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Jay Yuki
Jay Yuki
Stat Page :
Space Time Default
Remove Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 36

Genin's first official mission Empty Genin's first official mission

Mon Jun 19, 2023 8:56 pm
Beaten Path
Mission Details:

Mission Name: Infiltration Training
Rank: C
Mission Location: Kirigakure Village

Challenges: N/A
Task: Any ninja from within the mist must learn how to silently enter any location, retrieve necessary information, silence targets, and/or leave a message as needed. For this mission, three separate training sites have been set up for you to choose from to infiltrate. You must choose a minimum of one site to complete this mission. The three sites are listed below with general details to help you choose which of the three you will engage with. You will be required to 1. make preparations and observances of the structure(s) and any occupants, 2. enter the building and engage in one or more acts, and 3. report back findings and any retrieved documentation if needed.

The three sites are:
A small shop set up just outside the edge of the village. There are no outward signs of what their business entails. Retrieve documentation to determine their activities and if they are a danger to Kirigakure.
A campsite has been formed out in a field off the path from the village towards the ocean. Several tents have been set up and an unknown number of individuals are occupying them. Determine their intentions and, if hostile towards the general public, silently eliminate their leader.
A small cave system has been found off towards the mountains. Several individuals have taken up residence there and have been stealing the local livestock from a nearby town. You are to determine their numbers, retrieve any livestock you can, and leave no evidence of your presence.

Word Count Requirement: 2000
Reward: 4000 Ryo / 20 AP

Character Requirements: Kirigakure Ninja
Character Exclusive: N/A

Jay ran forward on a path that led away from the village into the woods towards the ocean where multiple suspects had set up camp with many different tents so information is required to make a decision on how to act, they could choose to be friendly in which case they would be kicked out and forced to move elsewhere and if they are aggressive then the leader of the group will need to be dealt with, this is Jay's first official mission as a Hidden Mist Genin and it's a solo mission at that which works for him since other Genin generally slow him down. Now he had arrived at the edge of the woods where the field was located off the beaten path this is where they had set up their camp so now it was time to be silent and remain unseen, he leapt up into a tree landing on one branch and immediately jumping higher onto another in order to get a good sight light while remaining hidden well from anyone that happens to walk by, Jay could see that they had set up eight different tents in the field along with 3 separate camp fires that looked like cooking stations although none of them were active at the current moment. The teenage Yuki waited patiently for anyone to show themselves he had been sitting in the tree for about 45 minutes at this point and no one had shown themselves which felt off to him, his patience would be rewarded as three men appeared from the woods walking to one of the further tents none of them holding any weapons and they were not wearing shinobi gear, the sun had fully risen at this point making it a bright morning out which woke up most of the camp as people began to move around and start their daily tasks with both men and women lingering around the area.

   " Time to find out if they are hostile " he whispered to himself.

   Jay raised his hands performing a series of hand seals, " Clone Jutsu " one clone appeared jumping down onto the ground and walking out into the forest towards the camp slowly in order to gauge what the enemy was up to and if they were aggressive towards any strangers they come across, Jay's clone would be met with two gentlemen who approached him one of them holding a club with the other one being unarmed.

Look what we got here, what do you want pal " his voice sounded like he was mocking Jay with some malice hidden        underneath the surface.

   The larger of the two men who was unarmed had an angered look on his face he reached over attempting to grab Jay's clone by the collar of his shirt although because it was an ordinary clone it didn't work and the clone disappeared, this had confirmed the group was not friendly towards other which means they have to go and he was gonna need to resort to violence but before he did that he needed to gather some more information in order to make his strike efficient and accurate, he needed to get closer in order to use his Clans special ability to sense heat that is within their vicinity although it does have some downsides since he needs to be pretty close to use it. Leaving the safety of his tree Jay leapt down running left to circle around the field instead of going right like his clone did since they would be looking that way for sure since the interaction with his clone, after circling the field multiple times Jay concluded that there were 11 people in the camp at that moment in time with five people grouped into the tent closest to the north which likely the group leader being guarded by some of his men, Jay waited for the perfect opportunity one of the men separated himself and went into the woods to gather a small amount of wood for a fire to cook on which gave Jay the ability to attack the man knocking him out while he was not looking. Next he performed the hand seals for the Transformation Jutsu copying the suspects exact looks in order to fool his camp mates allowing Jay to freely walk which would make attacking their leader much easier to manage, after about 15 minutes he returned with a few logs of wood in order to fully act the part and convince the suspects he was who he appeared to be after completing that task he made his way towards the tent where the groups leader was located, Jay would not be able to just enter the tent and attack him with four of his guards standing there that would only force a fight where everyone would be alert and he was supposed to be silent and quiet on this mission.

