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Kutari Uchiha
Kutari Uchiha
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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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The Uchiha that takes and gives Empty The Uchiha that takes and gives

Mon Mar 11, 2024 7:02 pm
Under the influence of his whiskey, its warmth still coursing through him, Kutari finds himself swaying slightly as he navigates his way back to the larger part of the settlement. The alcohol lends a certain haziness to his perception, blurring the edges of his surroundings, bringing himself in to a dizzy state, being unsure of what his surroundings were. But his instincts remain as sharp as ever, focusing on the goal at hand, to get a bit closer to the stalls so he can see just what it was that was on offer in this small bustling little village. He stays upright, as years of practice has honed his ability to stay up right whilst hammered drunk, and he hadn't consumed quite enough to put him down just yet, but he did plan on changing that.

As he meanders amongst the market stalls and homes, he begins to overhear a familiar voice cutting through the atmosphere. It was the voice of the merchant that he had stolen from before. The voice instantly put him on edge, he knew that if he was to be discovered, then he wouldn't be able to outrun them. I mean he probably could try, but it would be a sad sight indeed of him trying to outrun anything in his current state of mind and body.

Kutari's movements are far more calculated than the average drunkards, not saying much but is is something he holds in high regard of importance. He dances through the stalls and the masses of people as he continues to navigate through this situation that he had put himself in. The thrill of the theft, the excitement of the chase, it was all something that caused a rush within his mind and his soul. This small settlement was ill prepared for dealing with the likes of Kutari. He knew that he was a little shit at heart, and he reveled in the idea of getting away with his crimes.

Eventually, Kutari put enough distance between himself and the merchant that he realized that they were beginning to give up on the chase. There was little he needed to do now, except leave the town altogether. He was going to leave to some new place on the island, another stall selling more liquor, and he was going to have that be his plan for the afternoon into the evening. He marched through the settlement's masses with an ease and a gracefullness that would rival that of dancers, as he viewed his thievery as a dance between the wrong and the misguided.

He wanders to the edge of town, and he realizes that there is much to do, much ground to cover for his next outing, or session if one wills. He wasn't sure what he was doing with his life, but that mattered little to him. His main source of enjoyment was the thrill of the hunt, the chase, and the thievery. He wanted to steal the hearts of women, bottles of liquor, and as much money as he possibly could.

The sun, now dipping lower into the sky, beckons him toward the horizon line. It is time for him to move forward in his life, by literally moving forward from his position. He stares at the path ahead of him, and he feels the alcohol weighing down every step. He knows it'll be nightfall by the time he makes it to the next settlement. But at least it'll be dark by the time he swipes his next bottle. The call of adventure, and the allure of mischief, still whispers to him as he aches for another swig.

As he continues on the path, looking on to the next settlement, a flicker of that raging defiance burns within him. He believed that there was nothing within this world that could extinguish it. Maybe he would one day find something more important to him then his freedom, but to this day, he hadn't found anything. His parents would speak to him all of the time on freedom. They spoke so highly of it. That was why they risked their lives on the road, because they didn't want to be contained by any village.

The mere thought of becoming the member of a village was frightening to them. Stuck within the walls of someone else's design, making sure that they would always be bound to a specific place, doing a specific set of tasks day in and day out. It wasn't something that appealed to them, and they instilled that same feeling to himself. The idea of being stuck within one place, never to leave until given the go-ahead. It just seemed to brutal, and honestly kind of sad. There was no benefit to the village as far as he was concerned.

The urge for his thievery isn't the need for liquor, if he wanted he could easily do some honest work and just pay for the booze. But instead it was fueled by the need for the thrill. The utmost pleasure he gets from stealing from people. From doing the things that he isn't supposed to do, by simply taking what he believes should be his. There wasn't much more to it than that. He turns a bend and can already see the next settlement on the horizon, he was enjoying the smaller distances between places here on the island as compared to the main land.

His gaze lingers on the settlement, is outlines just becoming visible in the fading light that the sun was providing. He figured it would be just getting to nightfall by the time he would be reaching their fires for light, so he wasn't concerned. He continued moving forward, with an interest to the world, especially the parts of the world that contained alcohol. He weighed his actions against the consequences. But he realizes very quickly afterwards that the adrenaline that he felt when he was stealing things, the absolute rush of doing what he shouldn't was far too exciting, far too much of a high.

