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Triple dipping and story telling Empty Triple dipping and story telling

Sat May 21, 2022 9:06 pm
Mission details :

This was…..not what he thought the job was going to be.  When Hook had handed him a contract titled “escort service needed” he’d imagined something.  What he did not imagine was a little old lady waiting for him.  He admitted he was prepared to genjutsu himself so he didn’t have to see what he’d be doing next for the money, but then she told him the mission was just to assist her over across some sketchy terrain.  This made his tear away tuxedo and matching underwear quite over qualified for the mission.  “Ummm sure I can do that….I suppose.”  He’d mutter as she motioned to take his arm.  

He would let her and their journey would begin.  For the most part an incredibly uninteresting affair, which made it easy to zone out.  “Now deary…..I don’t want anyone to know I’ve been here… that a secret you can keep?”  She would ask, her eyes shifting slightly.  She opened her jacket were a small package could be seen.  He admitted a brief bit of curiosity flooded his mind, but then he thought better of it.  He’d dealt with little old ladies and packages before.  Opening a door, a bomb, Kira vommitting  on the door step while Youka guffawed with laughter….it was slightly embarrassing looking back.  “Why don’t you tell me a story deary….”  She would say.

“Well I suppose…” he had given up on dreaming and had taken to pen and paper, creating the world in which he wished to live.  Not an easy task, but it was the one he had decided on.  “Let’s see….”  He’d say.


Takigakure's slice of the world bled blues and greens of every shade. The powerful waterfalls, mixing with the dense forests provided the backbone of the canvas. The many mountains, ruins, and humidity caused algae and moss to run rampant throughout providing an ever increasing amount of colors to the mixture. The village itself possessed many trees within, but it was nothing to the natural defenses that lay outside of its walls. Harder to find than many villages, only those having mastered the arts of map reading and orienteering had any hope of navigating successfully.

It was this thought that caused Maku to wonder if his students where still alive. He'd found the map in his pack as he'd prepared for the mission, an ominous sign. Still, a good exercise for the new jounin. Either in teaching, or in resuscitation given her medical position.

The tunnel that led out of the village into the greater forest was nearly empty at this time of day. Within stood just Maku, Youka and the guard on duty. Waving to the guard both men were quickly allowed exit, and after a brief few moments the pair found themselves running across treetops.

"I heard Tengagakure is still fighting back. Even against the gods." Maku would say conversationally. The reports were slow to file in due to the secrecy both sides tried to keep, yet they still came. The war between the biggest village alliance versus a state that refused to quit had been an ongoing conflict. Many, Maku included, had anticipated Tenga to fall within a couple months, yet the country continued to survive and bait off any actual homeland conflicts, keeping the capital secured. It had provided several opportunities for the smaller villages that had the will to take them. Takigakure was one such village, and it's influence had spread as a result.

"Gods...". Youka would say dripping venom. "They only think that. They'll be humbled soon enough. Isn't that our aim after all?" A genuine smile crossed the priests face. A smile that was not fitting for a place of worship, but one that showed pride and a number of other sins. The great 4, the "gods" of shinobi, hailed as the most powerful across all nations. It had become a heated debate between the Waterfall pair. One spoken only between them, because of what it could mean, and the disillusion their leader could possibly fall into over it. For their part however, the gods of shinobi had been aptly named. Their presence on a battlefield often turning even dire stakes. Each was especially gifted in the elemental natures of chakra, with each harnessing a different power. Lightning, fire, Earth, wind...they had bent the elements to their will, and subsequently the villages.

"I still think we'd have a shot now is all I'm saying." Maku would shrug as he continued to bound from limb to limb. "Besides I'd love to see the other villages, Id kill for some of that Kumogakure food I've heard about. I hear they do a killer octopus." He'd fall off from talks of slaying gods to that of food and cooking. A common occurrence among the blonde shinobi.

"Now whose pride predates the fall?" Youka would say Laughing. "All in due time brother, but not until then. For now...we have poachers to deal with." He'd continue on for several more branches before stopping, causing Maku to have to stop and turn back. "This place will work." The priest would say leaping down from the tree and placing his hand on the earth. It seemed to move and snake as though something living moved through the earth, at the same time that something seemed to ooze down his uniform and through his hand.

Maku would stretch, a cascade of clicks as joints became ready. He'd watch as Youka stood back straight, moving his hands not through seals but a prayer. The violet eyes would begin scanning across the trees, if they were right they'd only have to wait less than an hour before their quarry arrived. He'd soon learn though, that they'd been very wrong.

His eyes tried to scream the warning, his lips not fast enough. The large bolt shredded through the tree line, the iron point piercing the chest of the red haired man. Flung forward he'd stick in the tree, left like a rag doll. If the ambushers had been paying attention, there were several aspects that should have stood out in this moment. The first being the jovial smile on the blondes face, and after the initial shock, the complete lack of emotion at his comrade being skewered like a bad kabob. The second, the soft humming that had started to emit from his hands as though blades whirling through the air.

