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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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Mountain Flurries  Empty Mountain Flurries

Wed Jan 31, 2024 10:29 am
The heavy night threatened to be a bitter one, with its taunting winds that easily clawed through the fabrics of normal attire. The velvet sky was heavy with clouds, that only allowed the moon to peek from the dark fluffs every so often.

What a lonely night it was. With the stars and moonlight being suffocated by the monstrous sky above. But Meika refused to falter, she would not allow herself to grow weak within cruel condition. She was a part of Kumogakure and its beastly mountains, its peaks that reached for those clouds above. She was no longer one of the Sand.

Her body had adapted to the new climate, and she didn’t object to pushing it further past its limitations.

You can’t expect to grow if you aren't willing to leave your comfort zone.

That is what Meika believed.

The sheer, nightly gown that adorned the Kunoichi’s slim figure, did little to nothing to protect the lass from the cold. The fabrics were vivid white, giving off a similar angelic aesthetic to the comparison of dove wings. Especially when clashing against the darkness of the night. Her white hair that curtain down her back, was just as angelic in comparison.

Was this a deception of what the woman could be capable of? Or was this more fitting for the soft face she possessed? With hands that had hardly shed blood. Or did little to defend her very home.

Maybe she wasn’t a raven. . Maybe a dove was all she truly was. A dove disguised as a raven, who’s snow white feathers were painted black by brittle, crushed coal. Making her a fragile creature amongst the birds of prey.

I guess only time will tell. . and reveal the truth within.

It has been a month. . maybe two. Meika was very good at losing track of the days. But does it really matter how long it has been? It was highly unlikely that anyone would notice if she was gone for perhaps a year. But she wasn’t going to test her luck that much. The lass was still a Chunin after all. She didn’t want to see if her Kage would appreciate the Chunin’s disappearance or not, so Meika would make it brief. Just enough for her to recollect herself and find some solstice in the silence.

Meika had felt herself succumbed to some sort of toska, that had begun draining her very being. So she absconded higher up the mountains of Kumogaure, a bit ways away from most the civilization, but not too far. The Thunderpeak campus was still within an hour's journey from here.

So far her time away has been a success in curing Meika’s drapetomania, but soon the Kunoichi would have to accept the fact that she’d need to return to reality. Eventually. .

Truly~ What was the point. . .

Her phantom eyes shifted towards the body of water that expanded out from her very position. It was one of the springs that the mountain possessed. One with water as clear as ice crystals, that threatened to brittly shatter whenever its surface was disturbed. But hardly anyone disturbed this spring so far up the mountain. For it was too cold.  

The cold. . it was a greedy thief. Stealing away the warmth from my soul when it has no use for it. Meika’s silent thoughts responded to the wind that snagged at her gown. Goosebumps lightly prickled across the surface of her pale skin, but as the woman exhaled, she was able to push back the reaction. She took a step into the water, casting a ripple through its clear surface as she descended into its depths.

The spring water wasn’t as cold as she had first expected, but it wasn’t warm either. It was just enough to be bearable. No doubt there were a few veins that ran underneath the body of water, but that was just enough to prevent the surface from completely freezing over.

Meika let out a shaky breath as she moved her hands through the water. Despite the cool water and the cold winter air being a bitter combination, Meika couldn’t deny the fact that the water was still soothing as it enveloped around her form. Dulling the pain that was once radiating from the bruises and scrapes that marked her soft skin.

Even though the lass enjoyed giving off a lazy- kitten vibe, she still made sure that her time within the quiet mountain was still spent training herself. The pain of pushing herself was almost comforting and brought forth both discipline and a sensation of tranquility. An undeniable masochist.

Meika moved within the water, sinking further until its crystal surface brushed against her lips. Tickling them as if she was receiving some sort of secret kiss. Each breath that passed through her nose chased away that kiss. Her white hair was like a ghostly veil amongst the transparent surface.

With one final breath, the Kunoichi disappeared beneath the water as she allowed its embrace to swallow her whole.

-Brief Timeskip-

The days grew shifter, engulfed by the encroaching winter. The icy hound, relentless in its pursuit, devoured the dwindling warmth of the sun, casting its frozen grip upon the land sooner than ever before. In the heart of the modest clearing, Meika stood mere meters from where she’d been staying. The air was thick with the musk scent of evergreen, defiant in its verdant display despite the clutches of the bitter cold.

A bead of sweat traced a path down her slender neck, only to transform into an icy rivulet as the biting wind howled fiercely against her lithe frame. The Kunoichi moved with unparalleled grace, her movements a seamless melding of marital arts and artistic expression. She honed her body, her every sinew an instrument of both physical prowess and indomitable spirit.

