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Yama Kokoro
Yama Kokoro
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Where the men shall gather - Page 2 Empty Re: Where the men shall gather

Thu Apr 18, 2024 3:45 pm
Pain, pleasure, and everything in between were simply concepts to Yama at this time. He couldn't feel himself thinking anymore; every thought melted away in the pressure, pleasure, and the pressing of their bodies together, becoming one. Yama couldn't believe what he was doing; he couldn't believe he was so lucky to have such a partner in this relationship. His lungs couldn't seem to fill appropriately, and he was in a constant state of hyperventilation; his mind was filled with thoughts but completely blank all at the same time. The breathless gasps and the small sounds that escaped their mouths were the only sounds that echoed through the space they had found themselves in.

In the quiet moments following their intimate encounter, Yama was adrift in the sea of emotions that sprung within his mind during their act. Each wave crashed against the shores of his consciousness with a force that left him breathless. There was a sense of exhilaration, a heady rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins as he reveled in the raw intensity of their connection. In Akaime’s arms, he had discovered a haven, a refuge from the demons that tormented him, a place where he surrendered to the wild currents of want and need surging beneath his skin. But beyond the delight was a hint of uncertainty, a lingering shadow that fluttered at the edge of his awareness, casting doubt on the delicate moments of shared intimacy. Had their interaction been no more than a fleeting fancy, a welcome distraction from the harshness of their realities? Or was it something more profound, the first glimpse of a future defined by possibility and promise? 

As he lay with his beloved in the hot springs, his mind drifted to the man of his dreams, who had burned a fire in him that raged with a ferocity he had never experienced. Their union had a vulnerability, an openness that transcended words and offered them access to each other’s deepest selves. Yama closed his eyes and inhaled the aromatic scent of his lover’s skin, allowing the aching sorrow of desire to envelop his heart. For in the arms of Akaime, he had found not just lust but the promise of a love so pure it was capable of changing something, maybe the whole world. But at the very least, it had already changed his.

He calmed his mind as he could hear the sweet voice of his love calling him back to reality and out of his surreal landscape that was once a raging sea that was now calmed. His words cut straight through the facade of confidence he had tried to build, crushing it with little effort. Of course, he was worried that Akaime would get rid of him as soon as he got bored. With a single look at him, who wouldn't think that someone who looked like him would stay with someone like Yama for the rest of his life?

He continued speaking words that soothed his soul, again bringing tears to his eyes. He couldn't remember the last time he had cried, but it had happened several times since he had met Akaime. Somehow, this perfect specimen had brought emotions out of him that he was sure were burned away for all of existence. When Akaime said that he cared more about Yama than Yama cared about him, he shook his head, believing this to be purely impossible. There was no means to measure his love for Akaime as it was far too vast to be understood by the simple mind of a human.

He wouldn't interrupt as Akaime continued, speaking of how Yama thought of him as a deity, which Yama was wholly convinced of. Yama used his free hand to caress Akaime's chin when he claimed that Yama had saved his life. He lifted Akaime's chin, closer to his, he leaned forward and kissed him gently on his lips. Akaime continued, and Yama wiped the tear that fell from his eye. He thought to put his life on the line for whatever reason. The level of care that he had for his life was so low, but that all seemed to change at this very moment. 

"I promise you, Akaime. That if it came down to it. I would put my life on the line for yours every single time. I care for you, Akaime. Nothing on this planet is going to cause me ever to hesitate. If I can protect you or anything you care for on this planet, I will die happy knowing that I have done something to make you proud of me." He matched Akaime's streams of tears with his own, destroyed by Akaime's actual vulnerability with him. He held Akaime close, pulling his entire body closer to him, feeling his fully exposed body pressed against his. But this was no feeling of sexual tension. Instead, he desperately wanted to show Akaime how much he was cherished, valued, and loved.

He respected Akaime but had to go against his wishes with this particular request. Akaime was the only thing in his life that was truly important; everything else didn't even pale in comparison; they couldn't even be in the same conversation compared to Akaime. It was about this time, after their embrace, that Akaime had changed the subject to the idea of getting something to eat together.

