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Sebastian Loghain
Sebastian Loghain
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Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel) Empty Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel)

Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:58 pm
The wolf was waiting at the training grounds, expecting his team to arrive any moment now. Letters were sent requesting all members of the team to be present, though he knew that as of late it would seem as though only Youta and himself remained. Jun was absent much of the time, perhaps the life of a soldier not suited to her kind heart. Regis, too, was absent. The wolf barely knew the young man, but soon after they met the boy had stopped attending team meetings. It was unclear to the wolf if he had been reassigned, settled into civilian life, or had gone rogue. The wolf honestly didn't look too deeply into the matter, for he had his own assignments and tasks to worry about. The last of the remaining team members that hadn't been around was Ciel. He showed potential from what little Sebastian had seen of him, though they had only been through a few assignments together. Raw potential alone wasn't worth much until it was shaped into skill or talent. At least Youta had been developing and sharpening his skills at a consistent rate. Hell, at this point the boy was likely almost as powerful as Loghain was, though his skills might not have been quite as well refined. 

This meeting was for all members of Team Spring to arrive and marked the utmost urgent. Any member that didn't show up to this would once and for all be stricken from the team in the wolf's mind, and so he would patiently wait to see who all was around and who he could count on. 

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Ciel Uchiha
Ciel Uchiha
Ryo : 10

Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel) Empty Re: Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel)

Sat Sep 17, 2022 9:42 am
Night time had just fallen upon the city of Hoshigakure and Ciel had finally made it back to his home. After being stuck out in the country side for so long it almost bought a tear to his eye upon seeing his home after so long. He didn’t realize how emotional he would be once he made it back and how much he appreciated the village untill this ordeal had happened. He made up his mind that if had ever made it back home that he would work ten times as hard and be more dedicated to his village than he was before.

As he Wiped  away the couple of tears that came from his eyes he made his way to the village gates, where he was stopped by two guards. Who at first was slightly aggressive towards him but after getting a good look at him and realizing he was a shinobi of the village he was able to get pass the gates without to much hassle. Most people had knew he wasent out on a mission and had suspected that he had died out in the forest somewhere to an animal or something. 

Once inside the village he thought it would be best to take the long way home to enjoy the village before he grabbed some clothes from his house before he started his training , since the ones he had on were torn to shreds and needed to be thrown away as soon as possible. There werent to many people out since it was pretty late but the few people Ciel did see made him oddly happy. It had been some time since he had been around other people and he couldn’t help but appreciate it, even if he didn’t interact with them. 

He wandered around the village for a while untill he finally ended up at his apartment. “ Ahhh finally. Home sweet home , my how I missed you so much”, he would say as he held out his arms as if the building was going to hug him. With a smile on his face he lowers his arms and walked towards the entrance of the building , hoping nobody had seen his weird display of affection to his home. As he opened the door he was happy to see no one had came into his place while he was gone for a long , normally most landlords would atleast come and check on the property but it seems no one did for Ciel. 

“Well well don’t everyone come hug me at once I know you all missed me but the king is home but don’t worry I missed you all as well”, he would say to an empty room, before bursting out in laughter. “I’m so deprived of a real interaction I’m over here talking to these basic ass household items”, he would say as he would walk around his house to make sure everything was were it was suppose to be. After doing a quick walk around and realizing everything is fine he decided it would be good idea to take a shower but before he could do so there was a loud knock on his door. 

“Who the hell could be coming here this late , especially since I’ve been gone for so long”, he would think to himself as he walked to the door . Upon looking out the peep hole he could see it was a messenger nin , quickly opening the door and taking the letter he was surprised to see it was from loghain. “Well well , is this a coincidence or did that wolf sensei of mine pick up my sent the moment I returned to the village”, he would think to himself as he put on his shoes and made his way out the door. 

It didn’t take him long to reach the grounds. Looking around it was pretty much empty due to the time it was but there was a few shinobi working in the distance. “ Hey there Sensei, long time no see”, he would say as he walked up to him to shake his hand before taking a seat on a broken down tree that wasn’t to far away.