Her movements were an elegant revelation, a declaration of her dedication and unwavering resolve against the cold. Each move perfectly synchronized with the swirling snowstorm that enveloped her, an ethereal dance that defied the oppressive chill. She refused to yield, pushing herself to find her own limitations. Defying the brutal cold that gnawed at her delicate features.

Another gust battered with her moving form, and Meika became one with the tempestuous wind, her body spinning in harmony with the elements. With closed eyes, she sought balance and control amidst the tempest, surrendering herself to its raw power yet never losing absolute control. In this embrace with the storm, Meika attained a level of transcendence, her movements a blend of vulnerability and unyielding strength. The Kunoichi’s stubbornness was no match.

Her very breath, shallow and measured, stung her lips as it kissed the frigid, dry air. Her numb fingertips blushed with a touch of color, trembling ever so slightly from the harshness of her surroundings. Her arms swooped with the wind, her lashes open as her relaxed gaze followed the snowflakes that danced around her. Meika’s burning core was the fight against the cold. The defense that pushed her from completely crumbling, surrendering against the blizzard. In the midst of the tempestuous chaos, Meika found solace in the symphony of the raging elements. The deafening howl pierced her ears, yet she refused to succumb to its wrath. No. . instead she transformed it into a captivating melody, a passionate rhythm that called to her soul. With every fierce beat of her heart, the Kunoichi embraced its cold fury, allowing it to flow through her veins like a fiery torrent. Her agile movements and in-sync stikes flowed with the flurrying snowflakes. Nothing else mattered at this moment, save for the wild symphony that carried her away on a journey void of emotions, or useless nagging thoughts. Meika allowed the storm around her, to engulf the storm from within. The raging wind choked out any thoughts that threatened to plague her mind. She truly felt at peace, even as the cold made her body begin to ache.

If a bypasser were to witness Meika’s performance within the blizzard, no doubt they would mistake her as some sort of otherworldly phantom that was partaking in some sort of mysterious winter ritual. As if she was spellbound by the element itself.

Each time that Meika moved, swayed, or spun with her body, the footprints left behind quickly disappeared as the snowfall continued its wrath. Devouring anything within its path in all white.

The mountain in which she had been staying, was not just her silent seclusion, her brief escape, it was also going to be her ascension.

With each passing second, the frigid air seemed to seep deeper into her bones, causing a persistent ache that refused to subside. The once faint discomfort, like an ember of anguish, had now transformed into an excruciating torment, pulling her senses into overdrive.

The Kunoichi’s body, which was once noble and agile, was now being consumed by a relentless stiffness that threatened to immobilize her. Every movement felt like a battle against an unseen foe, as her battered limbs still thrived to defy the icy grip of the freeze that sought to consume her.

Satisfied with her training, Meika allowed herself to succumb to the blizzard. Her movements were reduced to feeble shuffles, ceasing to stop. A shiver coursed through Meika’s form, a last-ditch effort to withstand the onslaught of pain that gnawed at her resilience. “F- fine. I’ll go inside for the r- rest of the night.” The cold that coursed through her easily interrupted the out-spoken words with a few shutters.  She allowed her eyes to scan over the snow-covered mountain one last time, before turning her back to the clearing. Making her way towards the tempting cabin a few meters away. Her arms tightly wrapped around her aching form as the thought of warmth was more than demanding.

The cabin Meika had been staying at was modest, yet it held a simplicity that she found assuring. Made of sturdy oak wood, it held resilient against the harsh climates of the higher mountains. Though lacking the wide windows that adorned her own humble abode, Meika understood the practicality of this design choice. After all, the last thing she desired was to deal with the biting chill into her safe place. Being out in the cold was enough stimulation.

Stepping inside, Meika found herself back within the warmth haven. It would still take some time for the aching caused by the cold to diminish. Soft furs and blankets adorned the resting area, where Meika would soon be nuzzled in. A stone fireplace, nestled in the very corner, sent flickering flames dancing across the dark walls.

In terms of material possessions, there wasn’t much to behold, but Meika found solace in the simplicity during her secluded stay here. A small collection of books and an assortment of glass jars filled with aromatic tea were all that she had truly desired to bring along on the trip. To list the rest was unnecessary, for it was the intangible treasures that really mattered to her.

As much as Meika has healed during her stay amidst the mountains, a yearning stirred deep within. It wouldn’t be long before the Kunoichi would embark on the journey back down the mountain. She had spent enough time meditating within the cabin, and also out in the cold, easing herself from the hardships of her past and painful memories. Not all of the darkness could be erased, but much improvement has surfaced within her being.  [exit]
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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Mountain Flurries  Empty Re: Mountain Flurries

Wed Jan 31, 2024 6:34 pm
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa wrote: [exit]
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