree's roaring once more as he begins spinning like a blazing red drill of pure rage and power cutting through the tree tops sending leaves and splintered wood chunks flying all over the place the ones managing to dig into his flesh are thrown out and the wounds are sealed shut with a vicious hiss, his red slitted eyes take in many details and he breathes in the scents of the tree's leaves and the splintered wood, he suddenly flies upward as if jet which the pilot pulled up on twisting as he rises into the air, he stops a decent thirty yards high glaring down at a tree with a wide base an evil grin spreads across his features behind the image of the snarling Kitsune as he finds his new 'prey' his right hand opens at his side as a blue mass of chakra swirls in his gloved palm dispersing the red slightly before it blends in...a chuckle is heard from the ANBU Captain before he shouts "YOU READY TO SEE POWER FLEABAG!!!?" he shouts his fangs would be fully visible with the grin if it weren't for his mask...he once again receives no response and he roars in a feral rage as he shoots forward[WC=535 Words Third tail mastered] quickly closing the distance Echo's arm shoots forward the mass of swirling chakra drilling into the bark of the tree ravaging the construct of nature as it splits outwards and almost explodes sending the upper half of the tree spiralling upwards before it's flung behind him, Echo stands and waits...before the laughter of the Kyuubi returns to his ears "AND WHAT'S SO FUNNY FUZZBUTT!?" Echo asks his voice deeper and his tone filled with a growl from the malevolent chakra the Kyuubi replying after a moment "Kit your so easy to rile up! It's quite entertaining to watch you squirm in your rage and attempt to 'Show up' a being so far above you you wouldn't even know what to do about it..." Echo growls in response letting the chakra leave him as he once again stands straight, Echo grimaces his form swirling and vanishing as he says one more thing to the Kyuubi before giving it the cold shoulder once he returns to his office "We'll see Fuzzbutt"

[Exit, WC=1,809 = 9 Stats towards Stamina]

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:44 am
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:58 am
Life in Konoha's ANBU

The Kyuubi awakens inside the cage as his jailor does the Kyuubi sighs inwardly..his Warden lead a very boring work filled life from what he's seen waking up in his office like normal and sliding on that mask that seems to mimic his visage..that of the Great and powerful Kyuubi no Yoko!

Kyuubi rolled his eyes at the preparation the boy makes clipping on armor piece after armor piece blade after blade always the same place too, Heavens Sorrow on left hip Tonfa blasters clipped to the back of his belt and weapons pouch on right hip followed by his bracers with those hidden blades and his gauntlets, the Grieve Edges intrigue the Kyuubi for a moment before he shakes the thought away...he'd look ridiculous wearing those on his paws Kyuubi's left eye twitches in annoyance as he pictures himself standing on his hind legs with the grieve edges a cape and a hat gracing his features a thin blade at his side which he draws and brandishes forward before Kyuubi bangs that thought from his head by slamming it into the bars of his prison.

Kyuubi wonders where that thought came from briefly before silently swearing to never think of it again..oh the brat's putting the Mask back on oh and here comes the cloak which seems to shroud the boys body in darkness....At least this new warden seemed to know how to kill without much trouble, since he was sealed inside the boy he watched from his cage as Echo completed his daily duties, ANBU role call which consisted of his two assistants 'Boar' and 'Parrot' as the only other active ANBU is at the hospital with his nephew or something followed by Attacks drills, Sparring drills espionage training and of course the art of stealth, his Warden seems to be rather proficient with such pulling off assassination drills with the utmost finesse that make the Kyuubi wonder just how the boy handles live targets as he drives that Kunai he holds into a corrupt politicians neck.

Echo was going through his routines like normal even as he feels his tennant stir in his head...what a situation this was...A pre Madonna Bijuu...that's just his luck he was hoping for a partner not a Monster wanting to kill and eat him from the inside out....not to mention the humming in the middle of the night...the Kyuubi is a strange one actually humming and keeping Echo awake a bit later then he'd like and the Foxes voice was not something he'd like to listen too constantly thus...Echo was irritable something his two cute little subordinates picked up on quite quickly and they prepared themselves with grim determination for what they knew would come of their Captains bad mood...still that didn't stop them from flinching when Echo bellowed out "ATTACK DRILLS NOW!! COME AT ME!!" the Two ANBU flinch and hop but comply drawing their regulation Katana and splitting up and vanishing in the Shadows Echo waiting in the center of the room the red chakra of the Kyuubi being channeled four tails forming behind him[527 Words, Fourth tail mastered]...which just makes the two 'Eep' from the darkness, They heard tales of Echo's exploits before the attack how he was the ANBU's worst enemy a prankster of the Highest caliber making the veteran and rookie Anbu work to catch him and label him as the greatest enemy of the ANBU....a smaller then normal 11 year old boy they labeled as the 'Green Devil' causing the ANBU to go on strike until they got a raise in their salary at one point...The thought made the two shudder to think what Ech- Their Captain Kitsune is capable of now.