Still though, more began to come through the forest. Outnumbered seemingly 20 to 1 Maku looked from face to face, and felt the men behind. Violet eyes continued to dance, as the shinobi started to hop from one foot to the other. As though he could barely contain his excitement at the coming fray. "Hell of a shot, shame you hit the wrong one...but, let's get on with it, I'm sure he won't hang about all day."

Within the walls of the hospital, in a small infirmary ward 5 citizens of the village could be found. Two standing, older and with the white coats of medics, and three fast asleep in bed. The three genin sunburnt, exhausted, and hooked to various fluids. Denkiteki with a rather exhausted look, his new found apprentice sporting one of greater concern.

"Still I'm glad they are safe...but won't your ummmm brother get in trouble for this?" Akihana's voice would cut the quite first. Her hands busied by taking care of the minor injuries of the boys. She moved quietly, carefully, feet well practiced around sleeping children, and a mind practiced on the import of keeping them asleep. While she disapproved, she couldn't bring herself to say anything more negative about the medics kin.

"He will likely be fined a small fortune. Not that that's stopped him in the past." Den would reply, his hands finding themselves in a familiar position pinching the bridge of his nose. His brother currently held the record for the most fines ever paced on a citizen of the village. Unfortunately he wore this like a badge of honor, specifically because it came hand in hand with the shinobi that brought in the single most income of a single person. His popularity among the workers of the village brought on because the found the first part amusing, and the second part profitable. His brother could be vain, but he had never cared much for money. Once having paid 500 ryo for a basket, because he'd needed a hat form the sun. The little girl had surely never had a better fifth birthday. A fact Den has never been able to prove Maku had known prior to the stunt.

"Mmm". Akihana mouthed, opting not to say anything unkind. Still looking in the faces of the dark haired boys led her mind back to her own son. Currently some floors below in one of the childcare areas for hospital staff.

"If I were you I'd put in to take them off his hands. It'll look good for you, and it'll be safer for them." Den would say replacing several of the charts after signing off on them. The senior medic would begin to head towards the door, leaving the kids in capable hands. He'd reached the door and gripped the handle before a voice caused him to pause.

"Den-Sama...can I ask a question?" Her voice was uncertain. As though it wasn't sure if it really wanted to ask. The dark haired man would turn and gently nod. Welcoming the question. " I've looked at his medical file...will he be ok...I was briefed on what's to come. I'm...concerned." She would end rather hastily. The briefings to catch her up to her new position had come hard and fast, from people who weren't interested in teaching. Seeing the students of the shinobi, she couldn't help but wonder if he wasn't as prepared as he made out. Genuine concern for her new comrade showed across her face, as it did for every member of the village.

The tiredness left Den's eyes for a moment. A smile creeped across his lips. "If there's one bit of advice I can give give him a wide birth. Don't worry about him...". He'd turn back and begin to walk across the threshold of the door. "And if he ever comes in "injured" make sure to send him to me first." The door would gently close behind him. Akihana would later think on the interaction, and could never be sure if she had really saw the elder Hayato use air quotes for the word injured, and what exactly it meant.


“I’m still working on all the characters you see, but I think it’s starting to come together.”  Maku would say side eyeing the little old lady.  Despite himself he was insecure of his work.  The lady watched him closely, her eyes in deep thought.  

“Those names.:.:.seem so familiar.”  She’d drift off as she looked into Maku’s eyes.  The moment lasted just an instant, but then hers slid back in with a glassy sort of focus.  

“Yea I agree…..I could do that better.”  He’d say as though they’d had days to discuss the matter, and she’d given real notes of interest.  

“What dear?”  She’d ask as though she was still in a daze, her memory clearly not recollecting what he was talking about.  

“O nothing, I was just letting you know….here we are.”  He’d smile at her and wave her off.  Pocketing the money she had handed him for keeping her package a secret and promising not to reveal anything on it.  Sort of a strange interaction truth be told.  He wondered briefly what it could have been.  Nevertheless none of his business.  Walking next door he called the shop keep and emptied the contents of his satchel, in truth he’d double dipped on missions. Not only the escort but now a delivery for ole Hook hand.  He’d count the cash and walk out.  As he was exiting the little town, an explosion rocked out behind him where the old lady had went.  Eyes wide, he was slightly glad he’d not bothered touching that package now.  

TWC - 2010


+20 vigor

+2010 for rinnegan
+8k for mission pay with beloved precense 
+ 22.5k for MN A rank pay with beloved precense

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Triple dipping and story telling Empty Re: Triple dipping and story telling

Sun May 22, 2022 5:10 pm
Beloved presence does not apply to bonus pay based on rank. The skill itself only doubles mission pay or augments. Please adjust the 45k claim to 22.5k. Thank you
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Triple dipping and story telling Empty Re: Triple dipping and story telling

Sun May 22, 2022 7:51 pm
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