Youta Shinkou
Youta Shinkou
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Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel) Empty Re: Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel)

Mon Sep 19, 2022 9:59 pm
Youta would be sitting to eat dinner when a messenger nin came up to the door and started knocking on the door. “One minute!  I am on my way to the door.  Let me put a shirt on.  He would then open the door and look at the letter that was sent to him.  He would read it to himself and it would say that Sebastian had an urgent matter and needed to meet with any spring members who got this letter. Youta was in a panic thinking he did something wrong.  He would wonder if Ciel was back in town or not. He would hope so a lot has happened since he left.  He was not sure when Ciel left but it had been a while.  But Youta would quickly gear up and head towards the meeting. He would then run as quickly as he could to the spot.  He would be the last to arrive but he would lower his presence to try to sneak in.  “Hey how are you guys doing?  Ciel!”  He would run up to him. “How are you doing? Been a long while. What have you been up to buddy?” He would then turn to Sebastian. “oh it’s good to see you too buddy.” Then he would turn back to Ciel “How’s the self exploration thing going? Or whatever you left for to be honest I do not remember what you said or if you said?”

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Sebastian Loghain
Sebastian Loghain
Ryo : 500

Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel) Empty Re: Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel)

Tue Sep 20, 2022 8:06 pm
The wolf expected (and almost feared) that only Youta would arrive, but was quite pleased to see that Ciel had also arrived. The wolf was probably the least informed team leader as far as exactly what each of his fellow members of Spring were doing on their own. Each of them no doubt had their own things to worry about outside of their team efforts, so not knowing detaiils as to where Ciel had been wasn't out of the ordinary. They didn't have a great deal of forced team meetings, but Sebastian felt that this one was important. It really would determine if Team Spring stayed under his tutelage or not moving forward. 

"It is good to see you both. We will wait just a bit longer to see if the others will arrive." The wolf would stand there, silently awaiting the missing members of the team. After a bit of waiting and not detecting anyone approaching, the wolf would just shake his head in disappointment. "It would seem that Jun and Regis could not make it, and with that, they have made their decision. Team Spring is now down two members." He would let what he just said sink in to the others, his demeanor and mood quite serious. "It won't be long before I will be sent out of the village on assignment. Youta, we have spoken on this matter. I intend to lead a team into the heart of enemy territory and reclaim an outpost for the village. I was hoping that Team Spring would be at my side, but it has been a great while since I have seen the capabilities of any besides Youta here. Honestly, I am unsure if you would be ready for the task." 

The wolf would lean against a boulder, "So please, show me what you have been practicing in your absence, Ciel. Youta, you will be practicing with him."

Ciel Uchiha
Ciel Uchiha
Ryo : 10

Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel) Empty Re: Team Meeting (Youta, Ciel)

Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:39 pm
It didn’t take long after Ciel had arrived that his other teammate Youtah had appeared. It had been a while since Ciel had seen him but as Youtah ran up to them it was obvious that his friendly nature was still there. “Hey buddy , your right it has been a while my friend”, he would say in response with a smile. He was in need of that positive energy, especially after the last couple months he has had. Not to mention it really brought him joy for that moment to see that even though he was gone a while his team mates were still the same as they always were. He Wasent stupid though , he was sure they had grew tremendously in strength and we’re more than likely far above him.

After Youtah and Sebastian were done with their greeting. Sebastian would be begin speaking and would immediately get Ciel full attention. He has been gone a long time and the last thing he wanted to do was be rude to the very people that he wanted to see on his return. As Sebastian started to speak he noted that there was only two members left in team spring and honestly it didn’t make a difference to him either way. He barley knew the other members so it didn’t bother him at all really. 

“Their loss” , Ciel would say in a low tone. He didn’t want to interrupt his Sensei. As he continued to listen he couldn’t help but grow a big smile across his face when he heard that Sensei would be sent out to reclaim an outpost in enemy territory. “What better way to get myself back into shape than going on this mission with the team”, he would think to himself as he tried his hardest to hold back his excitement. 

Just when Ciel thought the night couldn’t get any better he couldn’t believe that Sensei would want him and Youtah to spar. “Hahahahhaha, awe man this isn’t going to be pretty but why the hell not. It’s been a while since I’ve done any sparring and honestly I’ve grown weaker over these past few months , but I’m never one to turn down a fight”, Ciel would say as he put his hands behind his head and casually walked backwards 15 meters south of Sebastian and Youtah. He would stand still there untill Youtah gave the signal that he was ready and once he did Ciel would begin forming hand signs.

Now yelling , “ I only ask one favor, don’t hold back”, he would say while activating his 1 tonmoe sharingan. “This is way out of my league at this stage in time but it shall be interesting none the less, let’s atleast try to do something worthwhile”, he would think to himself. If he had knew he would be doing some sparring immediately he would of atleast did some warm up training before he came back to the village, but he knew there was no point in dwelling on the what if’s now.


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