Yama respected the wish to change the subject, and he grabbed the towel sitting on the bench, got out of the water, and dried himself off. As they dried off, Yama couldn't help but stare at Akaime's body. He wanted even more of him even though he had just been given the gift of tasting his skin. For now, he wanted nothing more than to have him without end, but he respected that it was impossible. As they dressed, he spoke of the Tsukikage, saying she was his relative. 

"Wow! What a coincidence. I'm glad that we have found someone related to you." Yama spoke with excitement and joy. Akaime continued by asking Yama if he wanted to stay with him in the Kage Tower. His mind rushed, and his body froze for a moment. "You want me to live with you?" Now dressed in his pants, Yama walked up to Akaime, wrapped his arms around his slender waist, and hoisted him into the air. "I couldn't say yes enough. So I will show you my answer." He used his left hand to gently run his fingers through his hair, pressed against the back of his head and passionately kissed him on his lips. 

When he sat Akaime back down, his face was flush with color. He couldn't believe the shift in these recent months. A lifetime of misery, to be washed away by the strength of one man, his beloved Akaime. When they were ready, Akaime asked if they should get going, to which he responded with a nod. As they exited the Hot Springs, Akaime grabbed Yama's and wove his beautiful fingers around Yama's, and his heart stopped momentarily. He couldn't think of the last time someone had held his hand, but now the most incredible man in the entire village, no, the world as a whole, was holding his.

A question was asked to Yama, the question was that of defining the relationship between them. Yama was unsure of what to say. It wasn't that he was unsure of his feelings, as he knew that he loved Akaime with his entire heart. The question was more of what to say that wouldn't cause Akaime to get scared and run away. Yama thought about it for a moment as they walked through a nearby park. "Akaime. I know we have expressed our feelings to one another. But I think there is one more feeling that I can't keep contained within me any longer."

He sat down with Akaime for a moment on a bench in the park. "I know earlier I had said that I will show you that you are loved. But I feel the need to expand on what I mean by that. I don't mean that you are loved like a friend. I feel far more strongly about you than a mere friendship. I love you with everything that I am and everything I have within my body. You have all of me, and no one else could possibly enter into my mind with anything nearly as powerful as what I feel for you. If I could pry my very heart out of my chest and give that to you I would, but I would rather see you with living eyes for now. When it comes to what we are, I pray that we are more than friends. I want to rise with you every morning, I want to lie with you every night. I don't want a single moment to pass where you are not the pinnacle of importance in my life. I've never felt so strongly about anyone or anything in my life. You are my life, Akaime."

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Where the men shall gather - Page 2 Empty Re: Where the men shall gather

Fri Apr 19, 2024 12:55 am
Soft sounds of songbirds chirping in the tree branches nearby. A soft gust of wind gave a cool but needed distraction from the sun’s bright radiance as it glimmered the lands below. The hint of rain mixed in between the salted aroma could be smelled from the impending storm coming from the northwest. Cumulonimbus clouds were forming in the skies but still didn't offer protection from the illuminessence like the vegetative branches did. A small pond near the benches allowed the sounds of soft splashes from the koi fishes. Everything here seemed straight out of a fairytale, but the scenery was just one part of that tale. The most important was that of the relationship building between the two figures that found their place amongst the area.

Subtle touches, gentle kisses, and soothing words, one could tell that these two individuals were burning with a passionate love that could set the world aflame. A never-ending fire that was ignited deep in the forestry of the Key Country has made its way home in the Moon Country. A tale of two broken hearts that have pierced their way together to make whole. Fate had a strange occurrence of intertwining two lone apparitions into one another to form a unique loving script. And this is a love story that is blooming right before our eyes, and it is beyond beautiful.

Yama soon expressed his deep, no longer hidden, desire to Akaime. The ethereal Chinoike could not help but blister with a feverish tint. Reassuring words and a heartfelt confession brought his newly acquired feelings to the surface. Everything that is being said, he also felt embedded in the deepest parts of him. He knew the meaning of love was strong, but to this extent, he was completely and utterly bewildered. The shuffling of his fingertips amongst each other, one could tell he was nervous still. But if someone were to take a closer look inside, they could tell this is something he longed for. It was as if the stars had aligned perfectly in Akaime’s world. The gods have graced him with a family and a lover. Perhaps, his prayers have finally been answered, but whatever the case may be. He will not complain about it.

