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Powder Iburi
Powder Iburi
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 7000

Learning the Ropes  Empty Learning the Ropes

Wed Mar 06, 2024 8:53 pm
Mission Name: Learning The Ropes
Rank: D
Mission Location: Borders

Challenges: -
Task: You have been wrongly accused of stealing a valuable item from a village nearby and are now being chased by a small shinobi force tasked with bringing you in for further questioning. It is your job to shake off your pursuers and avoid getting caught. How you escape doesn't matter as long as you showcase your skill with the Transformation and Clone techniques.

It should be noted that this mission:
-cannot be used towards any rank-up besides the one mentioned in "Reward."
-cannot be invaded
-cannot be done in multi-mission threads

Word Count Requirement: 1000
Reward: 1000 Ryo / 5 AP and promotion to D-Rank Missing-Ninja or D-rank Vagabond / 1x Vagabond or Missing Nin Headband

Character Requirements: E-Rank Missing-Ninja or Vagabond, 100+ Stats
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission:

Return to the Mission Directory

Powder tightened her grip upon the handful of shawl in which shrouded her form, like a cloth veil that hid her from the prying world around her. The night was heavy and the moon showed itself as a mere crescent that cast itself from high above. A brief shiver coursed through her small figure, as Powder ducked beneath an awning nearby. A few sudden shouts behind her alerted the young woman, causing her to quicken her pace through the harbor. Her movements were as fleeting as a deer being chased by a pack of hungry wolves. Ones who were merciless as they refused to give up their chase.

This was easily one of the times in which the azure-haired lass felt so small within the world. No more than a mouse that fell victim to misunderstandings that led to cruel assumptions. And now she was being chased by some of the authorities that maintained control within the area.

Powder was beginning to regret visiting the harbor, as she zig-zagged through the wooded buildings in an attempt to shake them off her tail.  

She had merely wanted to visit the food stalls, to look through the displays, and purchase some high-quality sea fish to bring back home. Gramps had told her that a small Habor was located a good distance from where they lived and that their food stalls provided one of the best fish for purchase. The two elders that watched over her the past few years, had kindly gifted her some ryo after Powder had assisted them with a few simple chores. She couldn’t help but be drawn toward the thought of bringing something nice back for them to stew up. The idea of grilled eel, that was then drenched in the best seafood broth, had easily made her mouth water with delight.

But as she had walked amongst the food stalls, admiring the different unique variants of sea fish on display, Powder was suddenly interrupted by the approaching of other unknown individuals. But by the shouting of their voices and the words that were spoken from their angry mouths, Powder had quickly realized that she needed to get moving along. She had only enough time to finish her exchange with the stall owner before she had to quickly turn in the opposite direction of the angry individuals, taking off into a full sprint.

She knew deep down that it would be pointless to try and reason with them. Since this was Powder’s first visit within this specific Habor, they would deem her as just a suspicious stranger without trying to understand the actual situation.

She was just thankful that the stall owner still allowed her time to finish the purchase before the lass had to dart off.

The eel was safely tucked beneath her left arm, carefully wrapped in parchment, as Powder quickly scanned for the next route to take. Behind her, the lass could catch brief fragments of their voices as they demanded her to stop. “You won’t get away!”
“Bring back the stolen merchandise and we won’t have to take things further!”
“You are going to pay Thief!”

Confusion ran through her mind as Powder continued to dash outside of their grasp, maintaining a good ten feet between her and her angry pursuers. She had no idea what stolen merchandise they were yelling about. The eel tucked beneath her arm was paid for. But the fear of possibly losing the eel if they caught up to her, and whatever else may follow, was enough to keep the girl moving. Besides, she feared how her reputation would be dented if word spread amongst the island that she was thought to be a thief. Deep down Powder knew that Gramps and Miss would never believe such false claims, but still, the others may become weary of her and dampen some of her other relationships. So far the cloth shawl that Powder so desperately clung around her, shielded her identity from the angry wolves that snapped at her heels.

But running was not doing Powder much good. It wouldn’t be long before she ran out of energy, the ones pursuing her seemed to be more capable of their chase. Her mind raced to come up with some sort of solution. Anything that would help get them off her tail for good. There were only so many turns in which she could take before the lass would run out of anywhere else to go.

The shouts seemed to draw in closer, and Powder already felt her breathing escalating a bit too far. Each breath was becoming a bit more rugged, as she fought against the wind. With a bit more of the strength she still had within her, Powder pushed herself forward. Her footsteps brought her forward a bit more quickly as the distance between her and the angry individuals grew a good amount. At the most heightened moment of the chase, Powder was able to suddenly recall one of her moments with her brother. A memory from her past that called to her at this very moment.

Back then her brother would perform some sort of trick to cheer her up. Powder had been a big crybaby in the past when her brother looked after her. He would somehow transform himself into a cat, which would easily distract her from whatever it was that made her sad. Powder desperately thought of what it was that allowed him to take such a form. Her mind quickly worked on a solution, a plan, something that would give her a chance.

And that was when she briefly felt a surge of confidence, as a new sensation coursed through her being. Powder fought to control the pace of her breathing for a solid moment, as a newfound energy seemed to travel within. The lass waited for the perfect moment, till the moment she veered around a corner that would obscure their sight from her for only a short time, before shaping the desired formed with her hands.

At that moment, a sudden identical image of herself would appear right beside Powder, which would catch her off guard. She hadn’t expected it to work. But she didn’t have time to celebrate her succession. She quickly hid the packaged eel safely before forming another seal, realizing that the angry shouts were drawing even closer. The clone self would take off to the right, appearing in perfect view of the pursuers, as the real Powder would shrink into the form of a cat.

Her small form would duck within the shadows as the pursuers would continue to chase after the clone of herself, being completely oblivious to the cat that hid within the darkness. Her transformation wasn’t absolutely perfect, since the color of her fur obtained the same blue as Powder’s hair. But it was perfect enough to help her escape. -exit-

Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Village : Missing Ninja
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Learning the Ropes  Empty Re: Learning the Ropes

Thu Mar 07, 2024 5:59 pm
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