The Two subordinates rushed him from their position before a flash of red occurred and the two were slammed onto their backs by two well placed blow from their Captains right fist and left foot Echo picking up on their positions....because they forgot to skip polishing their blade causing the light to glint off of it "NAIVE!! I TOLD YOU TO NOT POLISH YOUR BLADES!!! YOUR STEALTH IS COMPROMISED!!!" He shouts the two ANBU subordinates jumping to their feet side by side and nervously saluting as they stutter out a "Y-Yes Captain!"-"Y-Yes Captain!" before Echo gestures with his head towards the door in dismissal to allow them to return to their normal duties Boar as ANBU's Sealing Expert and Parrot as ANBU's Medic.

Echo feels the Chakra veil forming again in his annoyance and let's it flow through him a fifth tail forming this time...Echo finds rather then fighting the influence he should let it flow but keep a calm head it allows the chakra to flow easier Four tails forming this time as his eyes slit and burn red and his fangs look ready to kill from behind his mask the subordinates marveling at the sight of their young Captain..they thought he moved faster then normal they weren't up to standard but they were still ANBU which was just a few tiers above Jounin in command and power...not even Captain Echo could swat them aside was ANBU standard procedure to be aware of how to defend themselves against a Jinchuuriki and even how to seal a Bijuu in times of emergency, they walked out to continue their duties with these thoughts leaving Echo by himself.

Echo sighs to himself going through his normal Kata once more in order to learn to channel the Kyuubi's chakra without losing control of himself his hands blurring suddenly as he grins forming into the shape of a knife with his fingers as he lashes out with twice swipes from his left followed by his right and then a stab forward from his left once more...the Hougetsu Jigen Tou or Moon crushing Dimensional Sword is a technique he mastered a month ago just after his brother's departure...well not Master...but he's close! he can use the first form of the technique just fine and it's incredible just how powerful this technique is with the enhancements granted by the Kyuubi's chakra. [500 Words, Fifth tail Mastered]

Echo leaps forward aided by the now three of his tails pushing off the ground as he continues to slash at his imaginary opponent the tips of his other three tails lashing forward in unison with his arms the tails extending and whipping back as they attempt to sneak through the imaginary opponents guard the ethereal lances of blazing red lashing forward as Echo's Jigen Tou coated hands slash forward stabbing slicing and thrusting followed by well timed snap kicks and upper cuts from the lower tails the other two tails behind him acting as extra feet to help push his speed along and leave him five legs to leap with rather then two Echo's agility increasing due to his ingenuity, Echo swerves spinning on his left heel as his arms shoot straight out still coated in his Jigen Tou and blazing red chakra the two tails spinning him at a fast rate making the young ANBU Captain appear like a blazing red top of destruction three tails spinning him on his heel and pushing him forward and keeping his balance as his other three lash out like flaming spears his Jigen Tou proving to be able to slice through anything in his path the tails acting as balancers and extra defense for Echo's top like spin of destruction where he becomes a maelstrom of death and activity before he skids to a stop his right leg extending as he stands still in a crouch before he leaps forward and continues slashing and cutting at the imaginary foe with his dimensional blade of death, the perfect assassination technique requiring just a simple knife hand strike to deal a death blow to an opponent..Echo grins behind his mask at the thought of striking down a monster of some sort with this perfect sword of his crowds cheering his name as he stands triumphantly over the beasts corpse...but that's not possible he thinks in a slightly bitter way...he's an ANBU and ANBU don't get notoriety they are the perfect assassins they don't even exist as far as most know....and most of Echo's targets are presumed missing...not dead...Never found were the bodies of the ANBU Captains quarry the threats to the Hidden Leaf taken out with not so much as a sound as to why, Echo is not a wicked man....Wicked man enjoy posturing and telling their prey why their killing them...Echo is a kind and just he kills them with not so much as a word.

