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Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:19 am
[Oh....Math is broken thanks or the correct XD]
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:36 am
Wielder of the Holy Sword; The other Son's inheritance..

Echo Uchiha has long suffered under the name Uchiha his wind affinity and irregularities in his Chakra pathways making it impossible for him to pass the 'Clans right of Manhood', in the eyes of his kinsmen he will never be a man and never truly be an Uchiha, his Father long since turned is head from Echo favoring his Brothers Viper the most the clan viewing Viper as the 'Perfect' example of what an Uchiha should be....Echo was a failure only ever excelling over his brother's in the art of on the fly tactics and cheap tricks which was unfit of an Uchiha heir...he was prosecuted, ridiculed and on several occasions even beaten for his differences Echo always questioning 'Why?' and receiving in return 'Because she died for a disgrace like you' Echo knew who 'She' was....his of the most powerful Uchiha to exist in this generation an 'Angel of Victory' toher allies the 'Terror of Death' to her enemies, Echo never quite understood why Viper was so saddened by her death...Echo simply felt hollow...he never knew her, never knew what it was like to have a Mother who cared...or a Father for that instance...Echo didn't feel anything when his father was confirmed as dead in the invasion...but thoughts of his Mother still make him feel as if a part of him is missing....It was these thoughts that brought him to the ruins of there childhood home sitting in what use to be his room before he was eight and he was banished from the district and forced into a shack just outside and out of the way inside the forest where 'They wouldn't have to look at him' Echo openly sneers at the remains of a tattered Uchiha symbol stabbed through the center by the remains of the wrath of that Senju who attacked some many months ago, wandering downward Echo briefly wonders if any of the old family portraits survived...he wasn't in most of them or was 'Conveniently' out of focus but he would like to torture his brother Viper with them...He kneels before a shelf and pulls out the family portrait before something catches his eye..a slightly opened drawer with the mark of black angel wings inscribed into the slightly worn wood....he reaches over and slides it open noting an open box traces of Viper's black hair visible his ANBU training allowing him to come to the conclusion his brother's been here...and that this box must be where he's found the Black blade of Hell...'Nightmare' the blade was a marvel in battle allowing his brother terrifying abilities, Echo is about to slide the drawer back in when yet again he notices something....the wood on the bottom is a different shade then the rest...and there's a small lever, he reaches froward his left hands index finger yanking upwards seals glowing slightly before it simply pops off Echo's eyes widening noting in his head that if those were exploding security seals he'd be covered in shrapnel on the other side of the room....he sighs and peers inside a white box visible a sharp contrast to the black that held Nightmare....he reaches inside and yanks it out noting the weight and length of the box with widening eyes...'Could this be...?' he inwardly questions hesitantly sliding the lid from the box a letter falling free from it....Echo picks it up reading the front 'To my son who finds this after the claiming of Nightmare' Echo's eyes widen further and he quickly unravels the letter opening it so he can read what, 'To my Son, the claiming of Nightmare is a tradition passed down to only the most skilled of the Uchiha the blade is of the Great and Terrible power of the Uchiha clan...but I know of the pat stories...the Uchiha are a family that seek power..One of your brother's have no doubt used the blade Nightmare to it's fullest potential to prevent them from following 'The path of Madara' I gift my second blade to you, with it you are to be your Brother's morality show him that the search of power, while admirable can lead to a dark place...Show him that for every power..there is a counter to it...My son....I entrust the Blade of the Kingslayer to you....The Holy Blade...'Caliburn' with it's power keep your Brother's from the path of evil and defend them and this Village of the Leaf I so adore...My son...this is my gift to you.'

Echo swallows the lump in his throat that formed during the words of his mother...he found only duty in them...concern for the Sharingan..his Mother...shared his views..this brought a sad smile to Echo's face and he peers inside the box his right hand reaching in grasping a deep blue hilt which he raises the white cloth sliding from an ornate sheath the strange shape of the blade like Echo's never seen before..while Nightmare is a Katana...this...He suddenly recalls a tale he once heard...of a King from a distant land wielding a strange blade against a wielder of Kusanagi...this blade looks much like the design on the painting...but it's not the Arming Sword was the type of blade this decorated sword boasted.

