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Talon Tau
Talon Tau
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Talons Tales: Gone Forever (P) Empty Talons Tales: Gone Forever (P)

Fri Feb 16, 2024 9:07 pm
Talon had fallen asleep at some point in the early hours of the morning. The very light trickle of rain on his balcony was the most relaxing form of white noise he had ever listened to! As he fell into deep sleep he began to dream. He was walking down a  very dark tunnel, which ended in the laboratory where Talon and Kurai were created. It was very empty and abandoned looking much like that of a haunted hospital that had been in disarray for several years. He could hear the footsteps echo through the abandoned halls, almost as if he was the only entity there! 
He wasn't quite sure where he was going so he continued to walk through the place. He felt as though he was being led through here for a reason.
As he walked the abandoned halls and looked into each abandoned, trashed out room with traces of blood on the walls, he began to feel the feeling of being watched.


An eerie yet familiar voice said to him. He spun around quickly and within mere inches of his face, stood none other than his father, the creator himself, Stein! Several emotions ran through him all at once…

But, he showed no emotion towards the deceased man he and Kurai referred to as…father. He stared into Stein's dead eyes. They were maybe a foot apart and neither of them moved a single muscle!

“What do you want? Obviously you aren't at rest and I somehow assume you feel me and Kurai are to blame?” Talon said without a single movement, not even blinking his eyes! 

“Why would I let my two biggest failures be my unrest?” Stein quipped back. Matching Talons lack of movements or gestures. Talon cracked a smile and a small chuckle as he didn't dare break eye contact!

“You're so full of shit father, I don't even know where to begin!” Talon laughed harder at this point only angering Stein who began releasing threads that surrounded him like tentacles.

“You can't scare me like you do Kurai, I don't fear you and I never have! Unlike my twin, yes I already knew we were twins, I remembered everything. I knew who you were when we saw you. I played stupid to protect Kurai. You call us failed experiments, yet you never destroyed our paperwork like you did the other failed experiments! You even went as far as to make sure to find out family members before.your death and alert them to what was going on and where we were, in case anything happened! You actually have a shit about us. And let's not forget that when that guard beat the shit out of me, nearly killing me, you killed him and patched me up with his skin! So where is this supposed hate at Stein? Hm? Tell me how horrible we are?” Talon said, staring Stein down as his threads began to retreat into his body. “You looked at me and Kurai as your children because you never had any of your own. You KNEW our family and you had known us from birth! You acted as though we were nothing more than experiments when we were brought to the lab to cover up the fact we were more than that. There were too many ties and links to ignore! 
So don't give me the line of shit you feed to Kurai, it doesn't work on me.” Talon kept a firm face as he moved towards Stein who began to back away from Talon.

“Your Kurai Taus biggest fear, father, not mine!” Talon said as Stein suddenly showed a twisted smile.

“Congratulations Talon, what do you want a reward? Why don't you prove you're a Tau and act like one? Neither you or Kurai show any Primal instincts or attempts to kill and gain hearts! You and Kurai need to keep looking out for each other. Keep him in line. With Hoshi and Kiri being allies, it shouldn't be hard to visit one another! “ Stein said as he reached out and grabbed Talon's right arm causing a burning sensation to spread throughout his entire body! This caused Talon to snap awake gasping for breath! He sat up and looked over his body. He was covered in sweat! hand on his right upper arm where Stein grabbed him, was a burn mark in the shape of Stein's hand!

“What the- fuck?” Talon said, still drawing in breaths of air so sharp they hurt his chest! He fell back against his pillow and covered his face with his hands wondering what just happened? If it was a dream, why was Stein's hand print burned into his arm?  If it was a visit from Stein's spirit, why didn't he just visit him in this dimension? None of it made any sense to Talon. At this point he was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep. He sat up and got out of bed and went over to his dresser opening the top drawer. He removed the false bottom and pulled out 4 certificates. Two were birth certificates and two certificates were from the lab certifying the procedure Stein had done to give them threads were completed.

Odd yes, but many scientists keep paperwork and certifications. The birth certificates were proof that Talon and Kurai were in fact fraternal twins. Sadly no parents were listed on the certificates. The other paperwork was signed by none other than Stein himself. Maybe the nightmare was a sign, something he had needed to keep his faith alive! He had been worried about Kurai and Maybe this was Stein's spirit telling him he was doing a good job! Also confirming that he knew the truth!

He decided to lay back down after he put all the paperwork back in his hiding spot. He had missions to complete with and needed the rest. It was already two in the morning, maybe he could get at least four hours of sleep.


WC: 1009
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Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Talons Tales: Gone Forever (P) Empty Re: Talons Tales: Gone Forever (P)

Mon Feb 19, 2024 7:49 pm
Talon Tau wrote:

WC: 1009
+10 stats

Strength -3

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