The Blazing red chakra ripples around Echo's nimble form as he keeps up the Jigen Tou and the striking of his Chakra cloaks tails quick precise knife hand strikes, snap kicks which lash out like viper's striking an intruder and recoiling leaving no chance to counter attack and the blazing destruction the red tails provide are make Echo seem like a well oiled machine as he strikes over and over again his strikes always aiming to disable the imaginary opponent aiming for the vital points of the Heart, Chest right where the Lungs are located, the Liver, Kidney and the Spleen several arteries look as if they'll also be torn asunder by the Maelstrom of activity that is the ANBU Captain Kitsune. [544 Words, Sixth tail Mastered]

Inside the Cage the Kyuubi watches his warden with interest "...Three days...and already Six tails of my power is his..." he rumbles to himself slightly impressed....the boys amount of mental control is amazing his spirit is like steel and his will unbreakable...he also seems to know how to pace himself...the Kyuubi scowls inside it's cage as it tails slam against the ground in anger as it watches more of it's chakra leave it to empower the Ningen, There must be a way to make him lose control and release the seal...he thinks breathing out a sigh as he wracks his brain for a solution to his imprisonment in all his experience he's never once had such a container able to force his will this early over his power....not even to himself will the Kyuubi admit the prospect of what this boy will become in the future frightens him 'He will face me in the cage like the other fool did...' Kyuubi says his eyes glowing red in his rage against the world for taking his only friend since Rikudo-Jiji from him.....Echo is good....but he will never be Naruto Uzumaki Kyuubi refuses to accept him as a container as he once accepted Naruto no one could match that brats strength and determination when the Volcano took Naruto from the world it took Kyuubi's happiness as well...and the world would pay for nothing crosses the Kyuubi no Kitsune and gets away with it's life in tact, Kyuubi Roars out loud inside it's cage and begins slamming against the walls in a mad sorrow induced path of destruction within it's confines...but it leaves no damage which just serves to add to the Kyuubi's fury....this slip up of will from the Kyuubi inadvertently aiding Echo in the form of the chakra it was holding back being Echo one more step closer to their inevitable confrontation....Two Wills will clash....but not this day.

Echo chuckles with a deep resounding malevolence added to it as it echoes off the walls a seventh tail forming as Echo kicks forward the power of the Kyuubi no Kitsune continuing to fuel his progress as he lashes out his Jigen Tou still active on his left hand as he grins behind his mask as he draws more of the Kyuubi's power the image of th snarling Kitsune painted on his mask glowing a deep red as his arms blur forward in a flash of red and streaks of white as he combines the Jigen Tou with the power of Kyuubi, he practices his speed and retreating techniques now as he back pedals away from an imaginary opponent swiping every so often with his Jigen Tou as he blurs backwards and leaps away from imaginary fireballs and lightning strikes not staying on the ground for more then a few moments as he cart wheels back flips leaps and strikes out when the opponent get's too close and drops his guard.

The tactic of shadow boxing is how Echo's trained himself since the days before the academy even accepted him and his brother's, he smiles at the memory of the first day of his academy when his brother Koroshi picked up a desk and slammed it into one of the brats that was bullying Echo, he chuckles before lashing out again at the imaginary attacker, Koroshi was always over protective of him and Viper.....GOD WHERE IS THAT BLONDE OX!!! IT'S BEEN MONTHS NOW!!! He thinks with his left eye twitching in annoyance knowing there would be no way for his brother to die out in the wilderness or even in the catastrophe where the Two lost the third Koroshi is....too much like Koroshi for that to happen, Echo back flips pushing off with his right hand as he leaps to his feet and then let's all his tails surge forward at once in a crouched position as the imaginary opponent is impaled from all sides and Echo chuckles in victory.[675 Words, Seventh tail mastered]

