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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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Make it out alive Empty Re: Make it out alive

Thu Aug 31, 2023 3:15 pm
”Let’s see here… check… check… check. Looks Like I’m ready.” Emilia’s slender finger had been guided and pointed towards each check list item as the young genin ran through each of them in her head. She was preparing for a new mission… this one a little more dangerous than the others she had recently been on. Slightly surprised that the upgrade was so drastic – but she had all the confidence in the world. Based on information she had been given, it sounded like there would be another person with her – so she wouldn’t have to do it alone. ”I wonder if there will be someone else… and I wonder who they are? Do I know them? Should be interesting to say the least.” She darted out of her house as she locked the door behind her – heading towards the designated meeting point.

This particular mission was all about finding a well off merchant who was well-known in Hoshigakure. Apparently their house had been report that it was in shambles and several items were taken. The ultimate goal… find the merchant and discover why they were kidnapped, and also bring them home safely.

This was honestly a mission that would test Emilia’s abilities and really see just how far she had come with her training. She had been working a lot on her craft and added some new things that really could be beneficial on this mission. Her special eye being one of them. Though this is something she remained cautious of and really didn’t want to show it to just anyone and everyone. Anyways – she stayed on course and made sure that she was not late to the rendezvous point.


While it certainly took long than a hop, skip, and a leap to get to where she needed to be – that’s about how long it felt to her. Emilia got a little lost in thoughts, mostly due to her anxiousness about starting this mission. Her legs carried her to what appears like the merchants house. It was he only one around that seemed to be torn down – slim chance that it wasn’t the correct house. After taking time to look around and see if she could spot any one – Emilia noticed a blue haired boy that was a little taller than she was. His clothes were… interesting, which is the best way Emilia could describe them.

”Looks like you’re my partner on this mission… It’s nice to meet you – my name is Emilia… but friends and family call me Emi.” Her golden eyes engaged his… odd color ones. Emi was sort of confused on what color they were. She extended her hand though and let out a nice smile. She was big on introductions – you could usually tell a lot from how someone introduced themselves. Are they more reserved? Are they serious? Lighthearted? Maybe they’re just as bubbly and upfront as she is.

Once the introductions are done, Emi would turn and look at the house they were suppose to inspect. A starting point might be difficult with the house in this much turmoil. They’d just have to start looking to see if they could find anything that would lead to the potential whereabouts of the merchant. Not that she was trying to leave her new partner in the dust – but it was sort of an ADHD moment where her mind went from one thing to another in a blink of a second. It also provided some guidance to the other shinobi.


”I’m not real sure what we should be looking for here. The house has been absolutely trashed.” Her head turned towards him, immediately spotting something a little suspicious. It looked like a pedestal… where something once had sat, but not anymore. Was it stolen? She wasn’t sure what else would turn up, but it seemed clear that they were destined to run into a spot that would likely give them tons of opportunity.

It just so happened that Emilia’s thoughts were correct. Not long after she pointed to the empty pedestal… her eyes spotted a tiny pool of blood near the back door. She would immediately point this out.

”I’d certainly say there was a struggle here.. I bet we can find a trail that guides us a bit here. What do you think?”

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Make it out alive Empty Re: Make it out alive

Tue Nov 21, 2023 2:08 pm
Natsuki watched as Emilia approached, her golden eyes shining with determination and curiosity. The girl's bubbly introduction and warm smile gave Natsuki pause. She was more used to the reserved and disciplined demeanor of her fellow Nova Corps members, but Emi's energy was infectious. Natsuki nodded in response to the introduction.

"I'm Natsuki. Nice to meet you, Emi," she replied, her voice calm and measured.

As Emi turned her attention to the dilapidated house, Natsuki scanned their surroundings. The place looked like it had weathered both time and turmoil. Her eyes flickered to the blue-haired boy Emi had mentioned. He was an interesting character, standing out even in a scene of disorder.

Before Natsuki could say anything, Emi shifted gears, expressing uncertainty about where to begin. The house was in shambles, making any clues elusive. Emi's attention flitted around like a butterfly, and Natsuki couldn't help but feel a sense of amusement. However, her amusement gave way to concern when Emi pointed out the empty pedestal and a small pool of blood near the back door.

"I'd certainly say there was a struggle here... I bet we can find a trail that guides us a bit here. What do you think?" Emi asked.

Natsuki observed the scene, her eyes narrowing as she noticed the pool of blood. This situation could escalate quickly, and she couldn't dismiss the possibility of danger.

"Emi, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this mission might be more hazardous than initially thought. I've dealt with situations like this before. Let me take the lead. We should also dismiss the genin who was supposed to accompany us. It's too risky for them," Natsuki said, her tone serious and authoritative.

She motioned for the other genin to leave, and once they were alone, Natsuki focused on the task at hand. "We need to be cautious. The blood might lead us to something, but we have to proceed with care. Stay close, and follow my lead."

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