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Disposing of the Past Empty Disposing of the Past

Fri May 06, 2022 12:13 pm
Rot Solid

After having taken care of his report for the last mission Karro found himself in front of the mission board once more looking back at the E-rank missions and trying to decide which one he would want to do next. Nothing really appealed to him and they all seemed either boring or disgusting like this one. He pulled the slip down as he read the description of the mission. It called for someone to go around and clean up some reported decayed organic cubes from apparently past fights, some more dark side of the village’s history from what the mission was saying regardless it was something that Karro had no interest in doing but he knew he couldn’t really be picky on what he did or what missions he undertook being at the bottom of the totem pole in the ranks. “Fine I’ll go take care of some disgusting flesh cubes.” Karro grumbled to himself as he made his way to the meeting place.
He arrived at the building that the Client had put on the slip and knocked. A voice called out, “One Moment please.” Karro was annoyed for having to wait but he sat there like a bump on a log and waited. Just before he was going to knock again the door opened up and a older man with turning grey hair in the doorway, “Yes child what can I help you with I’m waiting for someone to help me so if you could hurry.” The old man said to Karro to which Karro kept his comments to himself and forced a smile. “Yes sir that would be me I’m here to help with the disposal of the decayed organic cubes.”
The old man eyed Karro like he was trying to pull a prank on him but noticed Karro’s headband signifying he was in fact a full blown Shinobi of the village, “You must have worked hard to be a shinobi at your age.” The old man said with a smile greeting Karro inside. Karro came inside the building and saw all the outfits for biohazard matrieals and groaned to himself. “now you will have to wear one of these suits while cleaning up but I’m sure you will manage just fine.” The old man instructed as he showed Karro how to put the suit on and went through the processes on how to dispose of the cubes and stay safe. Karro simply smiled and nodded as he went through the motions. He wasn’t enjoying this mission in the slightest, the suit made him hot and sweaty and it felt like he was being cooked alive inside of it. Also they didn’t have a suit for someone his size so it was clumsy and awkward to move in but Karro didn’t allow that to stop him or slow him down as eventually he completed the mission to the joy of both the old man and Karro himself.
Taking off the suit and leaving the building Karro left to turn in his work and get his money and vowed to never deal with flesh cubes again.

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Disposing of the Past Empty Re: Disposing of the Past

Fri May 06, 2022 4:21 pm
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