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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Village Wide Celebration Empty Village Wide Celebration

Fri Jul 23, 2021 1:53 pm
The day was one of celebration.

Even before Kaito had time to resume his duties as a Kage, he was informed that the official ceremony had not taken place, and as such he should have his announcement made official before the village. Pair to that Gin’s victory, it all demanded a big, village wide party. Pamphlets were circulated through the village to let the people begin to prepare for what was to come. Any restaurant was to grill meats, fish and vegetables. Any bar was to prepare as much drink as they had in their reserves. The Drunken Kage was emptied, and only the front door and windows would be available to order through, as the interior had to be repurposed to keep the drink and food at hand. By noon, the roads were abuzz with carts going to and fro, with not only drink, but also a surprise for the villagers, and the people travelling within the carts would hide their caches across town in temporarily off limits zones and prepare for the evening.

“Are you sure this is necessary”, the redhead whined in question, preparing his armor to go outside, looking himself in the mirror to ensure it was all in order. The sun had peaked just an hour earlier, and people had started drinking in preparation, but hopefully they wouldn’t be too drunk.

“Absolutely”, the deputy kage stated as a matter of fact, lifting his face from the papers he was signing. “Morale has been down, and your absence was duly noted. I’m starting to wonder if it was a good idea to give you the role so soon, considering you left immediately after and left me behind to handle the busy bodying. Believe it or not, the rank itself means a lot for a ninja, so you having been out and not having taken the rank officially made our lives harder than they needed to be.” He resumed reading the document, then signed it, turned it over onto an unkempt pile. “Besides, Gin’s achievement is not to be scorned. You should show the people that achievement is rewarded. Can’t be all about punishment.” As he spoke, his eyes stayed on the papers.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it.” “Good” was the retort. “But I’m leaving a clone behind to catch up, I don’t need to lose more time. Or can I make a clone go up top and I’ll stay here?” Kiseragi lifted his face from the documents. “Absolutely not, you are going. If something happens and your clone dispels people will think you don’t care about them. They may also comment that you don’t care about ruling the village, but that's why you have people that support you around you. And, a clone will be useless, I’m going with you to announce it.”

Kaito turned around to face Kiseragi. “Going all in, are we? No work today?” Kiseragi smiled. “No work… in an hour or so.” He glanced at the clock. “Ceremony is within the hour, we should go and get ready.”

They went up to the terrace of the Raikage office, from where one was able to view the entirety of the village. Many people from various administrative ranges and positions of power were around. Kiseragi wore the pyramidical hat, and presented himself towards the front where the microphone would project his voice through the PA system onto the nearest peaks so everyone could hear what was happening. Kaito turned towards Nimbus, asking “is Gin around?” “He’s been summoned, my lord. He should be here shortly.” Kaito nodded, and Kiseragi turned around. Kaito nodded to him, and he nodded back.

“People of the Kumogakure! Hear me!” The voice, projected by the massive speakers, cut through the buzz of the crowd. “Welcome to the Inauguration Ceremony of the Raikage! Thank you all for coming. I am your host, Kiseragi Onomori, the 10th Raikage of the Kumogakure, here to present to you the 11th Raikage of the Kumogakure to you. As you might be aware, the role has been passed on since the Summit, yet, with the World Chunnin Exam, decorum demanded our Kage travel with the participants. Well, our wait has come to an end. Allow me to present to you, NOBORU KAITO, THE ELEVENTH RAIKAGE OF THE KUMOGAKURE!”

The crowd erupted onto cheers; Kaito didn’t allow this to fool him into thinking they might love him, but hell, people loved to cheer for an underdog once in a while, and why not cheer for the Raikage when they already had some alcohol in them. Kaito approached the edge from where he was able to see the closer peaks, united by bridges, all filled with celebrating people, cheering for him. Kiseragi passed on the hat, which Kaito wore over his red mane, before turning to the people and waving. He approached the microphone. “Thank you, Kumogakure, thank you. I accept this role with much gratitude, and a commitment to ensure that the Kumogakure becomes great as it was meant to be. And on that note, I ask that Gin Akimichi join me on the stage!”

