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You got to be Sh*ting me Empty You got to be Sh*ting me

Fri May 06, 2022 8:35 am
Falcon Friends

Having disposed of flesh cubes earlier in the day Karro was hoping to find a mission that didn’t deal with such stuff again, so he studied the board once more and went through the mission on there carefully till one caught his eye it was a mission that was asking for help from the people that helped care for the Falcons of the Village, these birds were the main source of communication inside and out of the village and every shinobi wished to own their very own even Karro at one point wanted one just imagining it perched on his arm but he was hesitate about getting one as they grew to massive sizes depending on what you got and he honestly thought it would just point out just how small he was. Pushing that bit of thought away he took the slip without reading what they needed help wise and headed off to the appointed place looking forward to being able to interact with the large birds in some way.
Arriving to the aviary with excitement he entered the building and went to the front desk producing the slip and handing it to the worker there who then lead him to where he needed to go and who he needed to speak with, who turned to be an older man in his mid twenties with brown hair and a stern gaze. “A child, they sent a child to help. Very well grab that broom first and follow me.” The man said to Karro as he didn’t even wait to see if Karro had grabbed what he was told and just started leading the way. Karro hurried and grab the broom and followed along, “You will be sweeping and cleaning up the mess the birds have left us and from there helping with refilling bowls and water containers for the birds here.” The man explained as they arrived to the room that had a good amount of excretments in it. “You sweep it into that chute there then return with the mop clean it up then we move to the food and water understand? Good.” The man said as he left the young Shinobi to deal with the mess in the room without once waiting for a response.
“When I’m Kage I’ll order that man’s execution by bird shit.” Karro said fuming at the task at hand and how he was treated by this stranger, but he did as he was instructed and got the piles of poop into the chute and then went back for the map and warm water and cleaned the area up till it practically shined using his annoyance and anger as motivation to complete the job as quickly and perfectly as he could. Karro found the man, “We can do the food and water now, Sir.” He said through gritted teeth the man looking up from his paperwork, standing up and lead the way and showed how to fill the food and water and left once more.

Karro followed suit on how to fill the birds food bowls and their water until each cage was taken care of and he was done with his work, he once again went back to the man and had him sign off on his work and as soon as that was done Karro quickly left the place more annoyed then reliefed and upset he didn’t get to enjoy being around the birds due to the man’s mannerisms.

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You got to be Sh*ting me Empty Re: You got to be Sh*ting me

Fri May 06, 2022 12:22 pm
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