The Kokoro finished his sentiments, but all that Akaime could do was lean forward and place a hungry kiss upon the man’s mouth. The urge to explore his mouth and every inch of his skin was strong. He wanted to taste everything on the man. The kiss was sloppy, devoid of innocence, and vigorous. Akaime knew if they weren’t in such a public place, things would escalate even further until the very essence of them flowed within each other. But such acts would have to wait until prying eyes would be banished; so far now, he enjoyed this moment in heat.

It was a while before Akaime had to break away to be able to breathe again. A string of saliva connected his bottom lip to Yama’s before completely breaking free and plastered his substance along Akaime’s chin. The Chinoike did not care that it was there, glistening in the daylight, showing the world an intimate act of affection. Slowly heaving in and out, he brought his hand up and placed it against the rock-hard chest of the man he so entirely loved. “I love you too, Yama,” he expressed with a shaky voice and loving eyes. “But what you said sounded like a proposal,” Akaime childishly grinned towards the bigger male before continuing, “are you proposing to me.” Without waiting for an answer, Akaime dove in for another round of an intensifying kissing session.

This time, the kiss lasted longer but not like Akaime minded. His mind was so fluttered with emotions and feelings, he didn’t realize he had wrapped his arms around Yama’s neck and held him tightly. Perhaps, an act for him not to get away from the Chinoike. But the blood user knew in the back of his mind that he wanted this as much as the blond did. Pulling away from his mouth again, Akaime was out of air just like before. “While I would like to continue, I don’t think our audience would enjoy it that much,” he chuckled, pointing at the passersby that had looks of disgust and subtle hints of jealousy.

“So, how about we go get food now and then later, we can continue where we left off in the hot springs?” Akaime said with seduction and playfulness, “can’t let you tap out too quickly again,” he laughed as he padded the Kokoro’s chest before standing up. Holding his hand out, Akaime offered it to Yama to grab so they could be on their way to the eatery.

Leading with one foot in front of the other, the sound underneath his boot caught his attention. Usually, it would make a noise of a crunch, but it was as if it wasn’t any gravel being crushed under the weight of his foot. Soft and light without much sound. Interesting. His eyes followed him ahead. Watching the towns people talk amongst themselves. Laughing, joking, having a good time all around. It lit a spark inside Akaime. He wished other places could be like this. This was all he wanted. Peace. If there were no more wars. No more disease. Would the world be happy? No. 

"Here we are!" Akaime pointed at what looked like a tavern. From the outside, the place looks modest, humble and beautiful. Clay and hard wooden beams make up most of the building's outer structure. It's impossible to see through the closed windows, but the thrilled sounds from within can be felt outside. Above the door, written on a wooden sign, 'The Moon Glaze' pasted its name for the world to see.

As Akaime enters the tavern through the heavy, wooden door, he is welcomed by amazing, but unknown scents and joyful music. Sounds and smells foreign to him but all still inviting. The bartender is working hard, but still manages to welcome Akaime and Yama with a friendly nod. It's as alluring inside as it is on the outside. Tree logs support the upper floor and the decorational lights attached to them. The walls are clear of anything, though signs do show plenty of things used to hang on the walls, though they've probably been knocked off by customers who had too much to drink.

The tavern itself is packed. Civilians seemed to be the primary clientele here, which could be seen as the best sign you can get. Several long tables are occupied by what must be separate groups who have bonded over great food and conversation. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who seem to be enjoying themselves a lot, perhaps too much, if such a thing is possible. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

"Let's find a place to sit and get some food in our stomachs," Akaime said with a smile, leading them to probably the only empty table in the whole tavern. Taking his seat across from his man, a working wench came up to the table to take their order.

"'Ello boys, my name is Shiba, how can I help y'all tonight," the voluptuous woman with blonde hair said to them.

"I'll just have the house special, and some yale," Akaime said. He had no idea what to get so he figured that going with whatever special they had would work, plus, a little bit of alcohol never hurt him.

After Yama ordered, Akaime would look at him with loving eyes, "So, what do you think about all this?"

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