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A dream of another life Empty A dream of another life

Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:02 pm
It was dark, lightly cloudy, but as always a gentle breeze passed through the village. Not exactly sure why, Shinoskay entered the village graveyard in search of a name, someone important was here. After looking through several headstones,  to check for the name of his father, he wasn't sure the exact name he was looking for but he hoped he would recognize it when he saw it. Why was he looking for his fathers grave? In Konoha? He had only recently realized his father was really killed and wasn't alive somewhere out in the world like he thought... this didnt feel right to the young boy, something was off about what was going on. Shinoskay wished that he hadn't remembered his father actually died but he couldn't deny the wounds he saw in his memory and so he was sure he had lost his father, his last hope was his mother as he no memory of her though he also had no lead to find her. This wasnt right, he could also remember that they were both dead because he was an orphan... right? It felt so real to think his mother could be alive somewhere out there, to think that for a moment he believed there was hope in finding his father. As if this was his life, his reality, what was this?

Standing in the sand was a dark figure, 'wait why am I in the sand now?'. This figure seemed that of a shadow, yet it was broad daylight. Shouts and screams of pain roared through the air, yet there was nothing but this shadow. It was that of a large presence, the shadow stood tall with what seemed to be a large weapon armed in his hands.

Metal clashing with metal sounded through the air, and then everything grew quiet. The shadow stood there, posed in a battle stance, yet then it was lifted roughly into the air. Blades stuck out of the shadow, gleaming with fresh blood.

'What the hell is going on?' Shinoskays thoughts echo in further back in the background then even the clashing of metal... as if he was there yet he was also watching where he was from somewhere extremely far away.

The shadow slowly became a figure, a man. The man’s face grew pale, and blood poured from the wound. This man was Shinoskay's father, and as the vision focused in on his face, the man’s lips moved. Words were wisped away into a new breeze, “I’m proud of you son.”

Screaming himself awake, the boy sat up from his drenched mat. He muttered slightly, “I need a walk.” With this he stood, throwing the blankets from his body, and grabbed his clothing. Regardless of how much he had sweat, it was cold, His skin was clammy, and he looked as if he had jumped in a pool of water. Yet once his clothes were on, he stopped feeling cold. Warmth shot through his body as he began to feel whole again.

Grabbing his axe from its stand, the boy walked outside of his small hut. It was early in the morning; the sun was just below the horizon. The village was quiet, too quiet for him, so he decided he’d go to the graveyard. He knew this would bring back memories, but maybe it would help him settle on the fact that his father had died.

He hadn’t visited his father’s grave since he was buried there. He never wanted to see where his father’s cold, lifeless body rested. But now… Now he thought it might help bring closure about. “Yeah that’s what I need…Closure.”

He approached the graveyard slowly, muttering the names that were engraved in the sticks or stones that sat at the head of the graves. He had no idea where his father’s grave lay, but he looked none the less.

An hour had slowly passed, with the genin just muttering the names of the graves. He still had yet to find the grave he searched for; there was a doubt in his mind. Maybe I should just go back home. He might not even be buried, he could have just been left out in the sands to rot away. Still, doubt clung to the boy's mind, he would not believe it, and so he just kept on searching.

He began to grow desperate... Why, he had never felt this way before. The thought of even visiting the grave that held his father, made him sick. Yet this dream made him feel different. It made him need the confirmation of what floated in the air before him. Without even thinking, he broke out in a run. He flew by grave after grave, hoping that he would spot some kind of headstone that bore the name.

In an insane scene of drama, the boy broke out in tears. He continued to run with his vision becoming blurry. He was stopped abruptly though, tripping over a rock the size of a bottle. He fell flat on his face, the dust and dirt grinding into his mouth scarf. When he opened his eyes, there sat a tomb just ahead of him. Not two feet away, it was legible to read. “Father.”

Shinoskay continued his journey through the graveyard as he searched for an Uchiha name, he couldn't understand why he was searching for an Uchiha name, till he had finally seen one, but it wasn't the one he was looking for. Shinoskay had no recollection of who the name belongs to but then he heard what sounded like someone running 'have they found me?'. Shinoskay looked over at who was running ad silently sighed as he saw a man running past grave after grave till the person tripped on a rock and landed next to Shinoskay what has fate brought me this time. Shinoskay looked the person over quickly and the first thing he noticed was the large axe 'be on guard Shinoskay'.