Echo grimaces slightly as the sheath slides from the blade and glows a deep white Echo taking in the sight of the blade as he hand begins to burn red several fuinjutsu seals spreading across his hands fingers and arm the feeling of burning causing him to growl but not cry out...he refused to cry out, the deep glow of the Sacred Sword Caliburn swirl around Echo's arm before vanishing...forming the image of a cross onto the back of Echo's right hand, the blade vanishes in a flash of light Echo feeling chakra flowing into the seal on his hand...the blade was just transcribed to him is the conclusion he comes to in his brief study of Fuinjutsu he recognizes this as fairly advanced..his Mother must have been a genius to do this sort of thing with a blade as large as this without causing him extreme pain.

Echo takes in the sight of the cross symbol on the back of his hand...and he smiles....he doesn't feel so empty all of a sudden..he can feel the love of his Mother for the first the soul of her Blade...he can feel it, Echo's eyes water suddenly and he dips his head...finally feeling the loss of his Mother....understanding why his Brother keeps a picture of her...Understanding why he mourned he mourns now.

After almost an hour Echo regains his composure and he stands holding his right hand level and focusing chakra to the seal...Caliburn once again takes it's rightful place in his hand...he notes the blade is quite large...he'll have to grow into it a bit but his strength was honedand tempered by his Brother Koroshi and then perfected in the fields of battle..he would wield this blade with little difficulty...knowledge begins flooding Echo's head about the uses of this blade...and he grins a rather foxy grin..."Momma, if you can hear me...I'll put this to good use..." he says looking into the shine of the glowing blade with a wide grin.

Vanishing in a swirl Echo reappears Caliburn in hand inside the training hall of the ANBU Barracks once again sliding his mask over his face, channeling chakra to the blade he swings upwards sending forth a crescent blast of chakra which spins Echo's right foot sliding back as his right arm draws back and then he suddenly thrusts forward a piercing drill of chakra being sent to follow up the crescent slash the targeting dummy sliced in two before it's blown to pieces by the powerful chakra a wide feral grin forming behind his mask as he channels all Nine tails of chakra from his cloak...and then..he taps into more....a red coalesced form of malice forms over what was once his clothes a swirling black orb appearing over him...only to blow apart to reveal a strange beast of deep red chakra taking a vaguely Fox-like shape...Echo has tapped into the first tail of his V2 Cloak...His mind still clear but slightly high on power he crouches forward his left hand and legs sending him forward in a three legged sprint the blade Caliburn still held high in his right hand the blade seeming to glow brighter with the power of both Echo and the Kyuubi fueling it's righteous fury blue and white flames suddenly ignite along the blade..the flames of the Pheonix named Suzaku the Amaterasu's anti-thesis, with a roar the Kyuubified Echo swings forward cleaving deep into the stone wall of the training room leaving a foot deep gash in the wall Echo now blurring into motion with a Kyuubi charged body flicker and he appears in front of another training dummy his left claw tearing upwards with reckless abandon thrashing the poor wooden nin apart brutally with all the power that comes from the might of the ANBU Captain and his tenant, not finished yet his tail lashes out like a third appendage and it knocks the wooden dummy right back down sending fragments of splinters flying every which direction causing a rumbling inside the barracks, the other ANBU Members shudder knowing their Captain is once again practicing with the beasts was unnerving to the entirety of the force but they know of the will of their Captain and know he will not let the beast take over..a couple of ANBU grin while others smirk and others still simply smile in pride knowing that one day their Captain will subjugate the beast and it's power will belong the bo- MAN...Man that they follow....he wouldn't take kindly to them referring to him as boy....the last time one of them did that he was requested to 'Spar' with the Captain to make sure he wasn't slacking.....That particular agent is still scared stiff whenever their Captain becomes irritable....

Inside the cage of the seal the Kyuubi eyes stare forward in rage...'The boy yet takes more of my power...' the large fox thinks silently fuming a low growl erupting from it's throat as Echo once more swings the blade of his Mother in the demonic form granted by the beast inside the cage which is beginning to hate the young ANBU Captain more and more the passing of time and the power this boy is amassing unnerving the Kyuubi...'Another Naruto..?' He briefly muses eyes narrowing before he shakes the thought and responds with a deep booming outward "NO! HE WILL NEVER REPLACE THAT BOY!! NO ONE EVER WILL!!!!" the Kyuubi's rage rattles the cage slightly.