WC: 849

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Gin Akimichi
Gin Akimichi
Ryo : 500

Village Wide Celebration Empty Re: Village Wide Celebration

Sat Jul 24, 2021 5:31 am
The tender smell of Kumos best dishes lined the air as people prepared for a night of celebration. The Kumogakure Butchers Association were hard at work, sourcing the best cuts of meats and fishes. The farmers delivered a fresh assortment of vegetables; everyone came together to create a rather unique experience. Unfortunately for Gin, the excursion to the Heaven Country left him near penniless so he had to settle for home cooked food for today. His mother having learned of his victory prepared mounds of dishes for the young Akimichi. She cooked one dish after the other, every dish cooked to near perfection forming a small mound across the dinner table.

He was overwhelmed, his senses overloaded by the smells of dozens of different flavours, his mother had really outdone herself. At the head of the table sat Gins father who was a stone mason by trade. Despite having a busy day on the cards, his father some time off in an effort to celebrate the victory with Gin. Both of his parents were quite proud of his accomplishment, they had both worked multiple jobs to give Gin the opportunity to pursue a career as a Shinobi but unfortunately the 17 year old was quite lazy and thus had no real success as a Genin.

As an individual, Gin felt no different despite having returned as the victor of the Chuunin Exams. Naturally, he couldn’t remember too much about either of his fights as in both instances he was in quite a hungry state; in the finals he was effectively starving, visible by the harmless steam that radiated off his body which was effectively his body consuming his fat stores at an excessive pace.

As he continued to scoff the incredible dishes prepared by his mother, his body began re-adapting, expanding back to his natural more tubby size despite having only mowed through a tenth of the dishes. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Gins giant of a father tended to the knock, revealing a village operative behind the door. “Gin Akimichi, the Lord Raikage has requested your presence at the Raikages Office. Please arrive post haste.”

Releasing an exasperated sigh, he nodded, his eyes almost tearing up at the thought of having to leave so many of his favourite dishes behind. Nevertheless, his hunger was temporarily satisfied and so he made his way out of the house, down the hills into the centre of the village.

In the centre, the crowds were bustling, the off-duty Shinobi linked arms as they enjoyed a couple of pints around the Drunken Kage. Gin wasn’t very fortunate to have ever experienced that level of comradery, he wasn’t very liked by his fellow genin but he too enjoyed keeping to himself, writing his fictional stories. Before long, the Gins eyes darted to the individual from the gate, the one Gin came to now recognise as Lord Onomori, the 10th Raikage. As Lord Onomori stepped forward, the crowd fell silent, with the attention of every single spectator shifting towards the terrace.

Gin with his massive stature struggled to navigate through the crowds of people as a long of them were bunched close together, observing the 10th. Before long, the 10th officially announced the 11th Raikage; Gin flashed a cheesy grin as he began clapping his massive hands in unison with the crowd. He continued to make his way through the group, nearing the office at a faster pace but as the 11th Raikage stepped forward, Gin couldn’t help but be mesmerised. He was a big fan of the 11th Raikage, Lord Kaito was the one who gave this feeble Akimichi the chance to prove himself at the Chuunin Exams. He had faith, selecting him to represent the village despite the lack of prior qualifications as a Genin. He supported, fed and cared for the Akimichi during their stint in the Heaven Country, all in all Gin felt indebted to the Raikage and so as Noboru began his thanks the Akimichi picked up speed, arriving at the entrance to the office as the Raikage concluded his first sentence.

Operative based inside of the office were quick to mean mug the Akimichi, “You’re late. Get up to the terrace.” Instructed one of them. In that moment, color faded from Gins face at the thought of being late on such a special day but suddenly his excessively large stature hit top speed, creating a miniature repulsion of compressed air that sent documents and the likes into the air as he darted towards the terrace.

Thankfully, despite his large stature, the Akimichi was quite fast and so he was able to arrive at the terrace just as the Raikage had concluded his second sentence. Grabbing a breath, Gin had only a moment to observe the Raikages air of finesse, his attire and stature before the request for Gins presence on stage boomed through the plaza.

His eyes widened, he couldn’t fathom sharing the stage nor this experience alongside the Raikage, but before he could think, act or sweat, his body began moving instinctively towards the Raikage, stopping half a meter to the Kages left.

