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Joro Shokku
Joro Shokku
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Fri Apr 19, 2024 4:44 pm

Joro slowly opened his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face. He yawned from a late-night watch he had, had, stretching out his arms, feeling the tension in his muscles release. He sat up on the bed and took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air fill his lungs. Joro smiled, knowing that it was going to be a good day. He had a few missions to do and it was with Jurei. They had met some time ago, she was a rather tall woman, a little older than Joro. Joro remembered her bright gold hair, which he always thought was quite beautiful.

He got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen, feeling the soft carpet under his feet. He filled the kettle with water and placed it on the stove, waiting for it to boil. While waiting, he decided to do some light stretches to wake up his body on the balcony of his apartment.

Once the kettle started whistling, Joro made his way back into the kitchen to make some tea. He took a sip and savored the warmth of the drink. He felt ready to face the day. He took his tea and headed to the bathroom, where he started his morning routine.

Joro turned on the shower and let the warm water run down his body. He grabbed his soap and lathered himself, feeling the bubbles tickle his skin. After a few minutes, he rinsed himself off and turned off the water. He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying himself off.

Joro looked at himself in the mirror, knowing he was a day behind shaving, he always tried to stay on top of it, he preferred a shaven face, to facial hair. He grabbed his razor and shaving cream and started to shave his face. He took his time, making sure to get every hair. Once he was done, he rinsed his face with cold water, feeling the refreshing sensation.

He then brushed his teeth, feeling the minty flavor of the toothpaste. He made sure to wake up Stout as he made his way around brushing his teeth. It seemed the Stoat was already up and ready to go. The stoat swirled around in a few circles, looking excited to get going for the day. If Joro remembered correctly, Jurei had a familiar too. Some kind of raccoon or a dog, Joro couldn't remember it had been some time since he saw her last. Joro took a deep breath and smiled again looking down at the Stout, feeling ready to start his day.

Joro finished his morning routine and decided to do some teleporting around the village to stretch his skills with the new jutsu. He made his way to the balcony, where Stout was waiting for him. Joro weaved a few hand seals and then touched his forehead, teleporting himself and Stout to the marketplace.

Joro looked around, seeing the hustle and bustle of the marketplace. People were buying and selling goods, and the smell of fresh produce filled the air. Stout sniffed around, curious about the new smells.

"You want to get something buddy? I think there are some good fruit vendors I know this way."

Joro stretched his arms and legs, feeling the rush from the teleportation. It always felt good to stretch after a teleportation. He walked around the marketplace, greeting some of the locals he knew. He grabbed a bag of assorted fruit paid the man he knew as Tim, and went on his way.

After a few minutes, Joro weaved another set of hand seals and teleported to the outskirts of the village. He and Stout looked around, taking in the beautiful scenery. They could see the wonderful view of the outskirts of the village and the greenery that surrounded the village. He hoped and believed one day he would become a strong enough shinobi to travel outside of the village borders. So he could meet all of the people in the world.

Joro took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air fill his lungs. He stretched his arms and legs again, feeling the tension release from his muscles. Stout swirled around, enjoying the new surroundings. Joro felt invigorated and ready to start his missions for the day. He weaved another set of hand seals and teleported with Stout to a park table he frequented. He sat down at one of the nearby tables eating a peach, and lowering the bag so Stout could pick out what he liked.  Joro finished his peach and decided to teleport back home to grab his katanas. He weaved another set of hand seals and touched his forehead, teleporting himself and Stout back to his apartment.

Once he arrived, Joro quickly grabbed his katanas and strapped them to his back. He also grabbed a few ninja tools, just in case he needed them for his missions. Feeling prepared, Joro weaved another set of hand seals and teleported himself and Stout back to his meeting spot with Jurei. He sat down at the table, feeling ready to tackle whatever missions they had for the day. He would eagerly wait for Jurei to arrive so they could get start on their missions. He sat down eating an apple this time, and letting Stout try one of the peaches.

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