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Aizen Chinoike
Aizen Chinoike
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Learning The Ropes Empty Learning The Ropes

Wed Mar 27, 2024 5:02 pm
Mission Name: Learning The Ropes
Rank: D
Mission Location: Borders

Challenges: -
Task: You have been wrongly accused of stealing a valuable item from a village nearby and are now being chased by a small shinobi force tasked with bringing you in for further questioning. It is your job to shake off your pursuers and avoid getting caught. How you escape doesn't matter as long as you showcase your skill with the Transformation and Clone techniques.

It should be noted that this mission:
-cannot be used towards any rank-up besides the one mentioned in "Reward."
-cannot be invaded
-cannot be done in multi-mission threads

Word Count Requirement: 1000
Reward: 1000 Ryo / 5 AP and promotion to D-Rank Missing-Ninja or D-rank Vagabond / 1x Vagabond or Missing Nin Headband

Character Requirements: E-Rank Missing-Ninja or Vagabond, 100+ Stats
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission:

Aizen swiftly darted through the dense forest, his heart pounding with adrenaline as he evaded the shinobi force on his tail. His mind raced, calculating his next move as he focused on harnessing his mastery of the Transformation and Clone techniques to outsmart his pursuers.

Moments before Aizen found himself being chased, He witnessed an unfortunate child gathering enough food for a family. Stealing is wrong, no doubt. But letting a kid starve is far more immoral. The nearby village was holding an event where the Leader eats cultural food, which explains the large size. Someone shouts and nearly alerts the nearby villages about the kid's actions, forcing the kid to dash toward an ally to flee.

Whilst watching the kid try to strut through the alleyway, Aizen quickly followed taking attention onto himself instead of the child, and tosses the boy into a trash bin.  Although that wasn't to optimal place to store food for a child, there weren't any other safe places for the boy. Thinking that would be the end, Aizen was met with a huge surprise when attention was drawn to him. And so the chase started.

This wasn't ordinary food, it was massive enough So much so, that it was larger than the starved kid. Its importance grew clear once a quick check over Aizen's shoulders showed the shinobi force trailing behind him. Dog.....No response... Ram... Again nothing. It's very rare for his jutsu to fail him, but he has a lot more to focus on.

Any time Aizen can feel a hand seal linking with his chakra, the sound of kunai hitting items close by ruins his train of thought. Growing tired, he has no other choice but to hide, leading the shinobi force out of the village, Aizen has a wider range of objects to blend in with. It's much easier to understand the properties of nature, rather than anything man-made.

As the sound of footsteps grew closer, Aizen made a split-second decision. With a deft hand seal, he channeled chakra through his body, his form shimmering and shifting until he seamlessly transformed into a gnarled tree trunk. The pursuing shinobi passed right by him, their eyes scanning the forest for any sign of his presence.

Once they were out of sight, Aizen dispelled his transformation and moved swiftly through the trees, his movements silent and calculated. He knew he couldn't let his guard down, not with skilled shinobi still looking for him.

Since he had enough time to focus, Aizen drew on his expertise with the Clone technique, he created two illusions of himself, each moving in a different direction to confuse his pursuers. He didn't make it too far since he "lost" them so it's no surprise they'd be back to rescan the area.

The shinobi split up, each following a different clone as Aizen continued to lead them on a wild goose chase through the forest. His clones dissipated one by one, sacrificing themselves to buy him precious time to plan his next move. Aizen knew he needed to find a way to turn the tables on his pursuers if he wanted to escape unscathed. With a sudden burst of speed, Aizen dashed towards a nearby ravine, his chakra surging as he leaped across a gaping chasm

It doesn't take long before Aizen feels chakra return to him. Not much time was bought, and the distance created was nearly instantly covered. The shinobi followed suit, their determination driving them to match his every move. jumping over the gaping chasm, they landed on the other side, they were met by Aizen awaiting them. They stood by him staring him down.

There was no running, He was caught. The shinobi force states their status and tells Aizen the crime they believe he committed. A confused look appears on Aizen's face. Just before Aizen expresses that none of the stolen provisions could've been stolen by him. because no food of the size lay on his person, A shinobi force member points his blade at Aizen's pouch.

It is a coincidence, but Aizen purchased well before jumping to the kid's aid. Even if he spoke up about his recent purchase, it becomes unbelievable at this point. Aizen can tell they want to seize his purchased goods, a mere replica of the leader's king-sized meal. The tension in the air was palpable as Aizen stood surrounded by the shinobi force, their accusing eyes fixed on him. With a sinking feeling in his chest, Aizen realized the gravity of the situation. Despite his innocence, the evidence stacked against him was damning, and he knew that words alone would not be enough to sway the shinobi's judgment. Without a second word, nor another say, Aizen is detained.

Aizen found himself bound and escorted back to the village by the shinobi force, his mind racing with thoughts of the unfortunate turn of events. As they made their way through the village, a crowd began to gather, murmurs and whispers spreading like wildfire as word of Aizen's apprehension spread.

The leader of the village, a wise and discerning figure, stepped forward to address the commotion. With a keen eye, the leader observed the scene before him, taking in the sight of Aizen being brought in as a suspected thief. Aizen's reputation as a skilled shinobi was well-known, and the sudden accusation sent ripples of disbelief through the crowd.

The leader approached Aizen, his gaze steady and unwavering. In a calm yet authoritative voice, he requested an explanation for the situation at hand. Aizen seized the opportunity to recount the events that had unfolded, from his encounter with the starving child to the misunderstanding that had led to his capture.

After those words are spoken, The clone dissipates. A dirty trick turned clean. Before the clone disappears, Aizen's clone discloses his location if further action needs to be taken, but by the look of the leader, it seemed that wasn't an issue. Escaping the shinobi force was no easy feat, maybe one day He can amount to that level of service to a village. -exit-

Deduct -15 AP
Aizen Chinoike
Aizen Chinoike
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Learning The Ropes Empty Re: Learning The Ropes

Thu Mar 28, 2024 3:59 am

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Hanzo Uchiha
Hanzo Uchiha
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Learning The Ropes Empty Re: Learning The Ropes

Fri Mar 29, 2024 3:49 am
Aizen Chinoike wrote:

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