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Ren Kurosawa
Ren Kurosawa
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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A need for food never wavers Empty A need for food never wavers

Wed Feb 07, 2024 5:19 pm
Mission Details:

A new day began to dawn and Ren rose from his slumber with a sense of purpose for the day. With a quick breakfast that he fashioned from whatever he could find, he bid his love Junko a sweet and heartfelt farewell if she was around. He would set out once again into the village, his mind filled with thougfhts of the day ahead, and of course his love Junko.

As he wandered through the streets, Ren’s attention was drawn to a gathering of people that had localized around one of the residential zones of the village. As a curious soul would, Ren made his way over to investigate, his heart heavy with concern for his fellow villagers as it always seemed that things were going wrong in this place.

He approached and saw the look of distress on the faces of those gathered, their voices hushed as they spoke mostly in yammering and whispers. It didn’t take long for him to realize the source of their worry - the homeowner, a beautiful and kind old man who had run a makeshift restaurant out of his home, had run into a rather large structural issue within his place of rest and business.

“Are you Ren?” The old man had pointed to him and approached. Ren of course nodded and responded, “I am. How can I help?” The old man motioned his hand towards the broken down building and explained that he had fallen victim to a rather harsh leak that caused parts of his roof to collapse, ruining his place of business. Ren was of course pain stricken for this villager’s plight, so he decided that he was going to help in any way that he could.

The old man showed Ren around the building, and he pointed to the rather large hole in the roof, not much different than the one that he had just patched in Junko’s home. He placed his hand on the old man’s shoulders and told him that he had no reason to worry, he was going to get this placed fixed up with no hassle. It would be done by the dinner rush. The old man was relieved to hear Ren say this, and he began planning his plan for attack on this problem.

As they worked, Ren felt a sense of accomplishment and solidarity wash over him. HE knew that together, they would overcome this setback and this structure, and even himself, would rise stronger after it was completed. With each piece of rubble cleared away, he was sure that this was going to be a hard project, but not anything he couldn’t handle.

As the day wore on and the sun dipped below the horizon, Ren and the other villagers continued with their efforts, their tireless determination was a true showing of their sense of solidarity and strength together. As they worked side by side, Ren couldn’t help but to feel grateful for the opportunity to make another difference in this place and the lives that live here.

Dinner time was coming near, and Ren was worried that he wasn’t going to get the roof done in time. But he continued to hammer away at each and every piece that was in his way until he was finally completed with getting the wood all squared away and all of the holes in the roof were patched, now the only thing he needed to do was the get all of the rubble from the previous positioning and place them in a new spot that was out of the way.

The old man pointed at an old barn that was behind his home and said that he could put it in there and he would use the wood that cleared away from his home as kindling for a fire when the weather got cold, Ren nodded and he began to do exactly that. He moved piece by piece moving all of the rubble into the barn.

Dinner time came, and it was a hard day’s work for all of the villagers that had stepped in to actually help[ with the finishing of the job. The old man was gentle and kind enough to provide each of them a meal to eat for the night as he thought that they all deserved it. Ren was of course thankful for the offer and he accepted it.

The meal was served and it was fresh fish that was slow cooked over a fire. The old man had been preparing this meal for a while now, and he didn’t reveal that to Ren until the job was done. The meal was great and he felt a warm glow of satisfaction knowing that he had provided the village with another good deed. Something that he was beginning ot rack up quite a few, especially in the past few days and it would be something he would continue for the upcoming time now that he planned on staying on the island for the sake of Jukno and his relationship.

Sure they didn’t have a set relationship… yet. But they would and he was going to make that happen first by proving to Junko that he wanted nothing more than to provide this village with a sense of solidarity and he was going to give every villager everything he had to show that he wanted this village to thrive just as much as Junko does. Maybe by completing all of these tasks and helping her with the needs that she’ll have in creating her own village, she will give him what he truly wants. But of course that is for time to tell and they had no idea what was going to happen next, or at least Ren didn’t.

As he bid farewell to the homeowner and the other villagers, Ren couldn’t help to feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that he had played a part in bringing hope and healing to their village. And as he made his way back to Junko’s home, he carried with him another good deed for him to be glad upon.

WC: 1016
Completion of D rank mission
8k ryo from mission rewards and rank

+1016 towards Strength of one hundred skill (1054/3750) (Previous Progress)
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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A need for food never wavers Empty Re: A need for food never wavers

Mon Feb 12, 2024 9:33 pm
Ren Kurosawa wrote:=

WC: 1016
Completion of D rank mission
8k ryo from mission rewards and rank

+1016 towards Strength of one hundred skill (1054/3750) (Previous Progress)

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