Echo let's the chakra drop from his frame as he let's out a small sigh of exertion and let's the Jigen Tou go down, he turns towards the door of the slightly damaged training room in order to head to the showers to clean himself after his work out...he smells like sweaty fox...He leaps through the door and barrels down the hallway his feet pushing upwards as he connects to the left wall and makes a chakra enhanced dash through the halls leaping back and forth from left to right as he zig zags through the corridor, He's happy at his success in his training and the prospect of mastering his Hougetsu Jigen Tou his grin looking as if it'd split his face in half from behind his mask, he chuckles as he blurs past Parrot who's carrying a box of medical tape and she yelps in fear from his antics which just causes him to burst out laughing from her outburst "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THERE PARROT!!!" He shouts behind his back watching the Female ANBU stomp in frustration and grumble about crazy little ANBU kids which causes Echo to snicker as he rounds a corner taking a quick left in which he leaps atop the ceiling and begins running upside down dodging the hanging lamps by swerving around them Echo half tempted to start making race car noises....but he decides against it....that might lose him more dignity then he'd like, though he's still in a good mood...tonight he's getting Dango and reading his book! paperwork be damned!!! That's what Shadow clones are for!

Echo slows down and hops from the ceiling landing beside the door of the showers before stepping in to prepare to relax, he un clips his grieve edges kneeling down to remove his sandals then he removes his Heavens Sorrow Ninjato and Two Tonfa blasters, then he slides off his bracers and gauntlets also shedding his cloak, finally free of the weight of his weaponry Echo's breathes a sigh of relief and then slides off his mask laying it on a table near the closed off shower...It's good to be the Captain...Private showers so he can relax~ Echo chuckles at the thought before stepping in his clothes being flung over the closed screen....he get's nervous around the stress filled Kunoichi of the ANBU....he's seen some of them....Eying him in that way...the fact that he's thirteen and most of the Kunoichi are ten years his Senior make Echo feel a bit uncomfortable...still the showers are nice.

Running water Echoes throughout the area....several flashes suddenly going off causing Echo to curse as a definitely female shape runs away holding a camera and giggling Echo rushing out in a towel grabbing his mask and sliding it over his face.

[Exit, Final Word count is:2,714 = 13 Stats Also [2,714/10,000 for Jigen Tou Mastery]
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:10 am
Approved, +13 stats, +27JP, Approved mastery towards Jigen Tou, Approved 7th tail of Kyuubi.

Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:55 pm
Anbu Captain 'Kitsune' stands near a metal bin near the desk in his office inside the ANBU barracks his left eye twitching in annoyance as he holds some..revealing photographs of himself over a candle catching them ablaze before he tosses them in the metal bin and his right palm shoots downward sending out a gust of wind confined to the bin which causes the photo's to be incinerated.

Echo sighs shaking his head and slamming the lid down in his annoyance briefly noting the blue residue of chakra coating his hands....Inspiration strikes like lightning to Echo as he grins wide behind his mask and closing his eyes in concentration, his left index finger glows before a blue shining orb the size of a marble begins to form shining brightly with barely contained energy....Echo opens his eyes keeping the form compressed as he raises his thumb and slides his right hand in his pocket his elbow bending and then extending as he aims his left hand towards a wall his hand resembling a gun due to his index finger and thumb extending.

He smirks at his ingenuity and the ease this technique has come to him.....'Why didn't I think of this sooner..?' he wonders to himself briefly wondering what to call this technique of his, his eyes narrow in focus once more now beginning to think of other applications this can have...something this small is definitely interesting but mainly it was safe for testing.

Echo chuckles using his thumb as a sight as he aims the 'gun' that is his left hands index finger, with his smirk widening he fires the "Spirit Gun!" He decides with a shout firing the projectile as it flies through the wall of his office creating a smoldering seven inch hole several shouts heard as Echo's eyes go wide and he gulps from the power behind such a technique.....and the fact that his ANBU are going to e quite upset with him for playing in his office instead of the training room......He sighs considering this, 'even if I'm their Captain I'm still there Junior I suppose' he notes with an amused chuckle shaking his head, right on cue several knocks are heard at his door which Echo walks over too casually ready to explain and calm his ANBU operatives down.

After calming the masses of his ANBU one with a very large bump on his head caused by the dropping of a lamp by the stray shot...Echo now walks towards the training room glancing at his right index finger with some interest, the technique is powerful...really powerful...with a bit of training this could be devastating...this chakra projection and the abilities it will allow.....'Why hasn't anyone else thought of it?' he wonders tilting his head up towards the ceiling frowning slightly, it makes no's pretty simple...though Echo's control is better then mosts...perhaps he was a prodigy in everything but his clans technique....?