Echo continues forward with his training his speed and strength increasing with the working of his muscles his Mother's sword vanishing in a flash of light as he spins to the left and skids along the ground on all fours
before letting out a deep strong "GROOOAAAAARGH!!!!!!!" and charges forward again his claws crossing over his chest before he lashes out knocking another test dummy backwards split into pieces before it slams into the wall and crumbles into more useless fragments, landing again his tail no...tails...a Second tail has formed skid into the ground allowing him to turn much faster then he normally would have and he dashes towards another target on all four roaring with anticipation the feeling of this power making him feel as invincible as the childhood nickname his brother's came up with suggests, with less elegance his left shoulder slams into the dummy and sends it crashing into a wall before he stops planting his feet on the ground his arms bent at his sides and he throws his head back in a mighty roar shaking the barracks once more the chakra fading in a bright red flash, his mask is still in place and his skin feels slightly raw from the transformation by the Kyuubi's chakra quickly regenerates the skin and relieve Echo of his pain...Echo observes the damage he caused and one thought crosses his mind..."I ain't cleaning this up.." he sweat drops noting he went a little overboard...

[2,102 Words, Summoning Seals for Caliburn claimed, First and Second tails of V2 Cloak Mastered]
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:19 am
Approved, +10 stats, +21JP.
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:44 pm
Dashing around the wide training room of the ANBU barracks on all fours is Echo Uchiha, ANBU Captain with the assigned mask depicting a snarling Kitsune, currently two tails of chakra are formed behind him in his V1 cloak doing laps to get himself use to running like this 'It's amazing how much faster I am in this state' he muses his slitted right eye and slightly warped slitted left Rinnegan eye observing his surrounding as he sprints around the room before leaping upwards his feet going towards the sealing as his weight shifts in the air and are suddenly back towards the ground as he contorts and spins before landing in a crouch and without missing a beat he continues his quadrupedal sprint grinning a feral grin behind his mask.

Throughout this exercise he begins to ponder to himself just how he can improve his chakra projection technique, the Spirit Gun as the byproduct of the ability is now one of his most useful techniques 'Needs more power...' he notes in his head grunting as he skids to a stop and straightens his posture to a more human like state directly in the center of the room.

Four tails now take their place adding onto Echo's power as his right hand slowly raises from his side aiming towards a patched together test dummy which seems to almost frown at Echo aiming at it, Echo opens his palm but curls his fingers inwards in a claw like formation, a slow pulse of chakra is made visible before a ball of still chakra begins to form in his palm before it grows larger Echo growling every time he enlarges it the ball of chakra soon growing as large as a bowling ball before Echo's eyes narrow behind his mask and he fires the compressed energy in the shape of a long flowing beam which impacts the dummy and sends it flying back before it incinerates it the seals on the training room glowing brightly to try and hold back Echo's newly made "Masendan!" He shouts deciding the name as 'Devil Flash Bullet' the blast beginning to overpower the seals from the constant flow before Echo let's the energy die and breathes in, before breathing out slowly chuckling at the singe mark on the wall and the slight trembling of his arm his chakra reserves quickly filling again.

"More powerful but It's definitely not meant for rapid use." He muses aloud to himself crossing his arms wondering if he channeled to much energy into it, humming in thought his chakra tails still swaying behind him the ears of his cloak drooping in thought as he walks towards the door of the training room deciding to find a quick snack in the mess hall, he opens the door allowing two other ANBU inside as he walks past them the ANBU nodding in his direction their eyes drawn to his tails, behind their mask they blink twice before shrugging it off noting that their Captain is gaining more and more control over the Fox with every use of it's malevolent red chakra stained red by the innocents it's destroyed when free.

Echo watches as the ANBU close the door to the training room and notes he'll have to wait a bit longer before returning, he can't exactly kick his ANBU out of the training room after all just so he could have it to himself? No...that'd be abusing his power.....He's already gotten a letter about that and had to tone it down he recalls with a grin forming behind his mask remembering when he and several of his ANBU rushed into a bar and ordered all of the alcoholic beverages they could under the excuse of 'It's needed for a plan to stop a Missing Nin invasion' in truth it was a single D-rank missing-nin that was actually only horribly lost, One of his ANBU reported him back and it was all cleared up the D-rank being reinstated and then retiring from the Ninja program altogether..while he and his ANBU drank the night away, He chuckled at the memory shaking his head as he continued on his way.

He decides to flex his control a bit more adding another tail to his cloak with a casual sideways glance before returning his head back to face forward the newly formed tail undulating and flicking slightly as it joins the other's in swaying casually his canines already enlarged behind his mask his tongue running over the left fang for a moment actually rather enjoying the additions to his anatomy the cloak provides, he does find it strange that the Kyuubi has been silent for awhile, He grimaces...later he'd show that fox just how much of a grudge he could hold.

