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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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Imaginary Situation [Training Topic] Empty Imaginary Situation [Training Topic]

Tue Jul 25, 2023 11:46 pm
Dashing through the training grounds, Okisho is meticulous in his every step, his movements ever so graceful as he leaped from tree branch to tree branch. As he glides through the air, he forms a set of hand signs. His hand speed was moderate, but not as fast as he wanted. Hence, as he did so, his eyes scanned the area. he imagined himself being hunted down by blood thirsty mercs, wanting nothing more than to see the leaf shinobi dead. In the real world, one could fetch a pretty good wad of cash for a corpse like Okisho. His bloodline was coveted by all, due to the great protentional that laid dormant in his eyes. The mere thought of it caused his blood to swell, but he regained his focus and proceeded on with the training exercise. After weaving the set of hand signs, he looks up and imagines an attacker descending upon him. Armed with a kunai, and wearing casual clothing, the merc aims to strike down upon Okisho, slashing at his face. However, with the uchiha's Hand seals already weaved, he takes a deep breath and launches a stream of blazing fire upwards towards the falling merc. With the distance being that of 10 meters above him, he as confident that his attack would engulf his attacker. With his first attacker burned to a crisp, he falls lifelessly downwards to the ground, allowing Okisho to proceed on with vigilance and haste. As for attire, Okisho is a minimalist, nothing too flashy and void of any logos. He is seen wearing a simple all black shirt, and a pair of dark navy-blue slacks which stop at the top of his ankles. A single ninja pouch concealed underneath his black shirt. The pouch his attached to his black leather belt, fastened on the back right side of his waist. His shoes are standard issued shinobi editions, revealing his toes and back ankles. His shinobi headband is tied tight against his forehead, but not so much to cause any discomfort. Although the attacker was a figment of his imagination, the jutsu cast was not. Okisho had to be careful as to not start a wildfire. Which he was. The stream of fire he released was aimed upwards in towards a clearing where the many thick tree branches did not meet. Hence the flames disbursed harmlessly, avoiding all branches and tree life. Moving on, he scans his surroundings, taking in every detail. It wasn't enough to come to a conclusion that he was safe. He didn't pick up on any traps, but neither did he see any other hostiles in the area. The fictious mission report that he "received", stated that there would be a total of five mercs after the scroll in his possession. One down, four more to go. He closes his eyes, just for an instant, only to open them to reveal his ultimate weapon, the sharingan. Although it wasn't a fully matured sharingan, his one tomoe eyes granted him chakra vision. This allowed him to perceive masses of chakra within people and objects, a handy little trait that he would need to get out this mess.

Moving at a moderate pace, his position roughly 5 meters off the ground, his eyes pick up on two chakra sources up ahead to the east. the size of the masses indicated that they were indeed humans. Of course, he also picked up on the fact that there were no traps ahead of him. Was he going to get the drop on them? He was soon going to find out, their position was getting closer and closer. He draws a single kunai from the pouch located on the back of his waist with his right hand. His grip was tight, the two were merely 5 meters away. This was it, he thought. Reaching them, he cast his lone kunai below to where the two stood. Of course, they evade it and disburse effortlessly. The two circling around top get better footing and avoid the advantage that Okisho had by hiding behind the trunks of rather large trees. With Okisho up high, he had the high ground. He saw it all, and then some. His eyes allowed him to see the exact positioning of the two mercs. There chakra masses within were as clear as day. He weaved another set of hand signs, after which he inhaled through his nostrils. The chakra within Him swelled and was ready to be released. He spits out a volley of half a meter in diameter sized fireballs that arc'ed into such a way that they would hit their targets behind the three. In reality, he of course shot them, upwards into the clearing free of branches and wildlife. He did so to avoid setting the forest on fire. With success, the two mercs were caught in the attack, knocking them out with burns. He could see their chakra diminish slowly to the point where it was so faint he could barely see the light within their bodies. He drops down to retrieve his metal kunai, placing it back within his pouch where it belonged. His breaths were heavy, having to use two fire style jutsu back-to-back. It reminded him of the time where he had to go through his passage of rite. His first time successfully performing the fireball jutsu Infront of his father and a live audience. Three down, one more to go according to the mission document. He gains the high ground once more, and proceeds further. he was almost to the checkpoint where he would be safe. Perhaps he would beat the last merc and make it back without a hassle. Okisho moves forward as fast as he could, he then reaches the checkpoint, only to be stopped by the last member of the mercenary gang. He eyes him down left and right. But the merc runs away, fleeing from the Uchiha. With no backup and and all alone with his fellow mercs cut down. there was no point in staying. He finally snaps back to reality, and sees himself at the entrance to the training grounds. It was a fun and interesting exercise, but it was time for him to go. Okisho was seen leaving the training grounds and headed back home in the Uchiha district.
Exit, TWC/ 1055 +10 stats and 1000 words for Ninjutsu Amplifier V7
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Imaginary Situation [Training Topic] Empty Re: Imaginary Situation [Training Topic]

Wed Jul 26, 2023 4:22 am
Okisho Uchiha wrote:---
Exit, TWC/ 1055 +10 stats and 1000 words for Ninjutsu Amplifier V7

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