Echo shakes THAT thought from his head still quite bitter about his clans abuse over the years.....Echo instead wonders just how useful this technique will be for assassinations from a distance never even having to get his hands dirty and the target can be put down...if Echo had to guess this technique can be as powerful as his Raging Storm God if used correctly.

Echo smirks thinking of the destruction he's caused with the unveiling of that technique...and the look of pure awe on his Brother's face when he showed him the epitome of the Wind element, his smirk widens as he pushes open the door and shuts it behind him as he observes the much more sturdy walls of the training room deciding to test the limits of the 'Spirit Gun' variant of his technique.

Dashing towards the far wall Echo decides to test how fast he can channel and fire the technique, he leaps in the air his right shoulder aimed towards the ground as his left hands index finger shoots forward and he fires the Spirit gun twice the gun shape of his index finger and thumb more for concentration then anything else at this point and the 'bullets' slam into the wall twice with great force Echo tucking his head in and rolling over his shoulder and pushing off the ground quickly to continue his run forward as he leaps from the ground flipping once his feet impacting the wall he was facing his knee's bent before he pushes from the wall and flies forward both hands shooting out now as he fires twice from each hand towards the floor grinning wide "WOOOHOOOO!!!" he shouts as he fires flipping over with the use of his wind as he lands on his feet and with not a moments rest he pushes off towards his left towards a training dummy meant to look like an enemy ANBU which he zig zags in an erratic pattern towards drawing on a bit of Kyuubi's chakra as he suddenly blurs from any onlookers vision reappearing a few feet from the dummy his right hand extended as he skids on his knee's aimed towards the things face before he fires blowing the targets head clean off with the index finger concentrated blast of chakra a hole slamming through it's forehead dead center the force causing it's neck to snap backwards the head rolling off hitting the ground as Echo slides past it and stops a smirk forming behind his mask.

He stands and chuckles to himself at the destruction he can cause before turning and walking away towards the door...he has some research to do.

[WC=957 Finger projectiles Mastered +4 stats]
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:26 am
Approved, +4 stats, +9JP.
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:42 am
(Continued from:

- Echo turned from the body his feet scuffing against the loose dirt from the Nara's disturbed grave, he smirks glancing back at the body before walking towards his mask positioned facing up towards the sky a good seven feet from his position, he walks forward and leans forward picking up the mask before sliding it back on his face instantly feeling more comfortable with the protection of his mask the image of the snarling kitsune painted as if ready to lunge at a moments notice the swirling eye pattern and the blazing red respectively now visible glowing behind the covers of the eyes giving it a rather ominous look as he turns his head back towards the corpse of Drake Nara a smirk forming behind the image of his porcelain mask as he steps forward.

The Kyuubi idly watches from inside it's cage with mild interest at the procedure his warden is undertaking, that of the Path creation the knowledge granted to the boy as an almost instinctive reaction from the eyes of the Rikudo, he watches as the boy reconfigures the Nara and begins sliding the spikes into several points the Kyuubi's eyes narrowing at this knowledge....soon....very soon....the boy will begin his training again....the Kyuubi can tell his body can now take more of his chakra...the boy is no doubt aware of this as well, 'How to fight it..? To resist? To escape?? the Kyuubi questions the boy's will is strong and he has an unnatural calm the only point he was able to force control was when his brother the bearer of his brother the Slug eating at his patience to the point he was able to inject the chakra but as quick as it came the boy banished it away.
The Kyuubi's eyes narrow further as it's wise mind working overdrive as he plans his escape '....Soon....Soon Echo Uchiha.....' he thinks as he growls and closes his eyes.

Echo slowly forms the strange chakra constructed rods in his hands stabbing the Nara with them in the center of his chest then stomach a smaller one through the palm of his left and right hand, he observes for a moment making sure he's placed them in the correct area the Rinnegan and Sharingan in his eyes observing his work a smirk tugging at his lips throughout the entire procedure as he twists the spikes in deeper so they may be hidden under clothes if need be, he still crouches next to the body as he glances at the black rods he marvels slightly at the ability of these eyes and the knowledge that it has somehow granted him, He chuckles again it coming out rather malevolent in sound and tone he briefly wonders if he's truly crossing his morals...but now he doesn't care this is for the power to protect his village...the Devil's eye in his right and God's eye in his left....the ability to warp time....the ability to destroy it....He's growing more and more powerful....The very winds themselves bow to his whim....what's to stop him from calling himself a deity..? His inability to save those who cannot be saved....that's what....but soon...soon that'll all be fixed...he'll be able to save anyone....stop any injustice that might blemish the eyes of good people.....He won't become a villain...He will be a bringer of justice to all a harbinger of death to the wicked, He will be a Go- Echo suddenly shakes that thought from his head "ULGH!!" he cries out his left hand sliding through his hair "Okay Echo...calm more crazy time focus on the aren't developing a God complex your just under a lot of stress and going a liiitle crazy..." Echo states his left eye twitching behind his mask.