The settlement was becoming larger to him now, the guards that walked around the walls didn't seem to care that they had a guest. At least, they didn't care that Kutari was the guest. He had known about the bandits by the ruins, he had hear rumors of some coming this far to the north, but he hadn't seen any since that time. Maybe he was getting lucky. Or maybe there was someone out there more important, or maybe it was some place more important that they didn't think that coming this way was enough of a grab.

Wahtever it was he was happy that it stopped the bandits as it truly didn't seem like something he wanted to have any part of. He had some capabilities with fire, so if need be he could probably do something about a good chunk of them. But he was still too young to be fighting in someone else's war. Far too naive to be handling other peoples' problems. He had his own issues to deal with, like where he was going to sleep that night, or whose stall or tavern he was going to rob that night to get his daily fix.

He cared not for the squabbling of the people. He always found politics to be boring to deal with, tiresome at beast truly. So he decided for himself that he was going to stick around his own circles, and not make too many waves. Mainly because it was far too much of a drag to actually commit himself to trying anything, but also because he didn't know what he could truly provide to any party interested in his own words. He hadn't lived long enough to truly be wise, so him giving counsel was off the table

The only things that he knew how to do were burn things, pick up women, drink alcohol, and cheat at card games. Outside of that? He was a fish out of water with nothing to drink in all honesty. He had seen people, like that Daiki, do such boring things like fill their lives with a business or an honest day's work. But where was the fun in that? Toiling away your days working to pay rent or other bills, just to simply die alone anyway? It wasn't something that interested him, nothing to call him home for.

He would give up on thinking about such things as he began walking through the new settlement. This one was a bit larger than the one before, which he was fine with. It provided him the ability to sneak around just a bit easier than what he had to deal with before in the previous one. There were kids playing in the street, old people walking about, looking at the beautiful sights. It was the perfect place for a small time thief to start doing his work. Soon, he would be flush with cash, and maybe some good old fashion whiskey to keep his singing voice in fettle.

He begins to glance at the market stalls once more, the alcohol from the morning's affairs now worn off, he could feel his mind sharpened as it was before. But now the truly hard choice for the raven-haired Uchiha came. Should he steal from a tavern? Or from a lowly stall trying to make his ends meet? The choice wasn't really based on morality, or even because the stall worker probably made less money after a day outside. Instead, the choice was a matter of challenge. Did he want to work harder for his drink? Or did he simply feel like a bit of easy pickings once more.

He decided that he would go with the tavern, wanting more of a challenge for himself tonight. After a few moments of looking for where the tavern was. He saw that there was a rather lively spot open just next to the center of town, beside the market square. This was the perfect set up. Easy to be lost within a crowd of people. He would weave a hand seal, and suddenly his body would transform into that of someone else. Someone he had seen in the previous settlement. Now with his first stage underway, it was time to commence his plan of drinking the night away.

He entered into the tavern, and there was plenty of people within. But there was one spot on the bar that had yet to be taken. He would glide across the bar room and find that spot, and sit upon it. He would look to the barkeep and he would order himself two doubles of whiskey, whatever he had. He had learned his lesson about ordering the finest, except from barkeeps that he felt were outrageously naive, like that Daiki fellow.

He would get the barkeep's attention and soon after, he would receive his drinks. He was a rather husky fellow with a rather cheery disposition, the perfect setting for a perfect mark. He would begin to speak to this individual, he would chat him up through the night, getting him comfortable. He would even pull out his harmonica and he would start playing it for the masses. He would gather quite the crowd and they all began to watch him play his soulful tunes. There were a few other musicians in the crowd and they all joined the stage to form a mery band for the people at large.

He would start to play his harmonica, he would switch to the violin, he would play the drums. He would bounce all over the stage, enticing people with his music. Through the night, there was so much joy in the air. The tavern was packed solid with people. More than the bar could easily fit. It was almost as if these people hadn't had a proper band play for them in quite some time. Kut would play his heart out for the night, continuing his pursuit of joy in music, and sharing it with the masses.

WC: 2012
TWC: 2012

WC claims:
+1000 towards Tomoe 2 Sharingan (complete) (Previous Progress)
+1012 towards Tomoe 3 Sharingan (1012/4500)
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Ayato Hyuuga
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The Uchiha that takes and gives Empty Re: The Uchiha that takes and gives

Tue Mar 12, 2024 3:12 pm
Kutari Uchiha wrote:

WC: 2012
TWC: 2012

WC claims:
+1000 towards Tomoe 2 Sharingan (complete) (Previous Progress)
+1012 towards Tomoe 3 Sharingan (1012/4500)
Max stat discount applied to all

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