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Quick Archery Competition. Empty Quick Archery Competition.

Sun Sep 03, 2023 8:55 pm
All it takes is dexterity (E rank mission)

Zainketsu had made his way to the training grounds. He held in his hand a flyer that a random villager pinned to the notice board. On the flyer he was claiming to be the best marksman around. A challenge was issued to anybody who would accept. The young Uchiha found this to be the perfect opportunity to test his newly acquired sharingan.

The young academy student met the man in the middle of the training grounds. The man was much older then Zainketsu. His hair was already graying and his long flowing beard was speckled white.

You must be the young man who accepted my challenge. My name is Gyru. It's a pleasure to meet you! let me explain the rules, each of us will have three shots using a bow. In the Forrest there are three targets at varying ranges and sizes. The first is 5 meters away and is the size of a person, the second is 15 meters and is the size of an apple, The third is 50 meters away and is the size of a grape. Each target will be swinging very quickly on a rope between the trees. Don't worry about that last one though, nobody can ever hit that. It's worth twice the amount of points if you luck your way into hitting it though. The closest person to the bullseye for each target will be the winner. With that being said ill go first

Zainketsu nodded to show he understood. He watched carefully as the man drew his bow. He steadied his arms and took aim on the first target with his bow. He released his arrow and it lurched forward between between branches and impeded itself perfectly into the center of the bulls eye. He snickered at himself, clearly impressed with himself. The second shot was much of the same. Even though the target was much further away the arrow gracefully flew between obstacles and struck a second perfect bullseye. The third target was almost impossible to see. It was so far and there were so many tree branches between here and there. Gyru fired his last shot with confidence. It whistled through the branches and just barely missed the target. The arrow head actually grazed the side of it before embedding itself into a tree.

Damn! I think that's the closest I've gotten yet. There is no way you can put up a better shot then that.
Zainketsu grabbed the bow from the man nervously. It was a little too big for him. He stared at the first target and tried to relax. His eyes turned a burning crimson as he actived his sharingan. He slowed his breathing and tried to time his shot at just the right moment. To no surprise he the target perfectly center mass. His arrow actually split Gyru's first shot.

The second shot did no go quite as smooth. He had misjudged the speed of the target. He still hit it but it was a little high. It was not as good of a shot as the competition.

And it looks like that is my victory. It was a real pleasure. Not bad for a kid. Now hurry up and take your last shot so we can formally call this.

Zainketsu was slightly annoyed the man was prematurely calling his victory. His desire to win immediately shot through the roof. He took an extra minute staring at the small target swing on a pendulum. He focused his sharingan as much as he could. When he released the arrow it soared through the air in slow motion. It pierced multiple leaves as it whipped in between the various trees. The arrow struck the target perfectly. Given its small size it exploded on impact.

I win!

Zainketsu didn't even bother to look at the old man. He set the bow on the ground and preceded to walk away. A very conceded smile was on his face. That was more satisfying then he thought it was going to be.

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Ayato Hyuuga
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Quick Archery Competition. Empty Re: Quick Archery Competition.

Mon Sep 04, 2023 5:45 pm
Zain wrote:All it takes is dexterity (E rank mission)


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