He focuses on his work once more creating two bolt sized chakra rods which he slides into the Nara's neck on the left and right side respectively, he briefly notes he should begin training with the Kyuubi's chakra again his body should be able to withstand it now that he's rested up more.

He nods now casually creating the rods shoving another through Drake Nara's forehead then another followed by a third creating a horn like pattern which spikes upwards like a crown the rods bending at his will.

His attention to detail and delicate hand comes from his skill in trap making for many years this was his only means of besting his brother's Koroshi's strength and Viper's speed no match for when he's had his way with the area turning it into a hell of his own creation his brother's often ending up tied up or pinned to tree's when feeling confident enough to step into his play houses of doom and sometimes embarrassment, he grins behind his mask looking up from his project for a moment to remember the hell he use to cause the ANBU when he was younger especially several trainee's who didn't know what the veterans of the chase knew...He chuckled at the particular memory of an ANBU with a horse mask crying as he ran away in the Pink Spandex that Echo rigged up to clothe him in when he ran into an alleyway, later in a meeting when he was promoted to ANBU Captain that same horse masked ANBU was crying muttering something along the lines of 'No more Pink Spandex Mommy horse is a good boy! Green is the color of the Devil!!' Echo laughed then and he's laughing now even as he adjusts another rod from his experiments body.

The Spikes are now placed in key positions this body not meant for stealth as Echo himself was...Echo needs more raw power considering...this body will act as his Animal Path he decides the Rinnegan feeding him information as he begins forming the hand signs; Rat, Dog, Snake and then Ram for focus injecting his chakra into the body, it's eyes snap open the Rinnegan forming as it sits up and Echo smirks the two standing in unison and seem to smirk in unison....the First 'Path of Echo' now joined as they fist bump and wear matching grins before Echo vanishes in a swirl and the animal path sits in the lotus position closing it's eyes to meditate.

[Exit, 1,064 Animal Path created]
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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Deep within the dark booby trapped corridors of the ANBU barracks in the deepest chamber down several flights of narrow stairwells the ANBU Captain Echo Uchiha gazes over a few more files, Medical Reports a breakthrough of the Miracle Aging Pill his brother had the medical staff working on.

He reads on intrigued at the prospect...also noting his brother would have immediately jumped to a decent age for the rank of Kage he knows that's been bugging him lately....that naturally would annoy Echo given this point...Viper could jump in power and far surpass him as he's been doing lately 'Too fast for me to keep up much power for me to handle...' Echo think's slightly bitter at this fact...His brother is the perfect example of an Uchiha his fire and Eye techniques being of some of the highest tier to ever grace the clan....a true prodigy...everything Echo will one day shatter with his own methods he thinks with a smirk..'Those narrow minded fools who could not see the power I could possess due to a lack of an elemental affinity will pay....Dearly' he thinks his eyes narrowing as he closes the folder and slides it into his desk pulling out a personnel file labeled 'Ferret' with the image of a ferret mask stamped onto it, he scans the file with his eyes it containing his history and an up to date abilities report along with notes from his brothers spar with the new recruit, Echo eyes the stats his eyes growing wide before grinning 'This guy could take my job if I'm not careful' he thinks amused and actually rather pleased at the prospect but then his grin vanishes as he notes the boys connection to the Uchiha '...they accepted him so easily...? Then why was I..?' he thinks to himself his head bowing slightly gritting his teeth in growing anger images of himself being kicked against a wall as a boy dragged up by his hair and then having his Uchiha crest being torn from his clothes by a mob of children parents goading them on...Echo's eyes behind the mask take on a rather dark look as he growls in his throat his canines enlarging as he decides it is now time....time to show the Fox his true prowess, Echo stands yanking his cloak on with a flourish all of his weapons and gear in place on his person hidden by the cloak which seems to be made of the night itself completely hiding the boy's body from view.

