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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Tenka Yazui
Genjutsu Weaponry Default
Water Default
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 60500

A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi) Empty A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi)

Tue Jan 31, 2023 10:51 am
Mission being done:
"I think this is the place.."

Yazui would gaze up at the large, royal house looming over them. He then looked over his shoulder to Kana Mi. The two had accepted a mission from the officials of the village. A series of break-ins had occured in what few fancy houses Yugakure still had, so they needed a pair of big, strong shinobi to protect the goodies inside. This house was expected to be the next target, so their solution for the shinobi to lie in wait, ambush the thieves and bring them in dead or alive.

This is where the duo from Yugure came in.

Yazui's hand went into his pocket to retrieve the key their contractors had given him. He put the key in the lock and turned. A heavy clunk could be heard, followed by an creaky echo through the dark entrance hall as Yazui pushed the door open. The interior of the house was cold. The floor was marble, and spotless. The entrance was spacious and immaculate. Not a spec of dust on the fancy chandelier, golden coathanger, paintings or grandfather clock. Yazui was surprised those thieves hadn't hit this house sooner.

Taking a few steps inside, he would look around and let out an impressed whistle before turning to Kana Mi. "I wonder if they left us some champagne in the kitchen." It was worded as an obvious joke, thought he wouldn't mind a fancy drink as a bonus. The pay wasn't bad, but judging by this mansion it was like spare change to them.

Kana Mi
Kana Mi
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Blodreina
Remove Ninjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 9400

A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi) Empty Re: A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi)

Thu Feb 16, 2023 10:53 pm
Like any bandit hungry for some extra ryo. Kana took the seasonal mission with one of her new roommates by her side. All they had to do was guard a place from some other bandits. Nothing like hiring a bandit to hunt a bandit. . . Right?

But then again, Kana was still uncertain as to what kind of person Yazui was. Still curious as to what kind of alignment suited his personality.

Which was why this mission gave her a good opportunity to learn more about him.

As Yazui withdrew the key to unlock the door to the mansion, he would suddenly feel the impact of a snowball hit the back of his shoulder. Definitely not something performed by Kana herself. Nope nope.

Kana was left acting innocents as if the snowball did not indeed leave her right hand after she had formed it. Just basic childsplay at this point.

It wasn't long after that the two made their way into the mansion. The red-haired woman took a moment to observe the fancy place that they was hired to guard. Betting that she could make more money by looting the place herself, but the consequences of that could lead to trouble. So of course the Kyuketsuki woman behaved like a good girl, and kept her hands to herself.

"Oh?? I mean. . What's stopping us to check for ourselves?"
Kana responded with a daring tone about the champagne. " I'm sure they have plenty enough that they woujdnt even notice." Then her eyes traveled to her mission companion. A devious thought played within her thoughts but were left unspoken for now.
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Tenka Yazui
Genjutsu Weaponry Default
Water Default
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 60500

A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi) Empty Re: A Not So Quiet Night In (Kana Mi)

Sat Mar 04, 2023 5:36 am
When Yazui felt the snowball hit his shoulder, there was a brief moment of surprise. This was observed in a quick halt in his movement of opening the door and a glance over his shoulder. Then, he resumed and pretended it never happened. Was he trying to be cool or stoic? No. On the contrary, he was surprised and unsure how to act. He had taken Kana Mi for the cold, distant type. She had shown some vulnerability and signs of (possibly crippling) insecurity on the day they all came together. However, he hadn't expected this more mischievous and playful side of her. Like when she seemed very open to the idea to nab some champagne from the kitchen. In truth, Yazui's suggestion wasn't meant to be taken entirely seriously. It was just a little something he did; say things he didn't necessarily mean to see how people would react.

Kana Mi had a point, though. The owners of the house probably wouldn't even miss a bottle. But when it came down to it, Yazui would rather just do the mission and get payed without making things more complicated than they had to be.

"Heh. Well, maybe to celebrate once we're done.", he replied. "Alcohol doesn't really improve my jutsu.." He noticed her eyes gliding over him, but payed it no mind for now. A look could mean a million things. Maybe he would find out what this one meant, maybe he wouldn't.

With that being said, Yazui headed towards the stairs in the middle of the entry room. "Wanna check this place out, see if we can find any good places to set up an ambush?" They had the element of surprise over the robbers. Might as well make good use of it, right? Plus, Yazui had the feeling Kana Mi was a stealth based fighter. This was based solely on her slight build, so he could be mistaken. He had seen people far smaller than him perform amazing feats of physical strenght. Still, it wasn't an unfair assumption.

If Kana Mi didn't protest, he would head up the stairs and check out all the rooms. Get a general feel of the place. She was free to join him, check out the downstairs area or help herself to some champagne if she really wanted to. The choice was hers.

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