WC 857

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Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
Ryo : 42750

Village Wide Celebration Empty Re: Village Wide Celebration

Sat Jul 24, 2021 11:03 am
They’d returned home, and safely too. On top of that, one of their Genin, Gin Akimichi had come back the overall winner of the Chuunin Exams held in Hoshigakure. No wonder there would be cause for celebration. Anaphiel and his sister had received the pamphlet to advise them of the day. Telantes would be on guard duty so she would not be able to attend unfortunately, at least not at first. “I’ll make sure to save you some cake,” he joked. Telantes sighed and rolled her eyes before leaving their home, patting Cheddar and Charlie on her way out. Anaphiel chuckled at his own joke and began getting ready as well. It was a special day after all and he needed to look his best.

He took an extra long shower, making sure to trim his hair and beard at the same time so that he wouldn’t have hair trimmings on his clothing. Once he was completely clean, he would throw on his house coat and make himself a small breakfast. This was a day of celebration, no doubt there would be food and drink, but he didn’t want to go there on a completely empty stomach.

Once he’d finished eating, he went back upstairs and got changed. It was the same style that he always wore, but the quality of the clothes were immaculate. He didn’t wear them often but because this was to be a special occasion, he deserved to look his best. On top of that, he also decided to wear a gold chain with a fist-sized gold pendant around his neck as well, a family heirloom with his clan’s emblem engraved on the front (definitely doesn’t hold any kind of artifact that would affect time) that he’d brought with him from Konohagakure. ‘Perhaps I should do something more with it…’ he thought to himself. ‘Not the day for that, I’ll figure it out later.’ Now that he was dressed and ready to go, there was nothing left to do but to head out. He’d give Cheddar and Charlie some scratches behind their ears before leaving. “Don’t burn the place down while I’m gone,” he said to them. They looked up at him and wagged their tails. Anaphiel smiled and opened the door. As an afterthought, he made a series of hand seals and placed a Blink marker on the inside of the door, so that way he could come back here whenever he wished. With that, he’d leave his home, close the door, and head towards the location that this celebration was to take place.

It was as if the day itself knew that the celebration would be happening, and they wouldn’t dare disrespect the Raikage by giving substandard weather. It was a sunny day, with a few clouds in the sky, but nothing that hinted at rain or anything that would put a damper on the festivities. Anaphiel smiled and nodded to the odd person that he walked by, most were heading in the same direction he was.

The area around the Raikage’s office was bustling, full of Kumogakure’s citizens all excitedly waiting for the start of the celebration. There was an air of excitement in the crowd, and for good reason, this was a happy day in the village. Not long after arriving, he heard the PA system crackle to life and Kiseragi Onomori started to speak. To start things off, he would formally announce the appointment of his friend, Noboru Kaito, as the eleventh Raikage of Kumogakure. ‘Good for him,’ Anaphiel thought to himself as he cheered with the others as Nobo accepted the Raikage’s hat from Kiseragi, ‘well deserved indeed.’ His red-haired friend then walked forward and started talking as well, asking Gin Akimichi to join him. Likely to congratulate Gin properly on his win, and for the Akimichi to get the praise and recognition from the village that he rightly deserved.

WC: 650
-50 AP (Blink Marker placement, Anaphiel's front door, inside)

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Nova Tsuba
Nova Tsuba
Ryo : 0

Village Wide Celebration Empty Re: Village Wide Celebration

Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:28 pm
Nova had absolutely no idea who the Raikage or the genin who won the Chunin exams were, but she wasn't the kind of person to turn down free food or drinks. Despite being the volatile grumpy sod that she was, Nova felt an odd sense of pride swell in her chest towards the returning members of her village. Winning the Chunin exams was actually a pretty big deal, and wasn't an achievement that could be easily dismissed. It firmly solidified their place as a force to be reckoned with, not so easily dismissed anymore. Nova remembered the tyranny of Youka well; she remembered people starving on the streets, corpses walking like they were still alive. The village had been crippled, but it looked like it was on the rise again.

The young woman exited her apartment and into the bustling streets, wearing her usual turquoise vestments in place of either of her armors. It was a day of celebration, she had no desire to burden herself by being reminded of her shithead parents every time she looked down at herself. For once, Nova's thoughts didn't linger on the topic as she took in the sights of a celebrating city. The small area just outside her apartment building was usually busy due to the small open market just next door, but it had never been like this. She saw Tao through the crowds and gave him a small nod, which he returned.

To press further into the city Nova had to actually employ some of her prodigious strength, ignoring the slurred complaints of drunk civilians as they got shoved out of the way. She arrived at the entrance of the Drunken Kage bar and bought several pints for herself and downed them at the bar in quick succession. Some people tried to push Nova out of the way since she was making the big mistake of blocking access to the alcohol, but they only received a middle finger for their efforts.

