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Benimaru Kumonosu
Benimaru Kumonosu
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Benimaru's fitness mission  Empty Benimaru's fitness mission

Thu Feb 23, 2023 2:55 pm
He’d reach the arena with a smile, he’d graduated recently.
It embarrassed him to say he was still not able to utilize chakra in all his limbs at once. He could not maintain basic chakra control in all six arms at once. So, in a battle of taijutsu or to cling to surfaces. His extra arms were quite frankly useless… That was going to change!

“I’m a genin now, I know it’s doable. I just need to keep my concentration while moving.” He was giving himself a pep talk in order to work himself up to it. He would shift his shoulders. It looked like a wave of movement as three shoulders on each side all shifter and his arms moved. He would quickly jog over to where he would accomplish his training. There was a rocky formation at the edge of the training grounds.

The rock formation was shaped in such a way it looked like a crescent arch which one could pass underneath. It was likely leftover from someone performing earth style ninjutsu. He had seen it the day before and knew this was perfect for his situation. He would raise his upper pair of arms above his head once he was underneath and with a light hop, he’d attach himself to the bottom of the stone arch and smiling at the success of the first step he would flip his hair back off his face as his second set of arms would reach for the arch flat palmed.

Here came the hard part, he was concentrating in order to maintain chakra control in both pairs of arms at once but once his attention shifted from one pair to two pairs of arms, he lost control. With a faint gulp he fell from the arch, twisting in air he landed like a spider on all eight. “Uerkh! I knew I wouldn’t do it first try but come on!”

He would try again, exactly as before however this time it appeared he’d pushed too hard, and his chakra simply left a small crack in the stone as it almost ejected his second pair of arms from the stone surface. Luckily one of his hands had held on. And he hung there for a bit concentrating only on the control.

He would then focus on another hand, then another, he’d do each of them in turn until he was hanging from all four arms. He had managed step one. Step two was easier as he had figured out his “trick” to completing the task. He was hanging by four of his arms and though it took a while for him to master the concentration of hanging by three pairs of arms. He got there before noon.

He was hanging by all six arms and crawling around on the arch much in the way a spider would while his legs hung down, he was enjoying himself. Reaching the top of the stone arch he’d sit and look over at his belongings. It was about time for lunch.

Hopping down and a quick jog later he’d grabbed his lunch and this time he managed to leap from the ground and hold on with four arms at once, his lunch safely protected in his third pair of arms. With a quick crawl he was atop the stone arch once more.

He opened the lunchbox and with a longing sigh begun to dig into his food. His arms would appear as a flurry as his twelve chopsticks made short work of the food, he had brought with him. It was a bit dry. But he was still proud he had made it himself.

Getting back to his training he glanced down at the rock beneath him, this time with a wide smile. He then patted the rock with two of his left hands and with the third he struck it with a closed fist concentrating his chakra in his fist in order to deal some damage and protect his hand.

“Today is the day you die rock! Time for some taijutsu practice!” He saw a small crack beginning to extend on the arch, he imagined if he struck there a few more times he would be able to break it. Instead of doing that he would wedge his fingers into the crack. Two hands were barely able to manage and preparing for the shoulder and back workout he would begin to pull apart the rock.

He was straining as the rock barely gave in at all at first, however the crack widened and using his second pair of fingers he would pull even harder. The sound of the rock cracking and sharp splinters were beginning to break loose from the stone arch. He wedged his last pair of hands in there and pulled the rock apart. The arch now having been separated into two it fell over with a loud slam. He heard a shriek as he dropped and turned quickly in air to see who it was. He almost groaned loudly when he saw who it was.

“Morning, welcome to civilian training. I am expecting each and every one of you to be pulling boulders apart by the end of today!” He was grinning wide and winked awkwardly to indicate that he was joking. He never knew what he was to do with his hands when speaking to masses of people. It was uncomfortable. Without noticing he had begun nervously playing thumb war with himself but quickly stopped.

“I think we should start with some basic weapon training!” He would bring some training staffs for the civilians to use as practice spears. “Please pair up and take turns practicing defense and attacking each other with only overhead swings, no jabs!” He himself would begin training using all six arms throwing various punches at the rock he had split in half earlier.

He could tell when he used all his arms at the same time it did not feel as comfortable. He noticed his chakra control for taijutsu was still a bit off. He was determined to master fighting with all his limbs. It would be his first step towards becoming a fully versatile shinobi. He would concentrate his chakra in his three right fists and strike the rock. He could tell by the cracks his control had been off in one of his right hands. He wanted to correct that, so he tried it again.
He closed his eyes in order to concentrate, he approached it the same way he had with his surface walking. Except this time, he would need to do so instantly. How could he force himself into such a scenario. Looking at the rock he again thought of something intriguing. He struck it several times until it cracked apart into three pieces.

“Perfect! You guys keep practicing your blows. Jabs this time! The other half grab shields then take turns defending and attacking please!” He shouted back to the civilians. He wanted to do a good job but to him this was far more important than their basic combat training.

He grabbed one of the rocks with all of his arms and through some grunting and groaning managed to hoist it above his head. Holding it with six hands granted him a lot of stability even with his arms outstretched. He would then concentrate his chakra in order to crush the rock with his bare hands.
“I doubt I am strong enough to break it without making an impact repeatedly. But it’s good practice.”

Benimaru squinted his eyes and flicked his hair out of his face before striking a wide legged pose and with a roar he attempted to pincer the rock between his six hands like a large claw. “HIYAAA!”
The rock was unharmed even 5 minutes later, however he felt he was getting a hang of it. 

Giving it one last push he would grunt and hurl the rock into the air above him. He sidestepped quickly and punched it with three right fists at the same time as it fell down pushing the stone forward and watching it split open as it hit the ground. He felt an extra pep in his step as he hopped over to the civilians gesturing for their attention with two pairs of arms while the other pair was dapping each other up. He quickly stopped that blushing slightly.

“Thank you so much for coming today, I hope you feel a bit fitter than yesterday! Allow me to escort you out.” He would pick up his stuff and follow them to the end of the training grounds waiting for them to slowly shuffle out while groaning about how the workout had worked their shoulders, back, arms and yada yada. Benimaru could not be bothered to listen to their reservations.

Benimaru determined it was time for him to pack up as well. It had been a good day of training. He took a last look at the rubble that had been the crescent he had just destroyed. The sun was about to set and the entire mountain range in the distance looked like orange pinecones in the distance. Beautiful rocks as far as the eye can see.

Total WC = 1535
Mission: Swift as a coursing river (Reward: 2000 Ryo + 10 bonus AP)
Skill: Spider anatomy (SKILL OBTAINED) 2000 discount 1500 
Stats: 15 stat points (+15 speed) 
Vigor: 15 
Chakra: 15 
Speed: 30 +15 
Strength: 40

Last edited by Benimaru Kumonosu on Thu Feb 23, 2023 3:10 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added WC for skill)
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
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Benimaru's fitness mission  Empty Re: Benimaru's fitness mission

Thu Feb 23, 2023 5:40 pm
Benimaru Kumonosu wrote:

Total WC = 1535
Mission: Swift as a coursing river (Reward: 2000 Ryo + 10 bonus AP)
Skill: Spider anatomy (SKILL OBTAINED) 2000 discount 1500 
Stats: 15 stat points (+15 speed) 
Vigor: 15 
Chakra: 15 
Speed: 30 +15 
Strength: 40

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