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Ren Kurosawa
Ren Kurosawa
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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The children are in need. Empty The children are in need.

Wed Feb 07, 2024 3:18 pm
Mission Details:

The night nears it’s end, and Ren is alone for the time being. Allowing him to think about all of the tasks he accomplished during his day within the crescent island. He thought about how much beauty there was in this world, and how much he had seen, and now he was able to witness it on a daily basis here.

He neared Junko’s home, and he began to look around at the villagers that were bumbling by, and in that moment he saw a woman seeming to be searching for someone, based on her eyes that were scanning the crowd with a sense of urgency.

Curious, Ren paused in his steps, offering her a polite smile. “Hi there! Is everything okay? You seem to be searching for someone.” His voice was tinged with curiosity as he approached.

The woman turned to him, and her face lit up as she made the realization to who she was talking to, having a sigh of relief when she saw it was Ren. “Oh yes. I was looking for you actually. I’m so glad that you ended up finding me!” She exclaimed. “I’ve been told that you are a man who is very interested in helping the people here in any way that you can, is that true?” Ren nodded in agreement. “Good. We are in need of some help in the school. We have run out of food and need someone to cook tonight’s meal for the children, would you be willing to do that for us?”

Ren’s heart swelled with compassion at the thought of the children running out of food. Children were always his soft spot, and he would do anything to help them in their time of need. He saw the opportunity to help, and he didn’t hesitate. He nodded, with his determination shining through. “I would be more than honored to help you all with your issues with the food. Give me about an hour and I will have something provided for you. I will meet you at the school, just tell me where it is.

The woman proceeded to explain to him where the drop off location would be, and he began to make his preparations. The woman walked away filled with gratitude and hurried off to attend to other matters. Ren couldn’t help but to feel a feeling of joy and fulfillment at the idea of using his culinary skills to the benefit of the children of the village.

With a sense of purpose and belonging, he continued on his journey back to Junko’s home. He began to contemplate just what he was going to prepare for the children. He considered the preferences of the children, wanting to create a meal that would not only nourish their bodies with nutrients, but one that would also cause joy and bring a sense of life to their meal.

With a thoughtful expression, Ren began to brainstorm ideas for the meal that he was going to make for the children. He begins thinking of some simple meals as he didn’t want to bring the children something far too complicated for their palettes. So he figured that a simple chicken dish would probably do wonders for the children.

He wasn’t sure if the children were going to be given dessert, but he was going to make one anyways just to be sure he could bring them a joyous gift of a meal. Pondering dessert, he decided that he was going to need something that he could make a few in a short amount of time, so he decided he was going to make cookies.

With each dish planned, his excitement grew, fueled by his desire to bring some joy to these children’s lives. He couldn’t wait to roll up his sleeves and begin cooking these meals, and he didn’t need to wait long, as it was time for him to start cooking.

He ordered his time together, thinking about what he was going to need to do at what time to be sure he completed his job within the hour. With his mind going strong, he decided that he was going to make the cookies after he got his chicken in the pot to cook.

He grabbed the chicken and began to prepare it, cutting it into smaller pieces, while the chicken was being seared on the pan, he started cleaning his rice to be sure it wasn’t too sticky and starchy when it was done being cooked. When he was done searing the chicken, he placed chopped vegetables into the pan to clean off the bottom of the pan and scrape up the brown bits on the bottom.

The vegetables were cooked, so he placed the chicken back inside the pan, then the rice, then he filled it with rice to cook it all together. When he got the pan’s lid onto the rice, it was time to change his focus onto the cookies. He made the dough as he got the oven preheated. Then he placed the balls of dough onto a sheet of metal to be put into the oven, and he kept them in rotation as he cooked the cookies until they browned in the oven. He couldn’t help but smile as he imagined the delight on the childrens’ faces when they tasted his delicious food and treats.

Finally the meal was prepared and plated. The food turned out just as he wanted it to turn out, and he began carrying the food over to the school. Ren was welcomed by the staff of the school, who expressed their gratitude towards Ren for his kind gesture to the children. The children gathered round as they could smell the food that he had cooked.

Seeing the joy and gratitude on the faces of the children, Ren felt a deep sense of fulfillment was hover him. He knew that in this moment, he made a difference to the children’s lives, and he was too appreciative of that. They all ate together and Ren began leaving the school. The children all bid him farewell, and in his heart, he felt completion for the day.

WC: 1025.
Claims: Completion of D rank mission
4k ryo from mission + 4k ryo from power rank = 8k ryo total
Dumping AP gain

+987 towards changing med to main spec (complete) (previous Progress)
+38 towards Strength of one hundred (skill) (38/3750)
Marabelle Blossom
Marabelle Blossom
Vagabond (B-Rank)
Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Village : Vagabonds
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The children are in need. Empty Re: The children are in need.

Mon Feb 12, 2024 9:32 pm
Ren Kurosawa wrote:
WC: 1025.
Claims: Completion of D rank mission
4k ryo from mission + 4k ryo from power rank = 8k ryo total
Dumping AP gain

+987 towards changing med to main spec (complete) (previous Progress)
+38 towards Strength of one hundred (skill) (38/3750)

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