With a nice buzz coming along Nova followed the flow of the crowd and arrived at the base of the Raikage's office. She seemed to have just missed a big announcement since everyone was whooping and cheering. The energy was intoxicating, Kumo hadn't been like this in a long time. With a small - almost imperceptible - smile, Nova looked up towards the top of the Raikage office to see what would happen next.

WC: 402

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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Village Wide Celebration Empty Re: Village Wide Celebration

Sun Aug 29, 2021 1:48 pm
Cries erupted into the skies as Noboru accepted his role, and as Gin’s figure started to become visible, the cries morphed into a cacophony, causing the very ground under which they stood to vibrate with how powerful the lungs of the cheering crowds were. Chants erupted between the crowds, Gin, Gin, Gin, they acclaimed the portly lad. Kaito waved his hand to let the crowd simmer down, while reaching with his hand towards Gin’s should to coax him closer to him. “I gotta say, when I met Gin, I thought he was a bit too shy for my taste, but given Miyazaki’s recommendation, I agreed to him participating in the World Chunnin Exam to represent Kumogakure. But, not only did this man beat any and all odds, he dominated every opponent he faced. Gin, the world may know you as the Strongest Genin of the World, but we will know you as GIN AKIMICHI, THE STRONGEST CHUNNIN OF THE KUMOGAKURE!”

The peaks once again resounded with a cacophony of cheers, now Gin’s name and surname were being chanted by different crowds, certainly fueled by the alcohol consumed on empty stomachs. Kaito undid the clasp that held the Jagged Claw to his belt, and holding the sword by scabbard and hilt on his open palms, he motioned it slowly towards Gin. “Please, accept this gift from yours truly, as a show of gratitude and respect.” Kaito bowed his head slightly towards Gin, waiting for the lad to take the gift. Once he did, he would take a step back from the microphone, and say beyond the reach of the mic “go on, son, give them a few words.”

WC: 277
TWC: 1126
Gin Akimichi
Gin Akimichi
Ryo : 500

Village Wide Celebration Empty Re: Village Wide Celebration

Mon Dec 20, 2021 3:54 am
The Raikage announced to the world the young Akimichis success in the Chunin Exams, the announcement in tandem with the proclamation of being the strongest Chunnin of Kumogakure sent a chill along boys spine. He couldn’t quite believe it, he went from a Genin who read and wrote books – performing simple E and D rank missions to someone capable of applying the theory behind combat to secure a successful victory at the World Chunnin Exams. As his facial expression evolved into a smile, Gin couldn’t help but feel excited by the Raikages words.

Below, the crowd chanted Gins given and family names without hesitation. The smell of alcohol slowly filled the air with excitement booming through the plaza. Looking down at the crowd, Gin considered the experience quite surreal, never outside of his fairy tales could he have imagined being treat in such fashion by his fellow villagers. He had trained throughout his life in an effort to protect these individuals and it felt as if his families aspirations for him were finally coming true.

Belly full, adrenaline pumping through his veins – he stepped forward gracefully accepting Jagged Claw with a bow of his head – “Thank you lord Raikage.” he muttered in acceptance of the reward. Before long – he was put on the spot again…

The Akimichi was instructed to give a few words to the crowds and with a sense of panic setting in – Gin could only regurgitate the words from the finals of the World Chunnin Exams, after all, he wasn’t the best public speaker. “I want to thank my mom and dad who worked hard to give me the opportunity to fulfil my ambitions as a Shinobi of Kumogakure. I want to thank the Lord Raikage, Noboru Kaito, for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to represent and bring glory to our nation. I additionally want to thank the Kumogakure Butchers Association, they always saved the best cuts of well marbled beef for me, ol’ granny Azumi that runs the Dango shop for her incredible caramel dango, old man Hidek from the Kumogakure Kuisine Restaurant, their squid is to die for. And finally – I want to thank each and every one of you giving me the strength and courage to represent our great nation!” – he stumbled over the first few words but before long his rhetoric flowed elegantly, his voice was filled with passion and the crowd roared in approval as he raised Jagged Claw into the air in line with his last few words

Having given a short speech – he stepped back from the microphone, bowing his head to the Raikage before stranding tall over the behemoths shoulder. He was here to represent the success of the Chunnin Exams and he aimed to do just that!
WC - 458
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