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Academy Celebration: Nokino's Pride Empty Academy Celebration: Nokino's Pride

Fri Nov 17, 2023 5:22 pm
the mission:

Academy Celebration: Nokino's Pride Tumblr_nrzvaq90GK1uxvvvzo1_500

This was a very special occasion for Nokino today! As a mean to celebrate her accomplishments, of making by herself a school reform for Konoha, becoming a Sensei at a low age and rank, as well as being a teacher in the academy itself and soon being its head, Nokino's collegues, Yate and Kataru, the other teachers, used their good standing with the citizens of Konoha to arrange a feast for her. As such, they organized with the Akimichi a large feast with the teachers, to congratulate her on the good she brought to the whole village, and to kids whom she trained.

As she arrived in the evening, dressed with a chic attire, Nokino was very happy, the event not being a suprise. This was a good moment to relax, and have fun, a well needed distraction from the intesne and rough multiple jobs she held. Being a teacher was one thing, but working extra hard to revamp the whole system and to become head of education, as well as being a sensei to a team, was exhausting! And needed a lot of energy too. The off time was appreciated, and its been a long time since she didnt do anything with her collegues anyways. As she entered with a big smile in the feast room, the table was filled with deliciousness. Both her collegues were there too, dressed more classy than with their normal attire of flak vests, and happy to see her arrive, as this meant they could soon eat all  together!

''Heya guys! Holy shit this looks amazing! There's litteraly everything. Thanks a lot guys for the gift, you both know how much i love to eat ahah! Thanks to you too Mister Amikichi to host us and do that feast for me and the others from the academy!'' Said Nokino with a light bow of gratefullness, her mouth watering with all the food there was.

''Its our pleasure to receive you Nokino-sensei. Our kids are in good hands with you tree at the school.'' Replied Mister Akimichi, the host of the large feast.

''So Noki, ready to eat until stuffed?'' Added the Nara teacher, a smile drawn in his face as he saw the Iburi teacher revel by looking at all the foo.

''Ah common guys can we start already? Im gonna eat the chopsticks if I have to wait more!'' replied Yate, the red haired Uzumaki teacher, half laughing.

Without much waiting, Nokino sat at the table, and started to fill her plate. At the center of it was a extra large grittle, sizzling with rich butter and oil, ready to grill meats and vegetables alike. Around it was an assortment of everything one can immagine eating: First were the meats. In small plates all over the table were meats of all kinds, ranging from chicken glistening tenders, pork ribs shinny with sweet and spicy dark brown barbecue sauce, rolls of beef slices, red with protein and streaks of white fat, marbling perfectly balanced to create a tender bite full of juices and flavors, shrimps, large girthy and pink, salmon, bright orange in color and smelling of the fresh ocean, skewers of scallops, marinated in deep dark rich soy sauce, with aromatic herbs adorning them, firm tofu slices, coated with a rich pepper and orange tangy sauce, ready to be eaten with dark grill marks on them, filled with flavors, a real feast of proteins choices. Second was the vegetables. In rectangular shpaed plates, were lined carrot sticks, a deep orange color, brocoli stems basqued with oozing and melting butter with sesame seeds, large bok choy leaves, generously seasonned with salt and pepper, ready to be grilled, mushrooms of large shapes and sizes, ranging from big brown caps to grill in slices, to stark white enoki, small bundles of long and thin mushroom tasting of umami, as well as marinated cucumber slices, crunchy and vinegary, accompagnied by peppers of deep red, green and orange collors, both sweet and crunchy to grill or small and burning hot to spice up the other foods, and onions, both green and long one, fresh tasting or red slices ready to be grilled with skewers smelling aromatic and pairing well with meats. Thirdly there were the sides. Rices bowls with sauces, spicy, tangy, sweet, bitter, creamy or not, marinated eggs with oozing yolks, stuffed and steamed, or grilled dumplings, as well as fried rolls, and salads, refreshing with daikons slices and lemon wedges, noodles ranging from thin translucent to rich thick uddons, and all the spices one could dream of, ranging from the basic salt and pepper seasoning, to the more complex and deep flavored furikake rice topings. 

This trully was a feast like no other! Nokino salivated with each bit she took from it all, barelly talking with her friends, but when she did, they laughed, shared food combinaisons, and told her they were proud of her accomplishments. This moment was incredible, filled with the sound of joyous people talking, the sizzle of the grill and eating noises, laughter of guests and people enjoying themselves, as well as the hmmm of impressed palates bombarded with deliciousness and gustative experiences! As the deserts arrived, Nokino was starting to get full, something she never never experienced before. But after all, this was an Akimichi feast, and they were known for their strong .... food habitude. With a few deserts in her belly, the Iburi teacher and her collegues finaly reached their limits, being fulled and unable to eat more. 

As they finished the meal, Yute got up and with a shy look, turned toward Nokino.

''Alright! this toast is to the lady over there! We are proud of you, and hope you will one day lead the academy. You deserve it Noki! Kampai!'' Said the red haired man, raising his glass of Soju to the sky, each at the table doing the same and celebrating, Nokino smiling and being shy but grateful. 

''Now, not to break the ambiance buuuut we have a deal to get that food Noki, and you'll have to pitch in...'' Said Kataru, the nara teacher with black hair, suddently blushing.

''What is it?'' replied Nokino.

''We hummm... need to clean the dishes and all of the fest afterwards!'' said quickly the Nara, scratching his head in hopes she wasnt mad at him.

As they all laughed, Nokino didnt mind at all. After all, this was the feast of her lifetime, one to remember until she will be a old lady, retired from all that life. As they went and did the dishes all together, cleaning up the whole place in laughter and camaraderie, Nokino tought to herself how lucky she was to have that life and such amazing collegues at the academy.


TWC: 1125

mission rewards: +2000 ryo, +10 AP

1125 WC used to acquire at 25% off Minus Field B rank

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Ayato Hyuuga
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Academy Celebration: Nokino's Pride Empty Re: Academy Celebration: Nokino's Pride

Sat Nov 18, 2023 7:14 am
Nokino wrote:
the mission:


TWC: 1125

mission rewards: +2000 ryo, +10 AP

1125 WC used to acquire at 25% off Minus Field B rank


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