His Tonfa clipped to the back of his belt on the left and right side, his Ninjato 'Heavens Sorrow' sheathed on his left hip, his bracers tied to his forearms the hidden blades within prepared to lash out like cobra's, the Gauntlets on his hands strapped tight and crackling with electricity for a moment and his Grieve edges giving his kicks more lethality along with his equipment pouch on his right hip filled with his assortment of supplies.

His supplies in place the eyes behind the Kitsune mask which seems to snarl viciously the image burned into several Traitors and Invaders faces as they were cut down and destroyed by 'The Bird of Hermes' Captain Kitsune, Commander of all the ANBU only answering to the Hokage himself in terms of rank and duty his authority and force of will along with his presence boosting morale and loyalty to all ANBU and even a few civilians who can say they've caught glimpses of the Kitsune striking against bandit raids and even a few missing-nin, Kitsune would disagree with these claims...he's been slacking lately the build up of paperwork making him slow, sluggish and sloppy....That would simply not do.

His thoughts concluded the man stepped around his desk and opened the door casually closing it behind him the carvings still in the door casting it a glance he keeps moving forward turning his head back towards the hall and his destination projecting a red aura many ANBU stepping aside in fear as eight tails form behind their Captain who's obviously heading to the training room to work off some steam.[705 Words, 8th Tail of V1 Mastered]

Kitsune growls as a female ANBU does not step from his path but he reigns himself in at the sight of a box and Kitsune pauses in his step speaking "Is that?" he asks and the female wearing the mask of a sparrow nods opening the case to reveal a black collar, Kitsune chuckles as the woman hands it over and he immediately clips it on out of view due to his cloak and mask, he pauses for a moment breathing in as he feels the energy granted to him by the...Demons Collar he decided flows through him his form feeling lighter his energy seeming to increase and his muscles feeling as if he's gone through several weeks worth of training and is now feeling the results with none of the fatigue.

He chuckles happily and nods towards the much taller woman who salutes before walking away, 'Viper's not the only one with experiments going on...' he thinks with a smirk at his power increase, with a nod he continues on his way his steps not making a sound through control of his steps no sound permeating from him at all as if a phantom such is the way a true ANBU moves without sound with a definite purpose and with no openings to his form willing and ready to lash out at a moments notice, Kitsune breathes in slowly once again drawing on the Kyuubi's chakra forming the eight tails once more his canines enlarging and a slit appearing in his eyes the Rinnegan and now Red eye offsetting each other with an eery red and purple glow the slit in the Rinnegan eye did intrigue his subordinate Parrot quite a bit noting that with enough control Kitsune could most likely take on any characteristics of the Kyuubi no Kitsune he wished, He chuckles at the thought of sprouting ears and a tail to mess with his brother...who returns with the image of his brother Viper sprouting stalks and forming Slug like eyes with the Sharingan embedded in the eye stalks, he can't help it he bursts out laughing doubling over slightly the laugh coming out as quite chilling to a passing three man squad due to the Kyuubi's influence Kitsune waves them off and continues walking still having slight trouble controlling his emotions when in this state 'Perhaps more meditation..?' he muses to himself as he steps up the stair well his tails waving around rather menacingly but controlled as if being chained to a leash, Kitsune suddenly dashes forward in a flurry of movement blurring up the stairs with the speed the tails and the Demons Collar grants him whizzing past several surprised ANBU who turn only to see their Captain rushing past on all fours the shroud of a Nine tailed fox surrounding him in a bubbling red shroud the mask seeming to accentuate the image the ANBU stopped cold for a moments before breathing out in relief noting their Captain seemed in control of the beasts chakra.[506 Words V1 cloak fully Mastered.]

Feeling the power yanked from his tennant Kitsune smirks rushing down the hall leaping over Boar who blinks and turns back catching his excited young Captains leap and dash into the training room the door slamming behind him, Boar shakes his head mumbling something about 'Crazy fox kids' before continuing on his way he had some sealing research to do and he was the only ANBU that could do it!!