   Jay dropped one of the logs he had gathered from the forest outside the tent leaving it there for when he needed it as part of his plan to lure away some of the leader's guards, if he was able to act like he the camp site was being attacked from an outside force the leader would likely send his remaining guards to go deal with the situation which would allow Jay to lure them into the woods leaving the boss alone and vulnerable, he also had a plan to quickly get back to the camp in order to complete his strike before the others could return to stop him from completing the mission he was assigned, he ran around the corner of the tent entering the front of the tent quickly acting like he was panicked with his facial expressions and physical body language in order to play it up more, " Boss there is a man trying to burn down some of our tents ".

   " All of you go stop that FOOL " he yelled at the men who obeyed his orders the four of them following Jay out of the tent and towards the woods where the beginning of the plan would begin, after they were about a hundred feet into the wood Jay would stop running performing the Substitution Jutsu in order to change places with the log he had left outside the tents entrance allowing him to make it back extremely quickly, still transformed into one of the criminals the blame for the attack on the leader would be put on the group thinking he was just a traitor until the real one wakes up and makes his way back to the camp where he would likely be killed. Jay entered the tent looking at the boss who stared at him with disgust still oblivious to the real situation although the gravity of the moment would hit him real soon, rushing forward he leapt over the table lifting the man off his feet and slamming into onto the table back first as the groups leader let out a grunt as the air was knocked out of him, he continued the attack placing both of his hands on the man's neck squeezing with all his might in order to block the airways in his throat along with cutting off the blood supply from reaching his brain either of these things would force him to pass out and eventually die if he could not break free, the man continued to struggle attempting to punch and hit Jay although at this point he had begun to lose his strength and his punches were weak doing little to no damage at all as he gasped for air attempting pry Jay's hands from his neck. After about another minute or two the man finally stopped moving having been killed due to Asphyxiation and now it was time to escape the others would be back shortly and Jay only had his hands he had not been given any ninja tools or equipment just yet and he did not have the money to buy his own either so this missions was gonna pay for his loadout if he could manage to pull it off, he jumped back over the desk moving for the exit as one of the other men entered at the same time confused to see Jay who jumped up kicking the man out of the way and immediately running in the opposite direction towards the woods in order to get a clean get away he had planned the escape part of his mission earlier when he launched the lure substitution plan, Jay was now being chased by 6 men who all had weapons at this point although thanks to his shinobi training and his natural physiology he was much faster then the other men and he was quickly gaining ground on them.

   Raising his hands as he was running he once again performed the hand seals for the Clone Jutsu successfully creating 3 other clones who also ran next to him in order to confuse all those who were chasing him forcing them to split up so even if was forced to fight he had a better chance with them split up and confused, he continued running breaking away from his other clones with only one person still following him and they seemed to be slowing down likely due to exhaustion which benefitted the teenage Yuki who was going to take advantage of it since he was so close to completing his first mission, he rounded a tree waiting as the criminal who chased him got closer and also rounded the tree where Jay would launch a kick to the ribs sending the man backwards unfortunately he had a machete and it sliced Jay in the left shoulder as the man was sent backwards causing his wound to bleed at a medium rate. Jay just accepted the pain turning to continue running away now that the man was on the floor and no longer able to pursue him even if he got up Jay now had a lead on him and he would be able to escape in the foliage if he could just gain a small amount of distance, in the commotion another of the group was alerted to Jay's position and he was now chasing Jay through the woods having caught a glimpse of the Yuki attempting to disappear into the woods unseen, just like earlier he was not fast enough to keep up for very long and the difference in speed only got worst as the mans stamina deteriorated allowing Jay to gain the distance needed to leap into the trees jumping tree to tree back towards Kirigakure in order to report his missions outcome to a superior along with writing a mission report. After the mission is complete and he gets paid Jay needed to go visit the ninja tool shop so he can get his hands on some ninja tools completing future mission without any gear is gonna be extremely difficult and would limit him to being assigned to D and C ranked missions, Jay also had not mastered any Jutsu since he left the academy although he had been training attempting to find a Jutsu that fit his style and complemented his fighting style.

   With one final leap Jay came flying out of the tree line landing on the beaten path he had followed earlier in order to get here he stumbled forward falling to his knees, the blood loss was beginning to make him feel weird and light headed it was important he made it back to the village quickly before he passed out which would likely cost him his life unless he was extremely lucky and someone found him before he bled out, Jay pushed himself back to his feet jogging down the path back towards the village eventually making it back as he huffed and puffed the blood loss was really beginning to affect him and his lungs were hurting from running so far quickly without stopping.

Word Count: 2002
Using 2000 WC towards 20 Vigor stats [2000/2002 WC]
Learned Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death [2000/2000 WC]
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Genin's first official mission Empty Re: Genin's first official mission

Wed Jun 21, 2023 6:18 pm
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