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Mikina Viperis
Mikina Viperis
Stat Page : The Copperhead
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Clan Specialty : Bukijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 500

Once Upon a Dream Empty Once Upon a Dream

Wed Oct 25, 2023 5:48 pm

There she was, in the midst of a dream. A rather pleasant one at that too. The scent of lilac tilted and turned in the wind, washing over and through the air like a protective shield. Where time had all but stopped for a moment, as worry went out the door. It was perfect, for the most part at least. As perfect as perfect could actually be, at the very least. Everything was all set up for a good day; in this dream the lass had already made an excellent name for herself. She was well beyond the years of just being a novice kunoichi. However, inevitably, sure as that very thing within this dream, all dreams must come to an end.

Mikina Viperis would be awoken, bright and early, no less. To what would seem to be a normal day. Or so things would start out. She’d do her usual morning routine, and head out not too long after. It felt like a good day to do a mission or two, and that’s what the gal with gold-kissed skin would step out into the light to let it shine. Asking around was when things started to get a bit peculiar. As it would seem, everyone else within Konoha was also having vivid dreams. Or nightmares. And, also, as it would seem; some of those very things started magically popping up within our waking world. If you asked the bukijutsu specialist, she’d simply leave all of this as a load of hogwash, even in a world as strange as it was. There was more pressing concerns then what should be immaterial, but, this was the only real current talk of the town. With the tournament still a few weeks away, there was nothing better to do though. It could wind up helping that very thing in the end even, who was to say.

In green and black, the nin would wonder. Gathering whatever knowledge she could gain from people. One of the Hyuuga’s at their estate was overhead speaking about how their daughter woke up with, quite literally, all the makeup she dreamt about. Two regular civilians in a conversation made note that both were able to finally able to start their businesses. In the Viperis’ eyes, these people in particular got things that they could have had all along, so it was still slightly too coincidental. But, apparently, not everyone else was being indulged by these desires coming to fruition. Some were awoken by waking nightmares. One such person exclaimed that a bunch of evil-looking jack-in-the-boxes tried to kill them with senbons that shot out from the box. To make matters worse, they were now starting to wreak havoc a bit in the one alleyway, attacking anyone in sight. Seeing as this was actually something substantial to deal with, Miki decided to take on the problem.

So she went. To the alleyway where all this was going down. Taking a quick glance in while walking past, it seemed that everyone already knew to steer clear of the area, but the jacks were nowhere to be seen. A few lone garbage cans littered throughout, with one larger garbage disposal towards the middle. This gave ample opportunity for the toys to be lying in an ambush. An easy workaround for an assassin like herself. What would help is a toy straight from someone’s nightmare couldn’t be overly intelligent, so a counter strategy such as gaining the high ground would more than likely do the trick. Scaling the wall of the building was smooth via surface-walking. Now it came to the positioning of things. From her vantage point, Miki was easily able to see 2 of a supposed number of 5. Walking 2 meters in one direction would reveal 2 more, but one of the original ones would then be hidden. With the last just simply not being seen, so it could’ve been in the dumpster itself.

No matter though, Mikina though, impatient and just wanting to get this over with would simply knock 2 of them out with 1 of her daggers that she’d throw in a way to where it would pierce through one and into the next, while running down the side of building with her kusarigama coming flailing down on the one of the other one’s. Quickly, before the 4th could react to all this, she’d chuck her other dagger which would cleanly shatter it’s box. Once down the building, the fifth would spring to life trying to gain surprise by hopping out of one of the dumpsters. Not to much avail though, the senbon it shot would be blocked by the chain of her weapon. Which would be the only thing it could do before the sickle would come sweeping through, destroying it.

There, that put’s an end to these tiny terrors for now. Clearly, the others might be on to something though. This is some weird dream stuff at work. And with that, she’d be able to finish out the mission by delivering her findings, eating one of those delicious cakes she got in the summer. What better time, then now.

WC: 855 (x2 for the Strawberry Cake gained here for 1710 TWC)


2,500 Ryo (1250 Base x 2 for Beloved Presence)
12 AP (6 Base x 2 for Beloved Presence)
5 Dream Tokens

1500 words to train/awaken the Kaguya Organ from here
Dropping the remaining 210
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page :

Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Once Upon a Dream Empty Re: Once Upon a Dream

Wed Oct 25, 2023 6:05 pm
Mikina Viperis wrote:

WC: 855 (x2 for the Strawberry Cake gained here for 1710 TWC)


2,500 Ryo (1250 Base x 2 for Beloved Presence)
12 AP (6 Base x 2 for Beloved Presence)
5 Dream Tokens

1500 words to train/awaken the Kaguya Organ from here
Dropping the remaining 210

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