Finally arriving at the mess hall his eyes take in the surrounding coffee shop-esque feel to the place noting several other ANBU sitting around their masks lifted just above their mouths so they can sip their drink or nibble on their food, Echo smiles behind the intimidating Kitsune mask as his subordinates chat around looking pretty happy, He chuckles shaking his head before walking over to the tray of foods picking up a donut baked fresh from the shop in town and a bottle of grape juice, lifting his mask he pops the cap of the bottle and takes a swig taking a seat near the entrance where he begins eating his mind wandering to the technique once more.

'The heavy damage will be useful in skirmishes with big groups' he notes deciding to refine it later on his chakra tails still swaying behind him, he yawns showing off his fangs slightly several ANBU gulping audibly before turning back to their meals.

After a few minutes Echo stands wiping his hands on a napkin and gripping the bottle with his left hand, he walks towards the exit his left hand suddenly whipping backwards spiraling in the air like a shuriken smacking an ANBU about to light a cigarette in the side of the head said tobacco stick dropping the the floor from the shock "No smoking." Echo says calmly the ANBU frowns but nods in acceptance Echo slides the mask back down and leaving the room.

[WC= 1,045 Palm based Chakra projection Mastered And the Third tail of V2 cloak.]
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:08 am
Approved, +5 stats, +10 JP.
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:37 pm
It is within the red and black realm of Asgard sitting in a throne surrounded by high walls that Echo Uchiha garbed in a rather luxurious looking suit, a cigarillo hanging loosely from his lips in meditation.

The wisps of smoke from the end of his tobacco float upwards in ripples and swirl slightly.

In the recent years since he's taken the aging pills he's enjoyed his new frame, it's filled him with confidence, spirit and if he does say so himself a very large amount of sex appeal.

Most's helped him move past the little boy who was beaten against a wall time and time again by his own clansmen, facing the punishment for a loss of a beloved leader and shadowed by two much more capable Brothers.

As he enters his state ready to face his inner darkness....he finds himself once again as a Thirteen year old boy, a pair of pilots goggles a green cotton shirt and a pair of blue shinobi pants and sandals adorning his tiny frame.

His eyes widen as he finds himself at an all too familiar space, the wall...the wall where clan members would gather blocking off the only entrance with a wall of fire users.

He trembles slightly his eyes widening as the sight of a clan of two hundred Uchiha stand before him sneering at him as the form a wall opposite the granite with the symbol of the Uchiha standing high above his head.

His weapons are gone, the strength that he held as an adult has vanished..along with the confidence..

He's back to square one, the weak little green prankster that never could fight without a weapon in hand.

"What is this!!?" Echo shouts in growing hysteria his eyes flicking back and forth the Uchiha clan laughing in unison at his fear ropes and blunt objects seeming to materialize in their hands from thin-air.

One clan member speaks up a sneer adorning his face clenching the rope in his hands which he separates with a twang. 'Were gonna avenge the Goddess of Battle' the clan member speaks mockingly the other Uchiha smirking as the tiny frame of the young Uchiha takes a step back his back finding itself pressed against the wall.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!" He shouts masking his fear with anger as he forms his favorite hand signs from his youth "TAJUU!! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!!" He shouts..but nothing occurs..Echo blinks in growing realization of his helplessness before his clan.

The Uchiha as a whole takes a step forward the single clan member from before speaks 'This is all you are, a weak little child trembling before the might of the Uchiha.' the clan member smirks his Sharingan forming in unison with the wave of clan members behind him. 'You'll never be one of us.'

Echo pauses for a moment his expression blank "...One of you?" he asks his voice dull the clan members quirking an eyebrow in confusion sharing a glance with each other. "What makes any of you think I wanted to be one of you?" He asks his face showing nothing but rage, the hate he's hidden all these years now coming to fruition as he snarls out his answer a black book forming in Echo's left hand...Echo immediately recognizes it as the diary from his youth...Echo smirks cruelly turning the book backwards...the clan roster is listed on the back...only three names are crossed off the rest are circled in red. "For years...." he begins taking a step forward as the wind in the area begins to pick up "I've wanted nothing but THIS CLANS DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!" he roars his voice deepening as a whirlwind obscures his frame from view as the sky over the recreated Uchiha district darkens a pitch black red lightning striking as an ominous yellow moon gleams over head.