Kitsune rushed into the training room and slammed the door behind him locking it...He chuckled as the silencing seals Boar created activated the privacy seals activating as well along with a low level barrier seal, Kitsune nods at the work before with a flourish of his left hand and roll of his shoulders his cloak is tossed against a training post to his left and his mask is tucked inside his shirt Echo's grin wide showing off his gleaming fangs and blood red right eye which morphs into that of the Sharingan the glow only intensifying his slitted Rinnegan being joined by the image of the Slitted three tome Sharingan his hair billowing to the left as wind begins to swirl around him in preparation for flight or a powerful wind blast enhanced by the chakra of the Kyuubi no Yoko the Nine tailed beast and strongest of the Bijuu '...So maybe I should start working on being the strongest Jinchuuriki' echo thinks his grin widening as his eyes showing nothing but a lust for power, he crouches low his knee's bending his hands blurring with the Jigen Tou...before he blurs into movement like a red hurricane he lashes out and continues to lash out as he blurs forward his chakra tails and claws lashing out like spikes and hammers following the unmasked ANBU Captains movements with deadly precision which could only be brought on by the training all ANBU are put through; Going for the vitals, the Vitals to speak of, how to incapacitate an opponent quickly and with minimal damage of possible through the Squads of ANBU they can be categorized in many Manners; Combat and Demolition ANBU, Surveillance and Recon ANBU, Medic and Support ANBU and Echo's personal specialty: Assassination and infiltration his reservoir of Techniques acting skills and the calm friendly aura he seems to exude makes him perfect to infiltrate and kill a target leaving them unawares as he slaughters them, in his career he's done what's good for the village once or twice but has had to mainly stay within the village walls to oversee things while his brother was training, he scoffed at the thought not missing a beat in his strikes even with his thoughts the council woman he refers to as 'Hag' always gives the ANBU Captain dirty looks as if expecting him to prank the entire town at any moment...hell he might just do that later to show that old hag what came with messing with him!!

Echo grins at his thoughts the image looking rather scary as the influences of the Kyuubi's chakra makes him seem more feral and more intimidating as a shorter then average thirteen year old boy can be..he definitely stands out in his ranks remembering the first few weeks when they called him 'Chibi-Taichou'...that ended quite quickly when Echo finally got fed up with it...many ANBU found their masks glued to their faces and when they got it off the message 'That's Captain Kitsune to you' stamped to their foreheads he chuckled again still going through his Fox-Kata forms as he sorts through memories trying to lift the anger the Uchiha clan still awakens within him...He pauses with his Kata and looks up the red chakra fading from his being entirely like a wisp of smoke disappearing with a deep breeze.

"....The Bird of Hermes is my name...." he says before looking downward his Jigen tou vanishing before the Captain begins walking back towards the entrance again the shroud of chakra forming in it's single tailed form his chakra appendage stretching to grab his cloak and mask whim he slides back on and adjusts the black as night cloak once again shrouding his form in the darker then black color making him seem to be an invisible presence, he exits the room never finishing his words the door clicking shut behind him as he makes his way back towards his office briefly wondering what came over him..he still has paperwork to do and the hospital has been complaining about lack of funding lately along with a few other mishaps around the least he didn't have to stab anyone this time he mused to himself raising his eyebrows behind his mask in his amusement watching as he subordinates pass...still slightly annoyed that most of them are much taller then he is huffing slightly as he crosses his arms...come to think of it he was one of the shortest in his graduating class and is the shortest of his siblings....Why was fate so cruel..? he lamented to himself in his much shorter then an ANBU Captain should be blues, he pouted behind his mask for a bit before he visibly perked up causing a few passing female ANBU to giggle quietly at their Captains sometimes childlike antics 'I still gotta plan that prank...' he thought to himself...but what to do..? He once heard of a strong Ninja painting graffiti all over the Hokage broad daylight...wearing bright orange! Oh he'd so have to top that..but how..? he continued thinking to himself attempting to walk on his tip toes unconsciously as he passes another few of his subordinates...who wisely hold in their snickers at the Captains slight height envy which is quite normal for a boy his age...too bad that boy could also kill them forty different ways...with a pimento, they wisely kept walking giving their Captain a brief nod which he returned ignoring his height problem and continuing to plan his prank as he enters his office and shuts the door.

[Exit Final WC = 2,216 = +7 Stats V1 Cloak completely mastered 2,216 Added towards Jigen Tou mastery making for 4,930/10,000 in Total.]
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