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Stat Page : Senju, Shiroyasha
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 4000

Leafy Greens (Mission) Empty Leafy Greens (Mission)

Sat May 14, 2022 12:23 pm
E-Ranked Mission - Leafy Greens
Today's work would be something Shiro enjoyed. Cleaning up the parks of Konoha would be an easy task, and he would be around that which he loves the most. After given his assignment Shieo was equipped with a rake and leaf bags, then sent to Ichiraku National Park. The leaves had been falling plentiful, and no one had picked up the task until now. 

When Shiro arrived at the park he was stunned by the sheer amount of volume that the trees had shed. There were at least five hundred pounds of leaves to rake and the ninja wasted no time. With black leather gloves on he began raking. Shiro knew he couldn't do this task by himself, and used the Shadow Clone jutsu to get some help. With three Shiros running around Konoha's parks would sure to be cleaned up fast. In the first hour Shiro cleaned up the sidewalks. The three Senju worked together perfectly, with one clearing the street and the other two piling up the leaves. Once the paths were clear they collected the leaves into the giant waste paper bags; but this was only the begining. The leaves on the grass were thick, and so the trio started on that next. 

In formation it was hard to believe one person could so matter of factly take care of the leaves. In six hours the park was nearly clean! There were a hundred bags lined up all over the park, and next Shiro would have to bring them to the recycling plant. With one bag on each of the trio they started the grind. The recycling plant was only a ten minute dash away, but the absolutely insane amount of leaves meant it would take quite a while. Shiro persevered and never once took a break. 

The recycling plant was ran by Foreman Jim and Shiro couldn't spot anything wrong with the man. They both had a passion for Ecological preservation and it was mutually respected between the two. Shiro told Jim that he was a priest who protected the woods of Konoha, and Jim thought he was right at the bees knees as far as company goes. There wasn't much time for talk though, since Shiro knew night time would strike soon. The Genin hoped to finish on time so he might light some shrines in the forest for evening time. Of course before he could do that Jim had to weigh all he brought back. 

These leaves were to be mulched into fertilizer for the village, and Shiro thought highly of his task for it. Even knowing he was still doing grunt work, Shiro was proud of himself. With a bag of leaves strapped to his back he dashed back and forth from Ichiraku Park to the recycling plant. No foot step was uncounted, and by the time he was finished Shiroyasha knew he had done good work.

When the ninja returned to the desk for payment he was given a hold star certificate. All of his hard work had been truly appreciated and he went home on time that night.

WordCount: 517

Stat Allocation: +5 Vigor

Jutsu Training:
Previous Training -
Earth Style Wall 1,404/1,500
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Shinrei Yamato
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Leafy Greens (Mission) Empty Re: Leafy Greens (Mission)

Sat May 14, 2022 1:28 pm
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