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Ronin Shinkou
Ronin Shinkou
Stat Page : The Phantom Puppeteer
Puppetry Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 500

Chakra Thread Formation: Sundering Drill Empty Chakra Thread Formation: Sundering Drill

Sat Jul 08, 2023 7:32 pm
Name: Chakra Thread Formation: Sundering Drill
Element: -
Rank: C/B/A/S
Specialty: Puppetry
Particular Jutsu Type: DoT
Backstory: -

Appearance: 3 of the puppeteer’s chakra threads wrap around theirs or their puppets hand, immediately swirling around one another in a spiral motion along the wrist. This forms a drill, which sunders anything that comes into contact with it, from their chakra which extends to it’s maximum range.
Handseals: Tiger -> Boar-> Ox /-> Tiger/-> Ram -> Boar/-> Snake (C/B/A/S Rank)
Duration: 2/3 posts
Cooldown: Posts Used +1/ +2 (C & B/A & S Rank)
Range: See Below
Power: 20/30/50/Speed or Primary Scaling Stat of Puppet
Speed: 20/30/50/Speed or Primary Scaling Stat of Puppet
Health: -
Stat Boosts:-
What it does: This technique may be activated in one of two ways. The first is on themselves, the second is on one of their active Basic, Duelist, Bruiser, or Living type puppets. If the person using this technique has Puppetry as their main spec and is using it on a puppet, they need not perform handseals to activate this. Regardless of whichever way they’re using Sundering Drill, once it’s activated, the user must use 3 of their chakra threads during the duration of this technique. These chakra threads can’t be used in any other way while the technique is active, nor will it activate if the person doesn’t have enough threads. They will immediately start to spiral around the person’s forearm, forming a large chakra drill which remains in constant motion.

The drill extends to a length of 3/7/12/15 meters (C/B/A/S Rank), and a height and width of 1/3/5/7 meters (C/B/A/S Rank), with the widest part being closer to the puppeteer or the puppet acting as a catalyst. Since this is an offensive technique, in terms of clashing, to truly win, this one will need to surpass the power of an opposing one. But, this technique has an advantage. Because of the drill’s high velocity, against physical techniques, barriers, or armor, it will automatically ignore 25 points when clashing with one another. It can clash with both physical and chakra based attacks/armors/barriers, but will only have its piercing effect applied against a physical one. It clashes normally on all other terms. Anything that comes into contact with the drill will be subjected to a bleed DoT of 20/30/50/70 (C/B/A/S) points of damage over the course of their next 3 posts, as the skin and anything it touches is brutally mangled and rent asunder. This DoT can be ended early by a medical technique which cures bleed DoTs that surpass the power of this one.

Character Specific: No
Wordcount to learn: 1000/1500/2500/5000
Action Cost: 20/30/40/100 Activation; 10/15/20/50 Upkeep
Mastery: Y
Bonus Requirements: -
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Site Canon [Creation Bounty]
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