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Oyu Otsunato
Oyu Otsunato
Vagabond (E-rank)
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My bath need cleaning Empty My bath need cleaning

Sun Mar 31, 2024 7:51 pm

Now entered officially into the village again, Oyu would wake up in the morning and dress in his finnest garbs, readying himself to go meet the Kage of the moon, the sweet and fatale Junko Tsukiko, the Tsukikage, lady of the Moon. After taking a long bath, the older grey haired man would perfume himself, making sure to be on his best presentation ever. After all, he was meeting her to become a citizen of this place, but also to get the authorisation and transfer the ownership of the Red Moo Resort to him, concluding the deal of him moving here in the first place. He would need to acquire the permit to build and renovate the place too, so he needed to put on his business personna, be more straight and serious than usual.

My bath need cleaning O0ci70a

His attire was indeed regal. He worn a long tunic of dark black with a collar raised to his jawline, sharp and clean, with the fabric of a dark silk. Underneath he worn a all dark lavender robes hidding his black loose but chic pants, fitted to his legs, all the way down to his regal shoes, signalling the extravagant taste and refinery in clothing. Over it all he wore a ornate coat long all the way to his ankles, with a cream colored interior of velvet fabric, another testimony of his refinement. The boat was embroidered in golden paterns and motifs, but worn loosely, hanging from the arms of the man instead of resting on his shoulders, a sign of depravity and laid back attitude, even in the face of clothing fit for the finest lord and daimyo of any land. To appear even more official, Oyu carried at his hip a regal sword of parade, a ornemental replica only used for presence and not for combat, signalling his origins as an established nobleman of his clan, as well as flaunting even more his taste in excess. 

As he arrived to the Kage tower carried by carriage, Oyu simply knocked at the door with his back hand, heavy and strong enough with jewelery and the firm hands of an older brash man, signaling his arrival, and waiting to meet the lady. In his other hand, and under his arm, he carried a pile of scrolls to be filled, contracts and forms as well as legal authorisations regarding the Resort and it all. His face showed contentness as well as stillness, his eyes half closed in waiting, neutral, but inside impatient, tho he wouldnt dare to let it show.
Junko Tsukiko
Junko Tsukiko
Village Leader
Village Leader
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Jun Tsukiko
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Village : Vagabonds
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My bath need cleaning Empty Re: My bath need cleaning

Wed Apr 03, 2024 12:51 am
As her previous meeting came to a close, another one quickly approached. She was to be meeting with a middle-aged man about some building permits and his integration into the village. Junko looked over some of the relevant paperwork and began to fill out anything that was required. Soon she heard a knocking sound at her door, which she assumed to be a man named Oyu Otsunato. She’d call out to him, and beckon him into her office as she slid some folders into her desk. As he entered, Junko would stand and offer the man a polite bow before motioning for him to sit in one of the comfortable chairs in front of her desk.

If he examined her, she looked to be wearing comfortable but extravagantly made clothing. A tight, black, strapless dress hugged her body and stopped about halfway down her thighs. Over her shoulders, she looked to be wearing a crimson-red, flowy kimono with roses embroidered into the sleeves in black thread. Silver and red jewelry speckled her porcelain-like skin and contrasted well against the dark fabric of her attire. Her thick, long black hair lay in curls down her back with some of it resting a bit on her shoulders. Long bangs seemingly framed her face perfectly and accentuated her dark red eyes. Around her, the air felt welcoming but electric with ambition and confidence.

Once seated she’d take a relaxed position in her chair, crossing her right leg over her left and folding her hands in her lap. She’d begin speaking once he sat down, her voice was melodic and inviting.

”Good afternoon, I presume you’re Oyu Otsunato? How can I be of service to you this fine day?

She’d offer him a sweet smile as she looked over his well-made clothes and couldn’t help but think they shopped in similar stores. Patiently she’d wait for his response and wouldn’t interrupt him as he spoke.

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