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Travin Iburi
Travin Iburi
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Mastering the Eyes Empty Mastering the Eyes

Sat Apr 01, 2023 6:41 pm
It was time today was going to be the day that all of Travins hard work was going to be realized today he would fully master his Sharingan. After months of work after he originally awoke to the first tome and only recently awakening the second he would push himself even harder than ever before. If he was going to be able to keep up with Lucian and Ryuko he would need the full power of his kekkei genkai. He had spent the last few days talking to his parents about how they awoke their Sharingan’s to the three tome state, and the only thing that they both had in common was that it happened in combat. In the moment that you needed your eyes more than ever and they were not strong enough, is when it happened. For this reason Travin had set up a group of shinobi around his skill level, most of them being chunin, but some genin as well. His plan was to spend the entire day if he had to in combat. Thinking that this would be the best and fastest way to awaken the fully mastered form of his eyes.

Walking into the advanced training facilityTravin waved at the lady behind the counter, she was the one that had found all the sparring partners for him, and was expecting him to show up. She pointed to a room in the far back of the building and there were several shinobi standing around it waiting. Some of which waved at him to hurry on over, while others killed time working out. Once he made his way to the room within the building. He was met with several of the people thinking that he wouldn’t be able to make it through one of them that wasn’t a genin let alone all of the people here as well. Most people had heard of him by now within the village after all Lucian, Ryuko and himself had become a team of sorts. He paid them no attention though as they talked about beating him in a few rounds.

Once he was in the room he walked to the otherside of it and waited for the first person to walk in. The first one to enter the room was one of the two genin, Travin knew both of them as they were in his class. This one's name was John and ever since they graduated from the academy he thought that he was stronger than Travin. With his two tome sharingan active Travin waited for John to attack, and when he did come charging at Travin with a wide haymaker. Travin was able to see it coming with ease and simply ducked down below the punch and threw one of his own hitting John in the throat who fell over gasping for air. The second genin also fell quickly as he was not very strong either and was only here because John had convinced him that Travin was weak and that it was all Lucian and Ryuko that was caring all the heavy lifting on the missions.

However, once the first chunin entered the room everyone stayed quiet. Travin didn’t know who he was but he had a sword. Telling Travin that he was a close range fighter as well. When the man started to charge at Travin, Travin had already started making hand seals for the great fire ball jutsu. Firing the fireball at the guy he was able to use his sword and cut the fireball in half and keep coming at him. A little surprised by the man's ability Travin quickly pulled out a kunai and went to parry the attack only being able to reduce its power and change the direction of the blade to miss him. While ducking down and trying to slice at the man's legs, an attack he succeeded on, but at the cost of getting cut across his back. Lucky for him the man was unable to get a good clean cut, but Travin could feel the warm blood slide down his back in a few places.

He knew that he should have been able to see that coming and find a better opening in the man's defense, but he wasn’t strong enough yet. The difference in their speed and power was massive, and Travin knew that this guy was only a chunin. If he was this strong then Travin was way weaker than he had thought he was. However, he knew that if he could master his eyes he would be stronger than this guy, by simply being able to make use of his genjutsu, as well being able to see what the guy was going to be able to do next. Out of desperation Travin charged at the man who went to slice Travin, but for some reason Travin was able to see the cut coming and changed the position of his body to dodge the swing of the man's sword and land a shoulder tackle on him knocking his sword out of his hand as he stood back up over him. Pulling a kunai out of his weapon pouch and placing it on the man's throat. He surrendered after that, and got up and walked out of the room after retrieving his sword. Travin stood back up and waited on the next guy.

This next guy was going to be his greatest challenge yet, his name was Chojo and he was recommended to be a jounin a few weeks ago. If anyone was going to push Travin into awakening his three tome Sharingan it would be this guy. Walking into the room the man looked at Travin. “You almost had it in that last fight” he would tell Travin. To be honest Travin hadn’t noticed yet but one of his eyes had gained a third tome. It was something that happened when a member of the uchiha clan was getting close to the next stage in their power. One eye would awaken before the other signaling to the rest of the clan and those that knew that soon they would have mastery over the eye. Getting ready to fight Travin would give the man a nod telling him that he was ready. Pulling out a kunai knowing that if the other guy was able to get around his great fireball jutsu, than this guy would definitely be able to.

The two would charge at each other, kunai in hand clashing against each other's blade as they held strong against each other. However, as their blades were tied up holding the others back. The man made a few hand seals with only one hand. Something that Travin had known that some could do and it was a sign of real mastery over chakra control and hand seals in total. However, Travin was able to see that he was using a fire style jutsu, something that he had not been able to tell before. He also noticed that the man's movements had slowed down. However, what was really happening was that he was being able to process what was going on at a much faster rate than he had been able to before. Travin sliding the side and letting the man's blade slide off of his own going into a roll to create distance between to. The man shot out several fireballs at Travin, however, this time it felt like he had all the time in the world to react to the fire balls. Weaving in and out of the fireballs easily dodging all of them, Travin weaved his own handseals in the process. Lifting his own hand up as the man's last fireball was fired. Using his own Great Fireball jutsu firing a massive fireball at the man, who quickly dodged out of the way with his own roll across the ground.

“There you have it, you got your three tome. Now lets see if you can really use it” the man would tell Travin as he stood up. Performing handseals right in front of Travin, he could see it was another fire style attack, but there was a big difference this time. Travin was able to copy each handseal as the man performed them, doing each one with him at the same time while building up the exact chakra that the man was also building up. When at the same time they both fired a massive storm of fire out of their bodies at each other. “That is my Fire Storm jutsu” he would tell Travin, who now instinctively knew how it worked and what it could do. With that the man walked out of the room telling Travin to make good use of those eyes. With his training complete Travin had worn himself out firing all of the jutsu he had in the battles, with his new found mastery over his eyes he would return home, and couldn’t wait for the next time he was going to have to spar Lucian or Ryuko, this new power would be the difference in the three of them.

claiming 15 stats to chakra
3 tome sharingan using 4k WC from even and 25% discount for the remaining 2k making it 1,500 WC required
Stat Page : The Black Star
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 84500

Mastering the Eyes Empty Re: Mastering the Eyes

Sat Apr 01, 2023 6:49 pm
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