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Stat Page : Chakra Pressure
Taijutsu Default
Wind Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 3000

All it Takes is Dexterity! Empty All it Takes is Dexterity!

Mon Jul 31, 2023 8:44 pm
Mission Details:

The black haired Uchiha, Monsoon, cocked his aquiline face at the wooden dart board. His quizzical expression was due to the notice he currently read, as it stood out among all others. Placed on the board by a gold-trimmed arrow head, on black parchment and gold lettering, was a most astounding and audacious proposition, a challenge of markmanship wherein the challenger was guaranteed to fail, due to the alleged skill of its author.

By its look, and grandiose penmanship, the Uchiha could surmise that the author did not know how to utilize chakra; for, if he did, he would not see the need to present such a challenge, given the likes of his own kin and the kages. Though the martial artist, draped in his indigo robe and matching slippers, was not one to entertain a marksman arts, even he knew that one not able to utilize chakra couldn't hope to compete with those that could. He shrugged his shoulders and ripped the fine parchment from the notice board: at least this would be more entertaining than cleaning a theater.

The Uchiha followed the directions laid out in the notice, leaving the sandstone walls of Hyogoakure, toward the coast. After sometime, he found the the place of competition: a spot where grass and sand met. To his right, the almost pearl white sands of the Haven Coast. To his left, the great forest that led deeper into the continent. And in its center, on a boulder of prodigious size, was the author who penned the parchment that lay krinkled in Monsooon's hands.

At its sight, the author and alleged Marksman, a curiously dressed fellow, gave an exuberant smile. As if imitating a jester, yet appearing like a clown, the marksman stood upon the boulder he sat on, proclaiming,

"You, Shinobi of Hyogogakure!," he said in a voice like a flute being playing by a child, "You bear witness to sir Marks Von Target! By the wondrously penned parchment I see in your hands, I see you, arrogant in your skill, have come to challenge me! Even after reading about my skill, you've come to see it and lose for yourself! Baha!"

The sudden boast, from this ludicrously dressed oaf, angered the Uchiha, and sent him to seethe in cool fury. He raised an eyebrow, the only indication of his  rage, and spoke, calmly.

"From your written words, I assume I may choose whichever item we'll use in our contest? Yes? Good. Then I will choose something simple. We will toss a stone on the beach, whomever makes it farthest wins."

At this, Marks Von Target burst into a laugh that had him roll off the boulder he sat on. Between heaves and yucks, he agreed to Monsoon's demands. The Uchiha went to the sand, and marked  a line to indicate the starting point. Von Target, to his credit, stayed true to his written words, and allowed the shinobi to pick the object and go first.

Monsoon, wasting no time, walked to the boulder Von Target previously sat on. As was his custom, he removed his arms from his silken sleeves and let the top of his robe fall around his waist: exposing his muscles and scarred form. He inhaled and wrapped his hands around its irregular shape: squatting while doing so to give himself better leverage. Locked in place, he attempted to stand, using his legs to push himself up. As he felt the resistance and weight of the boulder, he exhaled. The deep breath oxygenated his muscles, the action expanded them slightly. His effort and power steamed off his shoulders in a white-hot aura: straining reality's realm with his extreme force.

At his full strength, the boulder, which weighed about 715 kg, was lifted up, though the effort required both hands. Though heavy, the boulder's weight was not cumbersome, as Monsoon could lift a fair amount more. Therefore, Monsoon was able to reach the line in the sand quickly and without issue, to the dismay, shock, and awe of Marks Von Target. Use his legs, he shrugged the boulder over his head, resting it above in place and stabilizing it with his shoulder and lateral muscles. He places his right foot near the edge of the line and his opposing foot back, to act as a proper base. Using this form, he pushes up and forward with his legs, transferring the momentum to his arms to catapult the boulder away. The boulder hurtles through the air, crashing about 13 meters away from Monsoon.

The Uchiha shrugs, as the distance was not remarkable. However, he turned to Marks Von Target with a conman's honest smile.

"Well, its your turn. I'll get the boulder for you, don't worry. I want you to conserve your strength, because I do wish to see if you can beat my meager score."

Monsoon did as he said, replacing the boulder at the starting position. He then watched Marks Von Target attempt to lift the boulder. As the hours passed, Monsoon sat on the sand to watch the sunset: waiting until the moon rose for Marks Von Target to concede and name Monsoon the winner.

Skills Used
Extreme Realm of Force
[859 WC]

[859/2000] Fire Element, Future Claim [C-Rank]
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
Stat Page : The Coming Storm
Taijutsu Medical Weaponry Default
Wind Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 11050

All it Takes is Dexterity! Empty Re: All it Takes is Dexterity!

Mon Jul 31, 2023 9:13 pm
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