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Numachi Kinoko
Numachi Kinoko
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Village : Kirigakure
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More. More. More. [Missions] Empty More. More. More. [Missions]

Tue Nov 22, 2022 7:50 pm
Mission 1:

Mission 2:

Mission 3:

Mission 4:

Mission 5:

Mission 6:

Mission 7:

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Numachi Kinoko
Numachi Kinoko
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Remove Weaponry Default
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 7500

More. More. More. [Missions] Empty Re: More. More. More. [Missions]

Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:43 pm
Numachi had left before the first light, gathered his military rations in his pack, and oiled his armor before putting it on. Hung his blades at his left hip and cinched them tight on his belt. He took a quick look in the mirror before he exited, pulling his hair back, and tying the teal strands into a ponytail just below the knot of his headband. In the mirror he saw those red eyes looking back, so much like the hounds of the Mizukage, he decided. That’s what he was though, just another dog of the Mist: fighting over scraps with the others, brought under heel of the alpha. Not much of a realization he decided, others must have done the same by now. The dog walked out of his apartment down into the street and out the gates of Kiri.

The mists were heavy on the road, obscuring the treelines that lined the path. Numachi turned his head to the crack of a whip, and the creak of wooden wheels. The teamster’s shout echoed out into the morning. He brought his horses to a halt beside Numachi, which slung a trough of mud along the tops of his boots. Numachi looked down then back up again to the teamster. He was saying something to Numachi, but he couldn’t make it out over the rustle of his horses. Numachi kicked off the mud and walked to him. He was sitting in the fashion of teamsters, elbows on knees, a length of leather in his hand, and a stupid smirk on his face.

“Headed south,” The teamster said.

“I’ve got a full days walk south,” Numachi replied,

“They’d cut my contract if I didn’t give a military man some aid,” The teamster admitted with a smirk.

“I’ll take the ride anyway, old timer.”

Numachi walked to the other side of the cart, climbed up the two steps, and sat beside the teamster. He pulled the reins and barked something at the horses. Hoofs kicked up channels of mud as the Shinobi looked up to the sun peaking over the treetops, bringing light to the obscuring mist. He unfurled the scroll in his pocket, and read it over again for the thousandth time:

Numachi Kinoko, you have been tasked with escorting the Priest Kurota to his home temple in the southern province. You will meet him a day's walk south in the _____ Province. He has some vague relation to the Water Daimyo, so take care to attend to his every need. There has been talk of burglars and vandals on the road as of late, see that he arrives at the temple unharmed and in good spirits. Kurota has requested that you meet at the town of Mizuhana, which is located at the. . .

Signed, Yuumon Habara, Jounin of Mist.

“Orders?” Asked the teamster,

“Something like that,”

“My son was a shinobi, much like yourself–we lost him in the war.”

Numachi nodded at that, unsure of what the proper response would have been. He felt the soft patter of raindrops on the back of his palms. Fingers clasped the edges of the scroll, rolled it back up into its cylindrical form, and stowed it away in a pouch. He grabbed the edges of his cloak, pulling them taunt around him, then flipped the hood over his head.

Numachi Kinoko
Numachi Kinoko
Stat Page : Link
Remove Weaponry Default
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 7500

More. More. More. [Missions] Empty Re: More. More. More. [Missions]

Sat Nov 26, 2022 7:11 pm
They arrived when the thin veil of red evening light was slipping off the horizon. The teamster pulled on the reins, cartwheels creaked in a trough of mud, and his team whinnied. Before them lay Mizuhana, a sprawling cityscape of blue-lit spires and red thatched roofs. The city seemed almost comical to the grandeur that was the Capital. Numachi had seen very few towns in his lifetime, and he wondered if Kiri was the largest city in the world. He climbed down from his perch on the teamster’s cart, flat palm braced against his scabbards. The teamster spat in the mud and tipped his hat to the swordsman.

“I know a few whorehouses in the area, best to stay away from Kawa street. Well lit, but you’re more likely to get your purse snatched than find a decent wench to bed. Head to the commercial district, and go to the brothels. The whores at the bars are dangerous, son. Trust an old man, experience is the greatest teacher…”

“Are you sure you can’t stay? I have enough coin to–”

“I’ve got to be on my way.”

Numachi nodded in response, hand outstretched to shake the teamster’s own.

He walked the streets in search of the Temple. Against the teamster’s advice, he strolled down Kawa street, spying cutpurses and low-caste prostitutes eyeing him along his way. A hand on the hilt of his sword was enough to keep away all interested in approaching him. He halted at the sound of shouting, two drunkards had knives brandished, enriched by a group of shouting denizens. The neon sign of the Tavern blazed behind them as they took awkward slashes at one another. Numachi walked through the knife fight and into the darkness past huddled homelessness and night prowlers.

He strode through a residential district, which appeared upscale to him with fancy door fixtures and well-manicured lawns. Perhaps I should ask for directions. No not in this place, I’m more likely to get run off by security guards, than be given actual directions. Better not he decided. Through the Residential neighborhood, Numachi noticed homes started to turn into storefronts again, but these weren’t the slums: Fine gold-encrusted calligraphy replaced neon signs. His head craned to a group of people dining on a patio at street level. Fine featured beauties, he noticed, laughing under dimly lit vestibules

“Can I help you?”

Numachi turned his head to find a Patrol man behind him with arms akimbo.

“I’m looking for the Temple of ____, do you know its location?”

On recognition of Numachi’s headband, the officer’s scowl faded.

“For a moment I thought you were,” He laughed, “Well when you openly carry steels in this district, you’re usually looking for trouble.”

“No trouble,” Numachi waved a hand at the statement, “I’m looking for a priest,”

“Well, directions I can help you with,” He admitted.

The officer pulled out his notebook and began sketching a rough map for Numachi to follow.

“Y’know, I used to be a shinobi,” The officer said,

“You don’t say.”

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