A deep evil reverberating chuckle causes the clan members to take a collective step back as the frame of the fully matured Echo stands before them his garb consisting of an adult version of the clothes he was wearing before hand the goggles missing.

His eyes are gleaming a dark red the Mangekyo in his eyes spinning menacingly as the claws forming from his fingernails wriggle with his growing bloodlust, he grins evilly revealing sharpened canines as a deep growl erupts from him. "You bastards don't seem to understand, I didn't understand before inner peace doesn't come from ridding myself of the hate...It comes from Embracing it." he speaks his voice echoing demonically as the clans lynch gear forms into actual shinobi weaponry.

As this occurs a burst of wind surround Echo Uchiha who roars in challenge as the clan members launch fieballs, Kunai, shuriken, demon wind shuriken some of the clan who have formed the mangekyo in the past even attempt a kamui or amaterasu.

They don't land a blow, their prey vanishes from their sight for a moment and it is only when he reappears to they understand...

They are no longer the predators.

Reappearing in the center of the gather clan members he forms a tornado which expands outwards the clan members being flung away like rag dolls the others dodge and weave looking upon their broken clan members with fear as their eyes flicker back towards the Demon of their own creation grinning and chuckling in satisfaction at the fear in their eyes as they now step away from him..towards the wall he's always hated.

Cruel Cruel irony...

Forming a ball of condensed wind in his right hand which he sweeps back as the clan in futile hope attempt to form the hand seals for the Great Fireball Technique, their too slow as Echo drives the wind forward in an arcing slash obliterating several clan members in a show of gore as the others who survive are thrown painfully against the wall and painted in the blood of their clansmen.

Echo grins as the pain that has ached in his heart and the festering pressure in the back of his head begins to ease at the sight of the clans blood and broken frames adorn the Uchiha district..this is the satisfaction that comes from Vengeance.

The vengeance he's craved for years as he festered on the streets stealing, tricking, conning, struggling just for his next meal.

He chuckles as he steps forward the former pack leader now huddled against the wall in fear as Echo steps towards him "A weak child am I?" he asks his tone filled with cruel mirth as he continues gesturing casually as the green shirt vanishes in place of a black trench coat with a mesh shirt underneath.

He stops five feet in front of the broken clan members who looks up with fearful eyes "Heheheheh..." he continues as wind swirls around their frames and lifts them into the air which is accompanied by screams of fear and pleadings of mercy "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!" is his only after maniacal laughter heard for miles around as Echo tosses his head back in roaring laughter filled with the need for bloodshed and vengeance, the laughter filled with nothing but mirth and satisfaction at the destruction and death.

Strangely enough....this is the inner peace Echo has yearned for, the peace of mind he needed, he blood cleansing his soul with true happiness.

A smirk occurs as Echo's feet raise from the ground, his power pulsating outwards blue chakra laced wind beginning to swirl around the Uchiha district...lifting it from the ground..

Echo grits his teeth in exertion grinning wide as the buildings crumble, the clan members watching in horror as their ancestral homes are broken to pieces from the weight being dropped from the Daimao they've created.

He smirks panting slightly as his eyes now turn towards the rest of the clan members, a mere twenty remaining from the two hundred, his smirk widens his fangs peaking from his lips as he floats towards them with casual ease.

'You'll never get away with this!! We'll make you pay!!' he shouts Echo mock flinching back before he speaks again in a mocking childish tone.

"Gee Mister, I'm sorry I slaughtered your whole family and destroyed your district...I promise I'll never do it again..." he says before letting out a mocking laugh before he slugs the Uchiha right in the face with a cruel smirk still in place as the Uchiha's jaw is broken from the force of the blow "Everything you Uchiha say just pisses me off.." he chuckles again before waving a goodbye to all his troubles, the Uchiha's eyes widen in horror and realization on what's about to happen.

The wind fades...and they drop.

He begins slowly lowering down in front of the plot of land, a wind barrier vanishing around what is revealed to be Echo's childhood home...Echo smiles as the door opens a young Viper and Koroshi greeting him with a smirk and a nod and a grin and a wave...

"I'm home" he says before the image fades...he still has work to do after all.

[1,529, Waterfall of Truth scenario complete.]
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Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P] - Page 2 Empty Re: Introductions...[Multiple Abilities Training, P]

Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:47 pm
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