However, as the boy was just about to reach him, they tripped and landed before the grave he was near, their attention on it rather then on him. Relief on the axe wielders face. Shinoskay would reach his hand down to them "need some help getting up?" he hoped he wasn't making a mistake but really didn't care, he had died once so there wasn't much else that could be done to him by someone other than a second death.

Looking up from the stone, the axe wielder saw the other boy. The other boy was dressed strangely; He wore a katana, giving him an extreme sense of look. He looked to be about the age of thirteen to fourteen. His skin was pale, which matched his white clothing. 'What the heck is he doing here? Wait a minute, was he watching me?'

“No,” said the boy as he stood up slowly and tall, “But may I ask what you are doing here?” spoken while rising, he stood there glaring down at the other boy, he almost broke out in a laugh, If it wasn’t for the katana on his back, he wouldn’t even look like a threat. man…

The other boy must have been at least a foot smaller than the axe wielder; there was an obvious age difference between the two. The boys shoulders were large and broad, while this other boy seemed very less physically fit. The boy didn’t look like he could run, his body’s figure presented such, and it seemed that if he was to punch the other boy, he would fly back.

There was little reason for the boy to be even considering this other kid a threat, but over his experience, he had to. This other kid would barely stand a fight with the axe-wielder, but it amused him none the less. 'This other kid was watching me in my state of insanity, I might just have to prove to him that I’m not one to mess with. Maybe I should just punish him for even being here'.

'No, I can’t do that'. the boy felt he needed to stop thinking like that! It’s just some other kid; 'I must remember the last time I talked to a kid. I gained a powerful friend; in fact maybe I should have a spar with him. Just to see if he’s strong enough to be an ally'.

Smiling at his magnificent idea, the boy stopped glaring at the boy, and just stared at him... waiting for his reply. It would be a pathetic fight, if there was to be one. There was an immense physical difference between the two. Unless the other boy can get away from the axe wielder, then he would most likely be cut in half.

Yet there are surprises in everyone, maybe this other kid was strong enough to fight the axe wielder, and not get beaten into his own grave. Yet the chances were obviously slim. A man, tall, strong, and dressed in extreme clothing with his trusty, large axe, against a small person, what seemed to be puny armed, person with just a puny katana. It may prove interesting to see the two spar. Maybe they can learn something from each other.

Shinoskay shook his head and chuckled a little bit while the man glared but he still answered the question. Shinoskay looked over at the grave once more to confirm the name "well apparently we are here for the same reasons, but while you found what you were looking for I only found further disappointment." Shinoskay would turn to look back at the larger boy, "Now... will you stop judging me by my size, it is annoying the hell out of me, unless you want to get your ass kicked." Shinoskay was obviously in a bad mood and it was the new axe wielding person's misfortune to encounter him on this upsetting day.

Shoniskay could almost automatically tell the axe wielder was strong as he had an axe and that took strength but at the same time he was also too cocky as he had determined Shinoskay was weak and that would be his mistake. Shinoskay looked up at what would most likely be a foe in a few minutes and looked him straight in the eyes with a look of intensity, Shinoskay was through with being looked down upon, or insulted, or anything else degrading.

The man was lucky Shinoskay didn't have his puppet, but was unlucky as Shinoskay had a new jutsu he wanted to try out. This was going to be a fun fight for Shinoskay, that was for sure. 'Ok, big axe, he's strong. Strength, he's slow. Don't underestimate him though Shinoskay or you will make the same mistake he is.' The man's clothes looked much different from Shinoskay's, this wasnt hard though he wore an outfit that stood out while this axe wielder wore something practical and almost plain.

Shinoskay would have yawned as it was still early but he knew that could be fatel after his comment, He watched with interest as the man judged him but then was shocked when the man dropped his attempt to purposefully tower over Shinoskay in an attempt to make Shinoskay feel smaller than he already was, then he noticed something in the way the boy looked at him, there indeed was going to be a fight. 'come and get some, ugly'.

And then Shinoskay woke with a jolt, and there was no graveyard.... there was no axe wielder, there was no father, no night, no katana.... it was all gone. He sat in the sand of the training grounds and felt the sun slowly burning whatever skin was exposed on his back from been hunched forward while sleeping in his meditative sitting position. Was this another dream for the boy or had he finally actually woken again. What the hell was even that dream. He didnt want to be here anymore, everything was so confusing and his head hurt a little… so he just went back to his hut in the forest.

[exit 2014 wc]
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A dream of another life Empty Re: A dream of another life

Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:30 pm
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